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  1. 19 hours ago, MidasMulligan said:


    I just upgraded my computer and went from a stable 1.7.3 version with mods (including NF Solar) to 1.12.1 and am running into an issue with a couple of crafts no loading due to a missing "solarpanel-deploying-2x3-1" part. 

    I have tried advice earlier in this thread about finding the 1.0.5 version of NF Solar and loading the deprecated part folder to my GameData folder and this did not work. 

    This issue impacts my ability to load craft files in the VAB as well as crafts I've already launched/landed/orbited with this part, as well. Those crafts are not available to fly in the tracking station. 

    Any advice would be most appreciated!


    PS: first time poster but long-time lurker. This community has bailed me out many times before but I'm stumped now. 

    If you really want to keep the save you can edit your craft files in a text editor.  Find a similar part in the new save and make a simple test craft.  Load the test.craft in a text editor and find the "name = " bit, copy it and replace the offending part in the broken craft file.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Starhelperdude said:

    weird question, but which type of S-IVB would the INTs have used? The 500 or 200 ones?

    I over simplistically assumed 500 cos later on the wiki, but I guess it would depend on which INT and whether the J2 needed to restart.  The SIVB page on Wikipedia describes the configurations, and you can work out which would be used if the INT series went beyond a paper exercise  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-IVB#%3A~%3Atext%3DThe_200_series_was_used%2Cnot_have_to_be_restarted.?wprov=sfla1

  3. 11 minutes ago, septemberWaves said:

    Is there a guide yet for historical layouts of the new Apollo service module, and one for the new Skylab?



    1 hour ago, CobaltWolf said:

    I agree that we should focus on utilization, payloads, and stuff to do once you get somewhere.


  4. 13 hours ago, mcbmaestro said:

    Ok, wait a minute am I entirely missing another mod here?   Do I need the MKS Kolonization mod in order to transfer supplies?   What if I just want to transfer the supplies with just USI Life Support?  Then it has to be done manually?

    Correct.  All the Logistics stuff is in MKS.  If you're using Life Support on its own you will need to transfer the physical life support resources the same way as any resource in a stock game (e.g. ore).  Without MKS, only the "habitation" mechanic shares magically between craft in close proximity.

  5. Indeed.  I was running with 80% science rewards in KSRSS so only the moon to suck dry of science and no space station labs to optimise returns yet.  Admittedly with BDB and Dmagic Orbital Science there are a lot of experiments but I got every branch to tier 7 without much trouble.  I haven't had to use Atlas, Delta or Saturn rockets at all, skipped straight to Titan and now launching STS for the first time.

    On the plus side I did have to make some strategic choices about what order to unlock things in, and did more science with planes and probes before crewed work than I normally would so it's definitely getting the progression about right

  6. 6 hours ago, Red Dwarf said:

    Not sure if this has been asked already, but how does this mod interact with Bluedog's contract system? I was looking at the contracts added by Bluedog, and they seem to use stock tech tree nodes as criteria for when the contract can be accepted (for example, one contract required that "Miniaturization" be researched before it would be made available). Since Skyhawk changes those tech nodes, will I ever be able to accept those contracts?

    The dev version on Github has a patch to fix the BDB contracts.

    I've been using the tech tree in my latest career and enjoying it.  Generally it faces the same problem as any tech tree in that you can tend to unlock everything up to about Tier 7 very quickly with the local system science (and not trying very hard at that), then you hit a bit of a wall whilst interplanetary stuff slowly unlocks.  I'd prefer a steeper curve on the early nodes then flatten it out after Tier 6/7 - it would encourage use of early rockets more without causing excessive grind in the mid to late game.

    I've had to manually patch in a few mods and updates, which thankfully is pretty straight forward to do, but the tree could really use a generic patch for adding unsupported mod parts to the nearest equivalent tech node.

  7. Just now, DeadJohn said:

    Yes to your question. I often use one of the many Delta models with an Agena upper stage. AFAIK Agena was never flown on Delta so it's a non-historical rocket.

    My earlier post said "Atlas-Agena upper stage" because I was answering in the context of an earlier post about which of 2 rockets we prefer. I see how that can cause confusion.

    Team Thorad :cool:

  8. 42 minutes ago, ballisticfox0 said:

    Will do! I'm sort of in a bind with KSRSS atm, it's just getting generally annoying to support it. That being said I don't plan on dropping it yet.

    And I (and I'm sure many others) appreciate the support - it's a great compromise for experiencing the solar system using our favourite parts mods without having to go down the rabbit hole of full scale RSS support.

  9. On 2/3/2022 at 4:02 AM, oniontrain said:

    yeah that's what I've been going by but it's not very high res


    23 hours ago, OrbitalManeuvers said:

    True. I use that plus the sample crafts to work stuff out


    22 hours ago, akron said:

    The sample crafts could probably use an update but is the best I have other than the build guide that @OrbitalManeuvers linked.

