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  1. Just saw the footage and wanted to ask about one thing I noticed. At launch, water deluge kicks in and the whole pad lights up, then you see dozens of visible rapid shockwaves emanating from the pad. Does this mean the blast mitigation problem is still not solved? Was that a goal of this launch, or have they said they aren’t even worried about that yet?
  2. That is why I loved Editor Extension Redux mod from KSP1, and will never go without it. Pressing Space snaps the entire rocket to a preset height above the ground, based on the lowest point (not including clamps). Ability to use the translate tool on the parent part would be very nice too. Also, ability to hold Shift and click ANY part to select the entire rocket (in case the root part is hidden) which was present in KSP1 as well.
  3. Assuming that the system is anything like Waterfall mod for KSP1, that means any rocket plume you see in the game now can (and very likely will) be made better as time goes on with very little impact on performance, which is awesome. I’ve done a decent amount of tinkering with plumes in Waterfall, and you can achieve some really spectacular effects in no time.
  4. Been a while but if memory serves, the main telescope part comes from the mod “Space Dust” Meanwhile the service module is one of the habitat modules from SSPXR, which was then tweakscaled down and given a special Texture Replacer config to achieve the mirror-shine.
  5. You may be onto something here. As long as the lag spike (from calling up the full part list) is isolated to that specific button, and not just from right clicking a single part. As for the rest of your post, spot on.
  6. Slightly off topic but a I don’t think a separate thread is needed and this one seems to get good traffic. I was getting severe lag/fps drop inside the VAB building a large rocket, when previously I would only get very minor lag and occasional stutters. I didn’t have enough time to do much trouble shooting but it seemed to be triggered by the XL hydrogen tanks and largest nuclear engine. Is this a known bug that existed before patch, or has anyone else had this crop up post-patch?
  7. I encountered this last night plotting a return from Minmus. I was puzzled because when I started planning the maneuver, my gut told me I was going to burning prograde in the completely wrong spot on my Minmus orbit. But the maneuver node told me everything was good. Well I should have trusted my gut; as soon as I exited Minmus SOI, I was due to eject into solar orbit.
  8. Very cool mission Do you know of any way to see the pressure readings at the surface? I am not sure if that is even simulated yet or what. Obviously in KSP1 the heat and pressure made this type of mission impossible before any craft met it’s untimely doom.
  9. EXCELLENT craft design and excellent photography! Please keep it up, can’t wait to see the rest of the mission. Also kudos for getting this all in place despite all the bugs - no small feat.
  10. To be fair, we KSP players didn’t exactly come up with the idea https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_(spacecraft) “It arrived at Jupiter on 8 February 1992 for a swing-by maneuver that increased its inclination to the ecliptic by 80.2°. The giant planet's gravity bent the spacecraft's flight path southward and away from the ecliptic plane.”
  11. My apologies, I was trying to remember off the cuff. It is MagpieMods that has the .cfgs, one of which should be SOCK. Delete it. Confuses me sometimes because it ties in with Texture Replacer just like TU. If you examine how Magpie Mods writes the MM patches that give parts shiny/reflective appearances, you can write your own custom cfg that handles that on a part-by-part basis, if you want. But as it stands Magpie just applies a bunch of patches en masse that basically amounts to: All Parts = Shiny.
  12. Is that not also accomplished when defining the “root part” (forgot what KSP2 calls it) with the 3 key?
  13. Textures Unlimited. MagpieMods go into that mod folder and delete the .cfg titled SOCK. has a bunch of configs for a ton of mods that it has no business supporting. That is why the Shuttle is totally shiny, it just applies the metallic look to all parts.
  14. Very nice take on EUS. We need some tank domes/hemispheres so you can really sell the look!
  15. @HammerTyme Love this one. Everything with the Kerbals from their expressions to their animations to their new hairstyles is just spot on.
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