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  1. I did at one point have a computer bit it couldn't handle KSP is all it's awesome glory I may end up going back that route. I'm hopeful for KSP2 in a year or so. OK so let me pick your brain a bit, unless you are also using mods then this question won't really apply, but I'm considering using what I have been seeing called reaction wheel props. How does one build that kind of prop? Is there a piece that will attach the wheels to the sub and still allow them to spin independent of the main sub body?
  2. While watching them they flip back and forth from reversed to normal, does that sound like what you are thinking of?
  3. OK I am in the middle of making a large electric submarine on the PS4 and thanks to some very helpful advice I've managed to get it moving at a blitzing 1.5 m/s utilizing the heavy rotors and elevon 4 I think? The one with pointy ends on both sides in a kind of slanted square shape (if that helps at all). The sub itself is easy but during my now 10 to 12 hours worth of experimentations some of the parts for the propeller have been doing some very wierd things like flipping mirrored and unmirrored constantly while underway which kills off all thrust. Experienced Kerbal lords and ladies of the sea I humbly ask what parts have worked for you (other than jets) and how do you fashion your water whipping propellers to dominate the wet parts of Kerbin?
  4. Is there any functional difference in the normal rotor model vs the S model or is it just visual? Didn't see any answers on that when I searched. Also have you encountered a bug where half of the rotor blades freak out and flip the trust backwards?
  5. One more thing, how many blades would be considered optimal? I assume more lift area is good but also makes drag right?
  6. Ok I see, would it be better to set the KAL (I think that's what the controller is called) to modulate the AoA with throttle and set the torq and rpm to constant after the craft submerges? I have had it set to max rpm always and been controlling torq with throttle while experimenting with the angles needed. The props are definitely sticking partially out of water, maybe going ahead and ballasting it properly (pun there?) will eliminate the prop strike problem. I've no idea if it can even get underway yet as right at the edge of .4 the props turn to magic smoke and escape me
  7. Ok so I am one of the minority of people trying to make a large functional electric submarine and I am using the mk3 sized parts. I have the whole ballast idea down, but I'm trying to figure out the rotor. I know we have to use aero surfaces not related to breaking ground, but I am using the heavy rotor from the DLC. Starting off everything seems OK, but when I put max throttle to the rotor the control surfaces shear off. I have been looking to see if there is a magic target angle of attack and torque limit for hydrodynamic use but have been unable to find any relevant information. I can get it moving .3 with two rotors so I figured I just need to add the ballast so it sinks and overcomes that dreaded water super drag. I am on the PS4 so I can't really supply pics that easily. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. 1.7 just came out, it may take a while for modders to come out with updated versions
  9. Hey I am new to KSP and found the above mods, kerbalism is not working with crew tube cores and is venting my crew spaces connected to the cores with crew tubes as if the kerbal used the hatches instead of the tubes. Maybe kerbalism thinks the tubes are hatches idk, if anyone can point me in the right direction if this has been solved already thanks! I have been looking for like 3 days now and can't find the posts. Oh I am using the 1.6 version in steam and have CKAN verified compatibility.
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