    The new computer is working great, but unfortunately I have not been able to transfer or renew the software license. I may have to switch over to a new 3D software, but in some ways that just means starting over on some models. Some Pros/Cons to be weighted

    /casts embiggerate




    Github has a page width restriction which makes the image a bit small.  I wasn't aware people were using it as a reference but I'd be delighted to put higher res images on a build guide page (similar to the BDB probes pages) if people would find that useful - just nobody ever asked before!  I've got all the craft files too so will sling them on github for you.

  10. On 1/31/2022 at 8:09 PM, mmamh2008 said:

    Can someone help me understand the dV map ?


    Also , Should I use realfuels for making those big dV numbers ?

    Earth Asc number gets you into orbit (5375).  Then add the Total to LO number for how much you need in your transfer stage(s) to get from Low Earth Orbit to Low Orbit at your destination (e.g. for Mars it's a maximum of 3225 taking into account mid course corrects for plane change on the way).

    You don't necessarily need real fuels but nuclear or xenon engines start to become very useful to get dV's above 9k.  You do need to manage your expectations on the size and mass of the payload.  Also bear in mind that you don't necessarily need to get into Low Orbit on some of the bigger bodies but can use them to slingshot your craft into orbit of a moon, or even aerobrake in atmo if you're feeling brave.

  11. 9 hours ago, modus said:

    I have a USI and MKS patch, think it was made by @Grimmas.

    It's on GitHub, but would have to look where exactly. Maybe there's a link somewhere in this thread.

    This one? https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_MMSEV/pull/8

    Looking at the discussion thread on that PR the patch has some resource defs missing so may not be fully functional.  Is there an updated version around?

  12. 3 minutes ago, Drehverschluss said:

    Hello there.


    Just a quick question. Does someone else have issue with some science if your try to run them via "xScience Mod"? Like the first camera you get. I can do the science from the part itself. but when i click the xScience button, the part basicly breaks and i cant collect anything anymore. Any reasons why this is so?

    It's a long standing "feature" of [x]Science that impacts any science part that has two or more runs (such as cameras, mystery goo etc) and is not specific to BDB.  You have to run these experiments old skool by manually clicking on the part.

  13. 2 hours ago, AtomicTech said:

    What would a command pod patch need to be compatable with TAC-LS?

    Pretty much all LS mods use the same approach that RD explained in the USI thread.  Check their configs and patches on GitHub for details.  The hard bit is balancing the quantities in a realistic way that doesn't add too much mass and mess up launch vehicle performance from other part mods

  14. 2 hours ago, pTrevTrevs said:


    I built it in the SPH around one of the structural panels from Making History. The hinges which allow the back and front to unfold are from the SOCK Canadarm, and those sections themselves are built around a backbone of cubic struts. The rover wheels are also Making History, and the greebles on the rover are mostly from BDB. The foil-covered boxes on the front are Pioneer Orbiter parts, the deck at the back holding the surface scanner is the Skylab/Spacelab science pallet, the high-gain antenna is from Strawman (best I could do, given the circumstances), and the seat backings are Ranger batteries. I folded the whole thing up according to the real LRV's design, slapped a decoupler on the bottom, attached a structural panel and a regular hinge, saved the whole thing as a subassembly, and imported it to the VAB where I mated it to the LM's descent stage.

    @CobaltWolf, next time somebody asks you to make the LRV, direct them to this post and tell them that if I can figure this out so can they.

    I'd happily add it to the wiki guide but then half the fun is figuring these things out for yourself!

  15. 3 hours ago, reviest said:

    Really enjoying this mod! Thank you for this work! Quick question: when playing career I'm missing parts from unsupported mods. Is there a way to add them into my career (I have no problems seeing parts when in sandbox)?

    That's a "feature" until Skyhawk makes a generic workaround patch for unsupported mods.   You can add them yourself if you copy one of the mod support configs and allocate the parts to the appropriate tech node.  The configs are very intuitive and I'm sure Pull Requests would be very welcome!

  16. 10 minutes ago, JebNotFound said:

    So, the other day I was trying to load one of my JNSQ saves, and it warned me that my ISS was missing some parts, which were all parts from this mod.

    Did some parts get removed?

    I spent a whole lot of time and effort building the ISS, and I am not gonna restart it.

    Please help! :( 

    It's fixable with a text editor.  A few parts changed names, so you need to edit the craft file and update the relevant parts to the new names.  Note that's the part "name" in the config file, not the "title" that shows up in game.

  17. 1 hour ago, Aussie Toad Stool said:

    Can someone explain what the 1.5 rescale patch is? I keep hearing about it and I'm wondering how to use it or what it does.


    1 minute ago, Cheesecake said:

    Which 1.5 rescale patch? Do you mean the 1.5m-B9PartSwitch-config? Soyuz have a diameter of 1.25m but it is too small so you can change to a 1.5m diameter.

    See bottom of this page: https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki/Vostok

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