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  1. I'll add another 10 to that.
  2. They've spent the last 4 years promising and not delivering and I haven't seen anything to make me think things will be different this time. I hope v0.2.0 can be the first step to delivering on promises, but I'm passed getting hyped, I need to see results.
  3. If I'm honest, all I thought while reading this is "I'll believe it when I see it". The cynic in me is telling me it's just a marketing push in the run up to Christmas. I hope I'm wrong and everything can be delivered on time and without game breaking bugs. It would certainly go a long way to restoring confidence in the game. Just like to signal boost this. I got a HOTAS just for KSP1 because using the keyboard was so janky. It's a must have for me.
  4. I'd definitely wait. I bought in day 1 and regret not refunding. I've gone back to KSP1. I agree with Aziz, check the steam reviews. I don't agree that they're mixed though. There are way more negative reviews and many of the positive reviews are critical of the game in it's current state. I'd suggest waiting for a few more bug fixes and science and then check the reviews again before buying.
  5. So, I do quite a lot of overclocking and benchmarking. Is this likely to affect benchmark runs?
  6. What is there to talk about that hasn't already been said? There's nothing new in KSP2 and hardy anyone is playing it. There isn't even anything from the devs to discuss.
  7. That doesn't work for me as my LCD monitors are a different resolution and it screws up KSP2's display settings if it loads on the wrong screen.
  8. Second! I have a 3 monitor setup with a 55" 4K LG OLED TV and 2 secondary LCD monitors (KSP looks awesome on a 55" OLED!). I got round it by setting the OLED as my primary monitor and then moving the task bar to a secondary screen. With a black background there is nothing displayed on the OLED when on the desktop. Only issue I've found is if the TV shuts off through energy saving or I forget to turn it on when I boot the PC up, it moves the taskbar back to the OLED. Easy to move it back but an annoyance and a problem with windows, not KSP. It would be nice to be able to move some of KSP2's UI to a second monitor though. I do worry about burn in, but as I play in a dark room most of the time I'm able to reduce the brightness of the screen quite a bit, which should help.
  9. @LittleBitMore Great post. There has been too much animosity on the forums since KSP 2's release. From both sides. From my perspective, I am very unhappy with the state of things with the game. I tried to get a refund but left it too long as I had trust that the devs would go all out to fix the problems. That trust ran out months ago. I gave up at 0.1.2 and haven't played since a 30 minute test of 0.1.3. I went back to KSP1 and am having a blast with a career play through. I've pretty much stopped posting here, though I am keeping an eye on things. I've said my piece and nothing has changed so I don't feel the need to continue. My feeling toward KSP2 has turned to apathy, and that is not likely to change any time soon. I've pretty much checked out and am more interested now in KSP1 and what Cities Skylines 2 will have to offer. The division we see in the community cannot be fixed by the community. All we can do is try to be tollerant of differing opinions, but even I've found that hard with some of the insults and personal attacks being thrown around. I've had to stop myself several times from responding, and now rarely bother engaging at all. It's up to the devs to fix, or at least limit the division by fixing the game. The way I see it is there are 3 major problems with the game. Performance, bugs, and lack of content. I think everyone has a concern about at least one of these and we all have our opinions on which should be fixed first. For me it's bugs as I have a solid rig and wouldn't enjoy more content until the bugs are fixed. At the same time I can understand why others might have a different opinion and I don't feel the need to throw insults if their opinion is different to mine. I place the blame for the game releasing when it did at the feet of T2 (they had told investors it would release that financial year). At the same time, how much longer were T2 expected to wait for the devs? We've seen how painfully slow development has been over the last 6 months, T2's patience must have been wearing thin. I doubt T2, IG and PD care about my opinion, they already have my money. Is that my fault? Partly, for sure, I shouldn't have bought the game day 1. But that doesn't excuse the state the game was in, and continues to be in 6 months later. I won't be buying from any of them in future.
  10. Thanks for the info. I was starting to suspect that might be the problem as I was able to manipulate a Rovemate that I took along as a test. After some experimentation I found a solution. I attached a claw to the rover and docked it with the lander. I was then able to completely deconstruct the rover.
  11. HI all, I'm having trouble with a bit of EVA deconstruction on the Mun. I'm in a career game trying to disassemble an old rover that was part of a "finish rover" mission, which I completed ages ago. The rover has just been sat on the Mun unused. I had a tourist mission to land kerbals on the Mun, so I thought, instead of just terminating the rover, I could deconstruct it and return it to Kerbin. All was going as planned until the last part, the Probodyne Rovemate. I cannot pick it up. I've tried all I can think of. At first I thought it was a weight issue, so I brought along 2 extra kerbals. Nope. I then thought maybe it was because it was the last part of a seperate vessel, so I took along a KAS fuel hose and connector and linked the Rovemate to my main vessel, essentially making everything part of the same vessel. I still can't pick up the Rovemate. It lights up green as though it can be picked up, but nothing happens when I click on it. I know it's hardly a massive issue, but I wanted to recover it rather than just destroy it. EVA construction is something I haven't done much of so wanted to understand why it's not doing what I want. Any suggestions?
