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  1. not sure if it even loads the rest of it's modules without the texture pack, but here's my observations: @60 fps it eats... 50% graphics power without texture pack 75% graphics power with 2k textures 84% graphics power with 4k textures. Any advice in making this mod more lightweight?
  2. i'm observing the reputation-meter at the top of the screen. when i'm finishing a contract, i loose reputation. i think it might be because the reputation that should get converted gets actually subtracted from my reputation, utilizing the algorithm that makes it harder and harder to gain reputation but easy to loose it all. to reproduce: - gain some reputation (without having unpaid research program enabled) - enable unpaid research program (with some high value) - remember how many reputation you had on your reputation meter on the top of the screen - finish a contract - see if you lost reputation i have no idea how to describe it more clearly here, i made a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkeo7ulupylhuty/2019-10-27 02-12-05.mp4?raw=1 (download and play with VLC) before the contracts: 1.5 lines before blue. after the contracts: 5.5 lines before blue.
  3. i've set reputation gains to 1000% and Unpaid Research program to 85%, but my reputation is dropping after every contract.
  4. i sent the author (ghassen?) an email a few days ago but i'm not sure if he is still around.. i was really thankful for R-T-B to make an unofficial update but wanted to wait until it's bugfree and AVP would use it... which was obviously a terrible mistake... I don't really understand what was going on there on R-T-B's thread but stuff like that makes me loose faith in humanity. I bet a lot of people won't play KSP until at least those graphics mods will work again, even if it takes forever. 1.7.3 had performance issues so playing that is not an option to me either. Guess i have to wait for KSP 2...
  5. For my passenger flights, i used to add rudders to the top of my rocket, to help them fall to earth more smoothly (cause i only have heatshields at the bottom) But recently, this stopped working, because my rudders can't get inverted anymore. I made a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vypz3nffimz7luc/inverted_rudders_bug.mp4?raw=1
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