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  1. *insert cult-y chanting* Retire. Retire. Retire. Retire. Anyway I am not that man but where is @AtomicTech
  2. Granted, Scott Munley crashes into your airport, screaming “Fly Safe” the whole way. I wish that I could get done with this cold.
  3. Similarly, fastest to be industrialized? The Japanese. They were super isolated until the US came in in the 1860s and said "You're gonna trade with us and like it" and promptly industrialized the country, going from rural farms everywhere to trains, steamships, and massive factories, in the span of something like twenty years. Pretty crazy.
  4. Nah, of course not. That's on Monday! @AtomicTech
  5. Nope, not this time! @linuxgurugamer, perhaps …
  6. Nope, I am stealing his thunder by not creating a submarine at all. @adsii1970?
  7. Well, for some reason, it won't let me embed my image despite it being posted onto imgur, so I'm just gonna post that link instead. *shrug* https://imgur.com/N0Kph7R I've done lots of stuff through the inner system, with my first probes finally venturing out towards the outer planets now! In a week, I'll probably have some new ribbons for the Jool system lol Edit: Hang on, gonna try something different. Ignore the link. Second edit: You know what, I don't even know any more. New link: https://imgur.com/a/UZ8FZsP
  8. *sigh* yeah, I know. I mean, the part descriptions do have to be incredibly witty but also informative, so I can see that! Are you also gonna work/are working on the science report taglines?
  9. *excited inhale* *sad exhale* Okay, I'm kidding. But every time I see that notification my hopes get up (for no reason lol) XD Might I recommend First Flight once you finish Emiko? If there are two cornerstones to world building extravagance in the forums, it has to be those two!
  10. So... given that they've hired Jim... does this mean that we're getting a story mode in KSP 2 at some point?
  11. I suppose that I am! Slowly, slowly. It'll probably take me a few years at this rate XD
  12. Well, I'm hyped to see the fantastic reskins of the Kerbal system and to see what lies beyond... and also oooh pretty colors
  13. Well, I'm not sure when I made it, but it happened. At some point. Wack.
  14. It's reddit. Take everything they say with multiple grains of salt. I think we're all thinking and trying to compare KSP2 to what we have now when we should be comparing it to what we had for KSP1 Early Access... Now, think about it. What did we have in the game (more than?) a decade ago? Not a lot. But the game grew over time--very quickly, in some instances. It's been optimized to be able to run on so many more machines than it was at first! We've gotten so many new parts -- including MOAR BOOSTERS -- a trend that (for obvious reasons) is gonna continue here. And just think about how many things we got after release, too! Two entire DLCs, somewhere around eight years of updates, and a wonderful community. Oh, and weekly community challenges. Those are back already! (gotta say, love to see that they're back. It's been a hot minute!) Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is don't compare KSP 2 Early Access to the finished KSP 1 -- compare it to early KSP 1, and then pinch yourself that we're almost here! Yep, based off of how KSP itself reacts to things in the system, I'd say that's about accurate. Stuff is gonna change fast and a lot of stuff is gonna change! (English good.)
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