  12. I think it would be a bad idea to start layering science onto what we currently have. There are still several serious bugs that need attention before trying to add more content, which will inevitably come with a raft of new bugs. I don't think that's what will happen though. Judging by the lack lustre patch 4, my guess is they're putting almost all their resources into content and hardly any into bug fixing.
  13. As I undersand it, the terrain system does not allow for caves, but a hand crafted surface feature probably would. Did they call them decals?
  14. I think we may see a bare bones and buggy science update around christmas, but expect it will probably be around the release anniversary. Buoyancy I don't see many people talking about, so probably later. The new terrain looks like it may be a lot of work to implement, I think we are talking years for that, if ever.
  15. IMO the game will not be playable until orbital decay bug and stage seperation/docking bugs are fixed, and there is joystick support. These 3 things also make the game not fun. I guess they are heading in the right direction but at such a pace that it will be months if not years before I pick it back up. I went back to KSP1 and have put over 100 hours into a career game. Most of the bugs are caused by the vast array of mods I have installed, and all so far have just required a reload. Visual and audio mods make KSP1 95% of what KSP2 is, all at 4K and smooth framerates. Planet packs add what KSP2 won't have for, well, let's just say a long time.
  16. I'd like to amend my prediction. After seeing how little of consequence has been fixed in 0.1.4, I don't think we'll be seeing science this year. If we do, it will be to milk the last bit of hype there is for the game and will be as bug ridden as the initial release. I'd like to think we'll have science within a year of release, but I think we'll be lucky to be past 0.1.6. I lost interest in the game 3 months ago, now I've lost hope it will ever be what was promised. Cancellation is looking likely now.
  17. Not seeing anything here to make me want to jump back in. Pretty underwhelming patch for 2 months work.
  18. @FreeThinker I'm having some problems with the lithium air battery. Basicly, it doesn't fully recharge, always stopping about 0.5KWh from full. It's not an issue with larger batteries, but when scaling the battery right down for ion engine probes it's causing problems. At 0.2m scale (smallest) the battery has a capacity of 0.4KWh, so once discharged it can't be recharged at all.
  19. My prediction is 0.2.2 - Science with with a couple of bug fixes, but still many bugs remaining. I think we'll get 0.1.5 in November and 0.2.0 for Christmas period to help drive sales. It will be full of bugs and there will be a couple of rushed out fixes before the anniversary.
  20. Agree completely. I don't use twitter or discord so was still expecting the next patch to drop today. Very disappointing that it was left to a forum member to repost a tweet about the delay with absoutely nothing from the devs or community managers that I can see.
  21. @FreeThinker Is this mod still being supported? I have a problem with the science laboratory. Everything is normal in the VAB but on launch, the lab is showing no EC available (0.00 / 0.00 in the part window). I've been messing with the part.cfg file and deleting MODULE { name = InterstellarPowerSupply } seems to fix it. I'm assuming that module is there for a reason, can I expect any negative effects from deleting it?
  22. Agreed, steamdb won't be giving an accurate number, but it definately shows a trend. For me personally, I had put KSP aside for a year or so in anticipation of KSP2. After the disasterous release, I've gone back to KSP1. That's the opposite of the trend steamdb shows, so I can't speak for what's happened.
  23. Hi @linuxgurugamer recently added this mod for the first time. I'm loving it so far, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to behave as I intend. Firstly, I think I have a problem while trying to set a track for Minmus. I set up a new playlist and when entering Minmus SOI it shows the play symbol next to it (and no others), but I'm getting my Mun track playing instead. If I open the player, it shows it playing the Mun track, but if I click on show tracks, it lists my Minmus track. When the Mun track ends it does not play the Minmus track. In fact, it plays nothing at all. Scratch that, I'm an idiot. I managed to download an mp4 instead of mp3. It's working as intended now. Second, is there a way to prioritise one playlist over another, specificly prioritise my Mun playlist over the space playlist? I tried the play before option, but it just plays the Mun track once before moving on to the space playlist, even though I had loop selected. I've also tried setting the Mun playlist to play after itself, but it still switches to the space playlist.
  24. I'm playing KSP 1 as I write this, and can confirm that KSP 1 moves all subsequent nodes keeping them at the same time. I'm not saying you can't do it that way, or even that it's a worse option, I'm just saying that there is an element of guess work going on and that may be a reason it's intentional with KSP 2. KSP 1 is probably a better way of doing it, as it works fine for minor corrections, which is normally the case. Either way, I usually check all nodes after a change.
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