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  1. just download from the Curseforge website should only be SCON files; else (and don't think this is the case) only copy the SCON files from the manual download archive. CKAN issues are with there end.
  2. yes please. I will also considering adding it (with credit) to the SCON/NSSC/KD FAKQ
  3. All good - just wanted to make sure. The issue isn't with SCON, rather with (probably) another addon that looks for XPL and doesn't also look for SCON. ie what happens is that mod finds launchpad.dll loading and adds patches, but doesn't realize that SCON doesn't use the resource 'metalore' and therefore doesn't supply the resource definition file for it. There isn't anything that SCON can do, however kindly send me a link to the .zip of your KSP.log (located in same directory as your KSP.exe) and I will see if I can confirm and track down which mod - might even be able to supply patch (no promises) Otherwise, you can just download the resource definition file for METALORE and include it in as a personal patch. Do you have CommunityResourcePack (CRP) installed? if not, installing that might resolve the issue, or you can just copy the MetalOre definition into a private patch.
  4. shall add to SpaceDock and click the 'CKAN submission' button when the new release is ready to go.
  5. corrected link. finding the incorrect link would have much easier if a link to the broken link would have been supplied. I wanted to support CKAN, they just choose to not support my addons.
  6. Thank you @Bimo1D! https://github.com/zer0Kerbal/OnDemandFuelCells/issues/77 nope - OP links still work
  7. @linuxgurugamer As always and with all my addons - GitHub PR's are always welcome with two notable exceptions: adding dependencies strongly discouraged and adding Harmony is forbidden. Awaiting your PR. Am still working with all my addons. You also have my private email address.
  8. @manosteele117 thank you for the query. I am still interested in this addon; just hit a snag on the GUI code.
  9. Am currently limited due to a shoulder issue.

    1. 18Watt


      That partly explains why we're not seeing 3-4 mod updates per night from you!  Hope ya recover quickly @zer0Kerbal!

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