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  1. Thanks guys! I took @JoE Smash's advice and fixed it, also deleting some mods along the way.
  2. So I built this really fast plane and I was just messing around. I was trying to see how fast it could go before disintegrating, but I couldn't time-warp without the wings coming off. I tried to use Hyperedit to increase the speed by 10000, and the suddenly the entire solar system just disappeared. There was nothing in the map, and the plane fell apart. I tried getting back to Space Centre, but it had turned invisible. The buildings were still there, but they became transparent. Also, there is no sun, and the only light is coming from the stars above and the KSC runway. When I try to relauch the same craft, the craft became transparent, and I can see the star night sky in the KSC buildings. The runway becomes invisible where my plane is. However, struts, anti-grav motors and my parachute can still be seen. I know the plane is still there because when I go supersonic, I can still see the shockwaves. Also, when i go past 900m/s, the plane actually becomes visible. I tried opening another save, but I encountered the same issues. Can anyone please help? Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/T0tUMyV Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m1gYMci2ewh_46iKAmOJY4Lpp6MHvLRR/view?usp=sharing PS I don't know if it's the right log. I just can't find player.log.
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