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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/phbxoxgctjoted4/Player.logs.zip?dl=0 I have 3 in there. First one, is without the mod installed. Second, is first time running the game with mod, seems to work fine. Third, is running game again with mod, this has the missing texture and has to be re-added. Also those are from me not skipping the KSP launcher.
  2. Yeah I have done all of that. Deleted mod completely, ran it without mod for a bit and reinstalled it. Started a new save. I will get you a new player.log soon.
  3. Yeah it is probably base game. Thanks for help anyways. I am going to find a way to walk around it, being aware of it now.
  4. This might be a KSP vanilla thing, because Targetron does the same thing. Probably because vanilla game does not have any clouds and atmosphere.
  5. I think what is happening is, stock is not showing up. If I do reset to stock, it is showing blank. But like I said every time I load game it is blank. This happens if I bypass launcher or not.
  6. OK, this works, but when I start game, I have to select the Navball I want, because it shows it as a blank image like I shown in picture. It will save what ever one I pick but if I leave the game and come back in, it is blank again and have to select navball texture again. So basically I am saying it is not saving the navball even though I selected it and saved it, once I leave game and start again, it is empty again.
  7. When I do the Notes2Log mod, do I give you the Player.log? Or does Notes2Logs make its own log?
  8. OK, thanks. For some reason I thought Squad added in the function at some point.
  9. Before: After, when error happens. You have to repeat it like in my original comment:
  10. The before would be Kerbin with clouds and atmosphere with Scatterer and Eve mod. The after is the pictures is what I sent above, with none of that. I even think the after pictures above do not show the vanilla planet, but something different. I will try to send some before pictures when I get a chance.
  11. Is this still needed in KSP? I just came back to playing and wondering if vanilla KSP added this feature. This mod was kind of a essential one, something I hoped KSP1 added someday.
  12. I have this issue, the best way to set it up and the way it showed up for me, have a craft orbiting Kerbin and a craft orbiting the Mun. Load game and go to main craft around Kerbin, and then use Haystack to go to the craft around the Mun. This happens. Keep in mind I am using EVE Redux, with it default config, and I am also using Scatterer. Using Haystack to jump that scene seems to remove the EVE and Scatterer look to Kerbal, but also I think it removes the vanilla look to Kerbin also. Here is my Player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2iq5zfavrmzdrbs/Player.zip?dl=0 I have not tested it out on other planets, just Kerbin and the Mun.
  13. I use Steam and I put use that command in Launch options fields above. "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" %command% I right click my list of games on left side of steam Library and go to Properties. Once I got that command in, I run the KSP shortcut Steam made me during install and it bypasses the Launcher. I could just got in the KSP folder and run the .exe but I like Steam to load the game since I like to do screenshots. I will try this and get back to you on its use.
  14. I have this issue, if I bypass KSP Launcher in Steam using this command: "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" %command% It looks like this: This only happens when I bypass the KSP Launcher in Steam. If I use the KSP Launcher, everything works fine.
  15. This is not going to be update. I feel the new stock round solar panels, do everything I wanted. If I could, I would remove this whole thread.
  16. No, it is manual, but once you learn how to use this mod, it feels really easy and rewarding. I personally like this mod over something automation like MJ.
  17. It could of been me, that is why I wanted someone else to look at it. Could of been my mods.
  18. For some reason this emissive seems like it is not there or blurry a tiny bit. Can someone test this one? Update is here.
  19. Nice mod, but you mod folder structure should be like this: \GameData\+Flags\Flags That last Flag folder is where all flags goes in. This will be for ease of install of mod or removal.
  20. I am most likely not going to do the other emissives, the ones with multi-color numbers or numbers that are different color on the each half of the sphere are giving me some issues. I might go back later and try, but right now the ones I did and ones already included are the best in this mod pack I think.
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