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  1. 54 minutes ago, Aazard said:

    If your buying me photoshop... I'll use it lol.

    Its a $250 USD program. (and 2x more in Canada, my nation)

    Paint.net is 100% free and If you need more Photoshop like power GIMP with the right plugins should match it (and its also 100% free).

    I'm also not really an "artist", in any way lol so spending while learning is freaky  

    ps @Chubby_Hamster see the difference having a correct template had for me? (it was not huge lol)  

    Oh, sorry, I just downloaded it from a torrent

  2. 2 hours ago, Aazard said:

    Public Service Announcement: IVA & EVA "Component location Map" with text lables (original image is 4096x4096 16m PGN file) If you take an image of this it MUST BE MIRRORED VERTICALLY IF SAVED OR CONVERTED TO DDS 

    Components are taken from "bright" easily deconstructed images bt @GregroxMun, @Chubby_Hamster, @hemeac, @ACIsabelle (spacedock user, cant find on forums)

    Some of this may need to be relabeled (I'm using this to learn)


    WARNING I HAVE YET TO ID 100% OF COMPONENTS! Some of this could be slightly mislabeled!

    Note that the level of detail possible is truthfully STELLAR (pun)! I suggest Paint.net to work with these files formats, convert between them and is well feature documented online (aka how too's), its 100% free and can handle complex tasks.

    For working on files in batches (for format conversions, mirroring, resizing "in bulk") I suggest XnConvert (same reasons as paint.net)

    I'm totally skill-less and I can make a suit... so you can too!

    I think it's better to use Photoshop.

  3. 7 hours ago, Aazard said:

    I believe that crew is:

    "Lab coat" & "Signal lights" guys use Gene's model (as they are albino also)

    "Grey" and "Yellow" hard hat guys seem to use same "head" as Linus Kermin's model (I'll check with trial and error)

    Your request is to make them more skin tone inclusive? I can see what I can find, I'm basically learning on this mod.....sorry

    Yes, but Wiki claims "Exactly" this (when was Wikipedia ever wrong?)


    But we only have the materials we have to make a look a like, so "close enough" is better than "nothing"


    You see my Mecury Navy Mark IV EIVA suit, its not "really close 90% correct".. but its alot closer than the stock suit. Plus waiting on others to make them might happen never. Thats why I released the mod.... its almost "not being worked on" by many ppl (realism on the kerbals visuals), if any...... So I did it to help out


    ummm... "medical injection flap"... yeah the idea of my spit boiling in my mouth, at just 16km to 18km, didnt freak me out enough... "Get your suborbital hop injections here!"

    Well I'll try to make a suit like this

  4. 42 minutes ago, Aazard said:

    HumanStuff v1.0.1 "Freedom/Vostok One" 



    * v1.0.1 "Freedom/Vostok One"

      - EnvMaps folder was "missed" in dds pass. Got it this time.
      - Added more faces/heads
      - Added Vostok Programme SK-1 EIVA Suit (IVA as IVA and EVA) by @Chubby_Hampster
      - Added Apollo Programme A7L EVA suits (With generation appropriate IVA suit to be added, NO IVA ADDED YET) by @Chubby_Hampster


    IVA Apollo like this?apollo_iv_and_ev_suits_irwin_and_bull_s68-18701.jpg

  5. 1 hour ago, Aazard said:

    check messages, I'd like to make 2 small changes...unless you say no lol...I'll still add them and credit you.

    PS: The "KSP2" heads you made, recolour to be "AsianGuy2 & AsianGirl2"... That skin tone is least represented and the hair is ideal for that combination (I may need to, well want to, darken female hair a shade also)

    I took the liberity of matching file format to all dds and matching image files to be 1024x1024 16M for heads and 4096x4096 16M fot suits.

    Think you can help me fix albino Gene (only issue Mission Control scene, not "pop windows") and "scientist/flag person crew" (but only issue in SPH/VAB)?

    ^This one confuses me:blush:

    unfortunately I do not know how to fix this problem((

  6. 17 minutes ago, KerbalNetwork said:

    I've been wanting this since the trailer is released! Jeb is more happier than before, and me too. Thanks for the mod!

    I'm glad you liked it

    22 minutes ago, KerbalNetwork said:

    I've been wanting this since the trailer is released! This mod is awesome, but the texture for the arms could have more detail as in the image above if that's possible. Anyways, great mod!

    I'll try to do something about it


    > * Whats new:
    1. added White suit, and a little redone black.
    2. added Female Kerbal skin.
    3. IVA costumes are also slightly reworked.

    * Did you like the spacesuit from the KSP2 trailer?
    * Then this mod is for you!!
    * This is a recreation of the spacesuit from KSP 2 to KSP 1
    * **Bonus skin kerbals from KSP 2**

    This mod needs TextureReplacer to work [Dowload](https://spacedock.info/mod/1824/TextureReplacer)

    Don't forget to select a suit from the list!

    > 1. Dowload Texture Replacer and install it.
    2. Dowload the mod
    3. Unpack in D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program
    or  C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program if the game is installed on disk c
    4.Open the game and choose the ksp2 SPACESUIT from the Texture replacer menu, and if you want, choose KSP2 KERBAL.


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