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  1. 28 minutes ago, Perantor said:

    And how to use it without using gravity assist? It's the same with the completely useless Mariner 10.
    I have not seen a single adequate mod capable of calculating gravity assist, and the few that exist are mostly outdated or abandoned by 2021. Voyager's situation is even worse - since the window for launching such a device occurs once every 176 years ...

    This works great for me in 1.12.1

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    Fortunately we're playing a computer game so we don't have to wait that long, and can send the probes to different places with different rockets, so they're not useless by any means

  2. 1 hour ago, Pappystein said:

    I knew the Thor Delta  NASA/USAF relationship was clear as mud.   But I thought it was clearer than this :D    


    And I learned something new (yay!)   I have read pretty much all of Ed Kyle's posts in SLV Library as well as NASASpaceflight, but I have never cottoned on to the Thor Advanced name.   I don't know why, I always thought it meant Thor Agena A to D.

    Guess that explains why some of my "Thorad" Agena D launches didn't make orbit in JNSQ.... the payload was too heavy and the setup was to lacking in fuel and thrust, because I built the wrong rocket.



    If only there was a handy guide how to build all the rockets somewhere... :sticktongue:

  3. 54 minutes ago, lemon cup said:

    Same! Just got back into this after a couple of years apart, and I am quite lost! :D 

    But thankfully there is a trusty Friznit Build Wiki to help us out, though perhaps some of it is out of date?


    It should be up to date with the latest official release.  Names often change in dev, so the github dev version of Tantares may differ.   If anything is unclear or you're struggling to build something from the guide, let me know and I'll update it.

  4. I just installed the Gitlab release onto the latest KSP, and Eve/Scatterer/DAO/Planet Shine/KSC Switcher from CKAN and stuffed Sigma Dimensions on top.  I followed all the instructions on the OP and it all works perfectly.

    Where is the rescale config hidden?  I stuffed SigmaDimensions into GameData and it's definitely scaled everything up to what I assume is 2.5x (Earth atmo is at around 90km) but I can't figure out how to confirm.

  5. 5 hours ago, alberro+ said:

    This man is going to LITERALLY consume several gigabytes of info on Russian/Soviet space programs. 

    Also, any idea what this is or how I can make it using BDB?


    It's an old kit bash that I did of a the conceptual Saturn V ELV using the stretched Saturn tanks in BDB Extras and probably a bit of tweakscale for the S-V stage.  Looks like proc fairings for some of the interstages too.

  6. 17 minutes ago, pTrevTrevs said:

    It’s in the base game; 1.11 added the gold visors along with the orbital construction features. Usually they slide down when a Kerbal attaches a part with their welding torch, but you can also toggle them up or down.

    I’m surprised you had to add extra fuel to the LEM for it to carry a rover; even in JNSQ’s upscaled environment, with the rover, a cargo box for extra ALSEP components, and additional oxygen and water storage to allow a three-day surface stay, I still have a couple hundred m/s of DeltaV left at touchdown and the DPS can hover at like 20% throttle.

    The more you know....  :blush:

    I used strap on tanks for a JNSQ munar polar mission. Just needed a little extra margin for the lander but otherwise very achievable.

  7. 3 hours ago, pTrevTrevs said:

    Screenshot Tax:


    Apollo 15 heads skyward on the start of its journey to Hadley


    You know, I don't really understand all the clamor for Cobalt to add the LRV; it's not that hard to kitbash your own, fellas.


    The descent into the lunar mountain ranges of JNSQ was a pretty tricky one, but the science and the views were definitely worth it. Here Svetlana and Bobnard stop at one of the stations on EVA 2, some 3,300 meters above the nearby lunar *maria*.


    Fun fact: Apollo 15 is the only lunar landing mission in which the American flag was not raised during the first EVA. I don't know why they chose to do it at the end of EVA 2, but if I had to guess the decision was influenced by the busy and tiring work schedule of the surface exploration period.


    By the way, has anyone managed to perform an Apollo landing in the lunar polar regions in JNSQ? I'd like to have one of my last lunar flights in this career save target the south pole, but I'm skeptical that Apollo even has the power to do that without trying something incredibly dangerous and unrealistic.


    I had to strap on a couple of extra tanks to the lander to achieve this.  Incidentally, what texture mod does the shiny helmet visors? 

  8. 21 minutes ago, QAM00 said:

    I was using this wiki page(https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Crew-Modules) to try and create a gemini spacecraft but there was a problem, the retro module widens to quickly and doesn't fit right with the equipment module. I used the aio service module as a fix but that doesn't have spaces for the retro srbs, I might just be doing this wrong...

    Check you're using the correct parts - Meduci-R for the retro model, Meduci-E for the equipment module.  They fit together just fine.

  9. 52 minutes ago, JoeSheridan said:

    @Friznit I have a question for you by myself: Before the Delta revamp there was a discussion on the wiki-github about the ETS Delta 4000-5000 do you plan to bring them into the wiki? or is that not planned anymore? 

    Don't really have the parts available to make a convincing kit bash - mainly lacking 3m tankage for the Wide Body ELT (1.875m KSP Scale tanks) and the CCM 46 boosters for the 5000 family.  I'm open to suggestions.

  10. 7 hours ago, Fox62 said:

    If I'm working on a RSU STS ship file to send your way (sorry this took so long, I missed your post at first and only noticed it recently), how would you suggest setting up an install for the purpose? ie., would you suggest just setting up an install with only BDB and the other mods I think I need to make something that works? For that matter, I'm assuming that I should try and minimize the number of mods other than BDB that are needed?

    A completely vanilla install with only BDB (and its dependencies) installed is best.  If you can do it with just BDB & vanilla parts I can list it in the main part of the wiki as an alt history design, similar to the Eyes Turned Skyward page there. 

  11. I just checked the craft files and names used on the unofficial wiki with the current release (not the in dev version on github) and they're all valid barring a few niggles - a couple have a tweakscale module which is harmless and can be ignored and one or two still have some residual monoprop in the tanks where I neglected to remove and replace parts after the switch from MP to LFO, but the part names on the wiki are still correct as far as I can tell.

    There are a dozen or so craft files that I'll need to rebuild and redocument when the next release comes out, and I'll scrub everything then.

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