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  1. In KSP 1 I was able to place 4 vertical couplers at once, and then in the staging be able to separate them into different stages ( for asparagus staging for example ). I seem to be missing something in KSP 2, I cant seem to separate the couplers, If I move one, all 4 move. 

    Is there something I am missing? 



  2. I was extremely disappointed quite a long time ago when Career mode was not going to be in KSP 2, just completed the first couple of missions, and my disappointment has disappeared.  Exploration mode is an excellent replacement. I know you guys don't always hear much positive feedback, so I thought I would let you know this is as good or better than my old favorite way to play Kerbal 

  3. 1 hour ago, Chilkoot said:

    Sometimes, just engaging in a cultural event is part of the enjoyment.  When my kids were very small, we would line up to buy the newest Harry Potter books at midnight, for example.  They of course were asleep before we even got home, but that's not what it was about.

    Being a day-one fan - even if the game is pretty rough right now - is important in its own way for some people.  The act of being in the moment and engaged in the discussions, hearing the feedback, looking at the oddball early designs... it's all part of the experience, along with feeling the pain of the bugs and performance problems with the current release.

    I don't have any regrets dropping the $50 for the first EA build, even if I wouldn't give it a positive review - it's not ready for general consumption yet, IMO.  But if I frame it around the old adage, "Spend your money where you spend your time", it was definitely a good buy.

    Same, zero regrets

  4. Yeah, the only KSP I am interested in anymore is KSP 2 

    Not for what it is at the moment, but for what it is becoming. 

    It really comes down to why you are playing, if it is only for personal enjoyment, then by all means Play KSP1, in fact an Early Access is probably not right for you in any case.

    Some of us want to be on the ride from here, to what we see KSP 2 becoming. 

  5. On 3/2/2023 at 6:29 AM, Ace76inDC said:

    well said btw.  same here.  you're only as old as you feel!

    That would make me the oldest person I have ever even heard of!


    No not that, how about .... old as you pretend you are :)   that would make me a LOT younger


  6. I do not believe it is overpriced for the full game that is coming, including science, progression, colonies, resource management, interstellar and multiplayer. Which is what I purchased.

    I purchased it with my eyes fully open that these features would not be available for some time, and the early access would be quite buggy and unoptimized.

    It shocks me how many people did not have their eyes open.

  7. 3 hours ago, tstein said:

    and you  think  the publishers are so dumb as to just pull  out and lose all they invested because of a first  week of bad sales? That is not how investment works. no no no..  to  make the investors wake up is the best thing ANY project of software always need when it has internal issues.

    The answer to that is obviously yes, if you have been around the gaming industry a while

  8. 1 minute ago, LameLefty said:

    Very similar to the bug I just reported a few minutes ago. Note too the fact that no trajectory/orbit is shown. I was also able to "recover" a vessel orbiting the Mun. 

    Yeah LOL that was my first clue, took me a while to look more closely and see it was identified as landed. Hence, no trajectory, interesting to note that it is still moving and in orbit over time regardless.

  9. 2 hours ago, tstein said:

    That is sensible and I did expect  bumps, but when I saw them post content about the  "so many new  facial expressions the kerbals can have" that they would have sorted the BASICS.  The issue is they seem to have a very  bad sense of priority and that worries me a lot.

    Oh yeah... I am not upset, but a non-KSP enthusiast might be.


    Bug ReportNfAVHwzeImk1.jpg?o=1

    Launched a large ship with a payload bay into high orbit, released a smaller ship from that bay and planned to take that ship to dune. However the smaller ship is identified as "landed" when it clearly is not. 


    Screenshot attached. ( also submited to private Division )

  11. Well right now KSP 2 is for what I would call KSP enthusiasts, to help test, report, experiment and basically assist while the game is updated to a more playable state.

    I am not recommending it to my non KSP enthusiast friends... yet. but I expect I will be recommending it over time.

    I am more than happy to be on this journey, but this journey is not for everyone.... yet

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