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  1. Even if it wasn't a SpaceX collab, a focused reusability parts update would be rad! Maybe even a stock version of the Trajectories mod to go along with this would be perfect!
  2. Oh this would be neat! Maybe to make it easier you'd actually have to grab it with the ship to trigger the science to happen. Also there could be different science from differently sized asteroids! That would give a solid excuse visit anything below a Class D.
  3. I'd love to see a second encounter marker for planets / moons when setting a maneuver node. At the moment the game only gives a second encounter for other spacecraft. Without a second encounter, outer planets like Jool and Eeloo can be a real pain to trial and error. For example, let's shoot for Jool, but we missed our injection. With only the 1st encounter visible, as it is in the stock game, only the closest encounter will be shown. In this scenario no matter how Prograde you go at the Apoapsis you'll never be shown intersecting as it only shows Jool's 1st encounter being right in front of you. If your lucky you can check a few orbits down the line to see if you get close using the maneuver node but 90% of the time doing anything from the Apoapsis won't get you any results. You would have to check future orbits and burn Prograde at the Periapsis which means you'll have to use more fuel slowing down once you actually get there. And even then the game gets real glitchy as the marker slides wildly around, faster and faster as it jumps from the first and second encounter, showing you neither. That's not even mentioning the 10+ minutes of max time-warp to get to that future node, but I digress. By just adding a second encounter marker this becomes no problem! Just go Prograde at the Apoapsis until the 2nd encounter marker shows you intersecting. Something that would look like this! For the record though there is an in-game work around by setting a second maneuver node ahead of the closest encounter then adjusting the 1st maneuver node before the encounter to see where the second encounter will be. But for someone just starting the game it could be literally hundreds of hours of gameplay before they figure this trick out. Believe me, that's coming from experience! XD A second encounter marker for Planets and Moons in the base-game would make interplanetary travel much simpler! No maneuver node tricks or mods necessary!
  4. For anyone who is having an issue with the new Gas giants looking like Jool or the rings flashing, make sure you have not only downloaded the Stock Visual Enchantments [SVE] But also Environmental Visual Enhancements [EVE] WITHOUT a config so NO BoulderCo! I know it says all this in the [SVE] download page but when your troubleshooting it can be tough to find what details you overlooked amongst the many mods necessary to make it all work. Hope this helps! :>
  5. I'm definitely going to be attempting a variable wing plane with those Alligator Hinges! F-14 here I come!
  6. I'm not 100% sure to be honest, but if you could find your way to the games files wherever they were downloaded on your computer it would probably be the same :3c If anyone tries any of my fixes on a non-Steam edition please let us know here how it worked!
  7. Hi there! Even though this is an older thread, it is the top result when googling "KSP Saves won't load" so I'll put my solution here for visibility if that's alright :3 I have 1500+ hours in KSP and have had this happen to me 3 times now. Upon the most recent time I experimented around and found a few ways to solve this. The problem seems to stem from the game trying to load a wonky persistent save file. For clarity this is a fix for career mode saves which says in green "Just Started!" instead of giving you your career stat readouts. When you click on the save to load your game, nothing happens. Not even a loading screen, the game just ignores you. That being said these fixes would likely work for sandboxes as well. NOTE: Reinstalling the game will not help as the problem is in the save file for your game. - Getting Started All three fixes start with getting to the problem save's file location. Open Steam -> Right Click Kerbal Space Program in the Steam Library -> Select Properties -> Select Local Files -> Select Browse Local Files -> Open the folder labeled "Save" -> Open the folder for your Career save which won't open -> Copy and paste everything here to a file somewhere else on your computer JUST IN CASE! :3 - Fix #1 From the problem save folder's location open the folder labeled "Backup" -> Copy and paste the second most recent persistent save back into the previous folder with all of the other saves -> once back in the folder with the other saves locate and delete the file named "persistent.sfs" (Do not delete "persistent.loadmeta") -> locate the backup persistent save you just copy and pasted in and delete the date in that file's name so it reads "persistent.sfs" -> Boot up the game and your save should now say your career readouts instead of saying "Just Started!" It should start no problem but with a bit of progress lost. -> You should also be able to access you manual and quicksaves to find the most recent save so you lose as little progress as possible :3 - Fix #2 From the problem save folder's location locate and delete the file named "persistent.sfs" (Do not delete "persistent.loadmeta") -> locate your most recent manual save's file ending in ".sfs" then copy and paste it in the same location -> Find the copy you just made and rename it "persistent.sfs" -> Boot up the game and your save should now say your career readouts instead of saying "Just Started!" It should start no problem but with a bit of progress lost. - Fix #3 (The Nuclear Option) Boot up Kerbal Space program and start a new career mode which you would like to replace your problem save -> Just after starting up your new career mode exit to the Main Menu then close the game -> Open up the problem save's folder as well as your new career save's folder -> Copy and paste all of your ships from the VAB and SPH into your new save's "Ships" folder from your problem save. -> Copy and paste a few of your most recent Manual saves from your problem career to your new one. as well as the most recent persistent saves from your backup folder (DO NOT copy and paste the "persistent.sfs" as this is most likely the problem file in the first place.) -> Boot up the game and open your new career mode -> From the Kerbal Space Center open the menu and try loading your saves you copy and pasted from the problem career -> Hopefully it should load just fine! -> Head back to the space center and Exit to Main Menu -> Your new career save should now say your old career readouts instead of saying "Just Started!". You should now be back on track with only a bit of progress lost. Hope this helps!
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