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  1. Could we get an adapter part for mk3s1 and m3s0 similar in form to the NCS adapter thingamajig. Also an inline mk3s1 cockpit.
  2. I would like to use this mod with Ferram Aerospace Research but unfortunately the wings do not work correctly with it. Is there any chance of this mod supporting FAR in the future or maybe some optional configs for it?
  3. This has probably been asked before but I could not find it. Does firing interval effect guns? I know it makes missiles fire at a rate of 1 every firing interval seconds. Does it work the same with guns?
  4. Like an enable all guard mode button. ya that sounds good. I bet it would be really easy to program. I might be able to make a python KRPC script that adds that button actually. Ill have to look into it
  5. 2 Things you can do. First is when they reach distance cancel the competition (button is located in the same place you started it). Then start it again. This sometimes gets things going. The second is you can manually start the battle tho this can be unfair. Cancel the comp. Then as quickly as you can start the guard modes on the planes. If this still doesn't work. The problem is not with competition its something in the plane AI being unable to fly the plane or sight/radar range issues.
  6. I solved the issue by reducing the default altitude from 4000 to a much lower value. Apparently It was going into some type of climb process and ignoring enemies in the process.
  7. I a having an issue with the bda Dogfight Ai. Not a glitch just looking for a reason why. The Ai will fly away from the target providing no control inputs except for occasionally some roll. it will do this until it is 2.4 km from the target no matter the guns range set on guns or weapon manager. It usually doesn't make it that far but occasionally it does and then it re-engages normally.
  8. When last I checked sonar does not work from planes to under the water. Your best bet is to use visual or a boat to detect the sub
  9. Hello, yes FleshJeb and I have been working on a fix for the issue. I will include python code and a compiled .exe file for use without a python installation. This program when run with .csv files containing the corrected hp values in the same directory will edit all craft files in the directory. Flesh Jeb is responsible for the generation of the csv files using the KRPC mod and his dedication in editing the hp values.. ALL CSV files in the folder which the program is run in will be used. However duplicate items are fine the value will be set to the last value found. I believe it locates the files by alphabetical order but i did not put a sort function in so I do not know. The reason for this modular input selection was to allow for other mods correction table files to be added. Not having a mod for a csv file will not break the program as it will simply not find the value in the craft files. The program will place the corrected files in a folder named "fixed" the originals are unchanged and are not moved. Feel free to edit the code to change anything you may want to. Runs on python 3.7 or 3.6 with no non standard modules. modules=(time,glob,os). If you encounter any issues or mistakes I will happily fix and update the files. https://github.com/java12man/BDA-CraftHitPointFix
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