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  1. Ah, that makes a "world" of sense! Thank you! Keep up the good work.
  2. Is it possible the locations of biomes changed in 0.2? I know this hasn't been updated yet but just curious how the biomes are determined. Hunting for science on the Mun, I keep hopping from red to green on the survey map and am able to identify only one biome (highlands) instead of two.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bode95/screenshot/2268189945145980783/ It's a new day for Kerbal Space Program 2. The 0.2 Update brings KSP 2 near KSP 1 in feature parity.
  4. Was the vision of the team always that colonies would be a periphery feature or has there been any sort of looking at the daunting roadmap and going - let's limit this feature a bit more than we intended to focus on rockets?
  5. Hello, has anyone played with the Commnet system in KSP2 recently? Does it work as intended? Thinking of starting a campaign with satellite networks, probes, and requiring Commnet for control but don't want to get ahead of myself and find out hours in if it's not working reliably.
  6. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: i7-13700K | GPU: 4070ti 12GB | RAM: 32GB DDR5 After disabling stock vessels when setting up game, they are still included. Sometimes they're shown from the Launchpad menu even when toggled off in the menu. Ultra low priority. Included Attachments:
  7. Similar bug here on the return flight from the Mun. Both the water and some atmosphere elements missing. v0.1.3.2. Am using mods. Win 11, i7-13700k, 4070ti 12GB, 32GB DDR5. atmosphere disappeared 1 atmosphere disappeared 2
  8. This bothers me as well, confirmed in https://drive.google.com/file/d/17BSd9knYnvh_XXoaiSmmwIN0d46CxSue/view?usp=drive_link
  9. Thank you, all, that does work swell. Enabling desktop capture works and saves to the Desktop folder. I guess I would still call it a (very small) bug, perhaps one for NVIDIA. Happy Hotfix Summer!
  10. Reported Version: v0.1.3.1 (latest) | Mods: SpaceWarp, Micro Engineer | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: i7-13700k | GPU: 4070ti 12GB | RAM: 32GB DDR5 Unable to record video or take screenshots with GeForce Experience overlay.
  11. This is still happening for me in low orbit around the Mun in 0.1.3.
  12. Reported Version: v0.1.3 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: Intel i7-13700K | GPU: 4070ti | RAM: 32GB DDR5 Severity: medium Frequency: medium, happens most of the time Launching stock vessels and reverting flight to launch yields the vessels with no stages or crew. Steam shows my GPU is integrated but can confirm game uses 4070ti.
  13. Would majorly like to see joystick support added. I never flew a single rocket in KSP1 without a joystick.
  14. Never played the original weekly challenges but I'm glad they are returning from the start of early access! It gives us something of a standardized goal in lieu of formal campaign progression. I suppose it also channels specific experiences that developers want players to "playtest" and then provide feedback on.
  15. Hefty! Thank you for the information.
  16. I like what I saw in the trailer that dropped yesterday - specifically the plane wing hitting a building and snapping off instead of exploding. Totally with you on hoping there's more of a dynamic reaction to problems instead of only explosions for everything.
  17. Designing the vehicle on Deck and flying it at home sounds like a spectacularly addicting possibility.
  18. For my personal UNPRECENDENTED ACHIEVEMENT, I'm going to finally leave Kerbin's SOI.
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