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  1. According to one post the developers made early access will still not have reentry heating for a short period of time, but they are working on it. ( of course I do worry about what a game developer calls "short" )
  2. Very true, I have known this for a long long time, but I just don't argue with them anymore, it is like a religious cult.
  3. Same here, I currently have a GTX 3080 GPU, but suspect before too long I will be upgrading that. I am a gamer, it is a part of the price of the hobby. I didn't get this GPU for Kerbal, nor will I get the next GPU for specifically any one game.
  4. Ok cut power to your house and see if you can run KSP 2 You are counting the cost of a computer against a single game, so I will count the cost of the house, and power and everything else that is required. I am trying to show you how it is very silly to count the cost of an entire PC against any one game.
  5. That 3080 GPU computer will not run well for long in an empty field. I was trying to make a point, my computer is NOT for KSP2 alone, nor will I count the cost of my PC against any single game. Just as my house is for other reasons that just to cover and power my computer
  6. Higher than that if you also count the price of the house that you put that computer in. But my computer is not for KSP alone, just as my house is not for my computer alone, your mileage may vary, I did not calculate it as the price of entry to a lot of games I own that have rather high recommended specs
  7. I would have gladly sent them $50 just to support the continuation of the project without early access, and I know I am not alone. and no my computer is already above the recommended specs, most gaming enthusiasts be above the minimum by the time this title actually releases I would guess in 2025 or later
  8. In response let me relate a conversation I had a few minutes ago first. ----------------------- Conversation with a Kerbal fan acquaintance of mine. Him: I saw the specs and a couple of the videos and I think this is nuts, I think they should delay release until the game is more optimized, bugs worked out and features added. Me: Good news, that is exactly what they are doing. Him: But it is releasing on Friday Me: No, Early access is on Friday, I seriously doubt the game will actually release before 2025 or later. By then there will be more of the features promised, lots of time to work out bugs, and I am sure they will work on optimization, however I would not hold out too much hope as I suspect in 2025 those specs will not be out of line for a triple A title. Him: ( stares blankly at me as if I was talking in another language ) ------------------- Now for the rest, I am looking at the core of what they have created, not feature set, not specific bugs, not current recommended specs, but the core of what they have built, UI, Sound, Physics, and the direction they are taking with the title. My response remains it is more than I had hoped for. Now this is early access, which is not for everyone, if you are looking for the finished game, that wont be for a while and this is not for you. This is for us KSP fans that want to ride along, contribute our $50 to the project, and test, give feedback, and enjoy each update and expansion to that core as it comes along. However I suspect you are looking at this post as my acquaintance did, as if I am speaking in another language.
  9. 2 thumbs up Yeah "Early Access" is not for everyone, if being into a game before it is done is not for you then, better to wait. For me from what I have seen in the videos today it is everything I had hoped for and more, and I will gleefully be there at the opening, and enjoying the updates as they come along from day one.
  10. One of the first mods I add to any KSP game was Chatterer, and I actually lamented the fact that when I start KSP2 I wont have that..... I was quite pleased when I watched the videos
  11. Yeah I noticed the same thing, it was shimmying all the boosters the way they were mounted, its the physics and drag that was causing the slowdown, id bet money on that. I seriously doubt it was the GPU
  12. There was never a question that I would purchase the Early Access on day one, and I was excited for it. After watching folks I trust give their impressions, I am even more on board, even more excited. I agree with Tim Dodd's ratings from what I saw of his play session. I certainly understand those that have decided to wait, no judgement here, not everyone wants an Early Access, they want a finished game and I do understand that. For myself I will enjoy day one, will provide feedback, and relish every update as they come along, glad to be a part of the process bringing this game to everything that it promises to be. To be honest I would have gladly sent them the $50 just to make sure they continued development early access or not
  13. So far I like just about everything I am seeing, yeah there are a few things that still need work, but that is what I am signing up for in Early Access. I am more excited for Friday than I was yesterday
  14. Probably correct on all points, if anyone is showing anything about KSP 2, almost no one will be watching Matt play KSP 1 after thinking about this, and gathering more info, I expect you are correct. When I am wrong, I say I am wrong.
  15. I hope you are right, but I would not call it a fact until it happens.
  16. Because one person said it would some time ago, this is the problem with the gaming community ( myself included ), we will take anything one person says at any one point, and call that the gospel. This is why developers hold back information, hold back what they think, what the current plans are, because plans change, but someone will take what they said before as some kind of cross your heart and hope to die promise.
  17. I suppose I am not worried about a refund, I remember what KSP 1 started as, and what it became. I am just going to use the Early Access to get to know the new UI, and test stuff out, not in a rush to get to any specific place.
  18. The firing and re-hiring happened before the switch according to several sources that did happen. I put that in the wrong order. I do agree however there comes a time in the development of a game where you have to start making money or fold, it is why I am so forgiving about the early access thing, personally I am sure I will get $60 worth of entertainment of even early access. I don't want the project to fold, so yeah... I am in on day one.
  19. So many people mentioning delays, look at the history of the creation of this game. A lesser game would have folded under that much pressure. I am actually surprised it was not delayed more than it was given the circumstances. A company in a lawsuit with another, a total change in ownership, the pillaging of developers, the firing of a staff only to re-hire them at a lesser salary, and then put a pandemic on top of it. If anything it speaks to me of the dedication of the folks working on this. It is amazing to me we are getting early access now actually.
  20. Yeah I doubt I will see KSP 3 in my lifetime ( I am getting pretty old ), that is why KSP2 was such a big deal for me, here is hoping for the best. KSP 1 was by far the most enjoyable and long lived game in my library .
  21. We will see how it does, I have a 3080 but I also have a freakishly big Samsung G9 monitor.
  22. Im glad someone said it, I have been tempted to from the beginning. Optimization is likely not complete, and the min specs will drop over time. This is often the case with early access. The internet is made from torches and pitchforks, and millions of people jumping up and down on a greasy spot that used to be a horse.
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