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  1. On 12/23/2021 at 2:10 PM, JadeOfMaar said:

    @Stone Blue @Gordon Dry :sticktongue: So I...

    • Fixed the TGA format issue. It's all DDS now.
    • Partially fixed the normals problem. I remade the textures but the material seems bugged. The parts will need their material re-done and re-exported.
    • Did Localization.
    • Added stock inventory volumes.
    • Raised costs and EC ratings so that they're not all the same value and not inferior to stock (mainly since the full size panel has more surface area than the stock circular panel).
    • Replaced hard dependency on Firespitter with soft dependency on B9 Part Switch.
      • Added a partupgrade requirement for the black color since black solar cells are a later and better tech than blue cells. (Simply delete the cfg file for this if you don't want to go though that extra hoop to get to that option.)
    • Optionally kept the black cells texture as the default since that's what @therealcrow999 preferred, but also raised the default tech requirement, costs and EC ratings (when B9 Part Switch isn't installed) since black solar cells are a later and better tech than blue cells. However, black cells default (with B9PS at least. Not sure if without also counts, but I expect it to) is somehow causing the normals to mess up worse so I've made this into a separate zip for troubleshooting. Either way, this makes the normals issue more concerning. I'm tempted to assume the color tex is somehow being used for the normals.
    • Addressed other config issues. Most importantly: they were all missing the } from PART{} which can cause serious problems.

    If anyone is able and willing to redo the material, that'd be great. Here is my rework so far. Otherwise, skip the black default variant and go ahead and publish the blue default variant. Included in the zips are the PSD I used to remake the normal map, spec map, and make the cell colors.




      Reveal hidden contents

    While TGA files are the best to use if you can't produce DDS (due to having a dedicated Alpha channel and compression or bit depth options), they can swell in file size quite a bit vs the DDS version and will randomly fail to be read by KSP, leading to chances of untextured part. TGA also doesn't have provisions for being used as a normal map, which can be another issue.



    Somewhat of a necro but thank you for making these fixes and providing a decent amount of stability to this mod. OX10cs are too small for quite a few craft and concepts.

  2. On 12/26/2023 at 3:12 PM, encr said:

    I'm having the same issue. The first time I tried to make a group on another planet, it crashed. The second time it worked, and all the subsequent times has continued to crash the game.  I can't find anything about it in the logs either.

    Edit: It seems that just the Mun is broken, every other celestial body works fine for me. In the grass colors menu it also says the Mun is broken. 

    Having the same issue with KSRSS's moon. Unable to build a base because of it, this is a pretty serious issue.

  3. 7 hours ago, tmccreight651 said:

    Does anyone know what causes this glitch? Id assume its an issue with the DeployableEngines plugin but ive already made sure said plugin is up to date.

    Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/oh2w9ooqt5wbi54lywhgq/KSP.log?rlkey=c1kyjr9l4kr04r49r9cr9t634&dl=0

    Modlist: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/r63p83ljz9pswpsrwbmsh/modlist.txt?rlkey=mb357kmjnucqaensq6kpr3vo4&dl=0 (Be warned, its a LOOOOONG one)



    Had this happen before too so I'll big-bold my fix:

    To fix the engine deployment bug, hold alt and turn to 4x physical time warp, then press x to end the warp, and the engine should successfully activate.

  4. Mare Smythii

    FLO on the moon - circa ~2005. 


    This is my own personal kitbash of FLO - it's a damn cool concept but I get why it was canned. 

    Craft files are available upon request! All that's needed is Restock, Planetside Exploration Pack, and procedural parts.


    P.S. if it's possible could we get some all white paintjobs for the Saturn tanks/interstages and all blacks for the interstages? Would be useful for recreating the Comet (FLO HLLV) paintjob. And would make me feel less guilty about using Saturn parts late into a KSRSS career save LOL

    first lunar outpost comet vehicle artist concept

  5. 1 hour ago, Entr8899 said:

    @CobaltWolfHey, the uhh, I can't remember what it's called but the Delta IV DCSS engine that was supposed to replace the RL-10, the extendable version is identical to the regular version except with increased mass, I think it should have slight increase in ISP or something?

    The RX-60? On that note if that isn't it I would like to know what that engine is for.

  6. screenshot543.png?ex=656e62fd&is=655bedf

    MEM test article landed on Mars from an interplanetary trajectory. A bit scuffed bit it works. Also confirms that a) the margins are thin and b) Valles is basically the only practical landing site due to the denser atmosphere.


    Meanwhile, the first orbital mission to Venus returns home after a two year trip, confirming the lifting capacity of a prototype nuclear shuttle. The shuttle will be repurposed as a low orbit tug, and the lessons learned from its flight will serve to improve the next three Nuclear Shuttles.

  7. On 10/8/2023 at 4:16 PM, Pxtseryu said:

    Setting a $10 bounty on updated USILS configs from whoever makes them. Double that if MKS configs are possible.

    giphy.gif (and by that i mean fail at my first attempt and get @JadeOfMaar to handhold me through it, he basically wrote the entire B9 patch :) )


    Uses the B9PS Cargo node as a blanket patch to allow a B9PS option for supplies and a supplies/mulch mixture into every module designated as a cargo one (don't worry this just includes the things intended to be cargo in BDB). Want more mulch, or just mulch? Change the ratio "0.04:0.96" in the second subtype to whatever you want, as long as the total ratio adds up to one.

    An optional self-made configuration with numbers I thought would work realistically, for personal use may be made available if you guys want - adds supplies on top of the B9PS options.


    -Open notepad/basic text editor

    -Copy everything in the spoiler

    -Paste then save as something like "BDBUSISuppliesPatch.txt"

    -Insert into gamedata outside of any other folder and change the extension to .cfg, confirming when Windows/Mac warns about the file becoming nonfunctional.

    -Launch KSP :D 


                name = Food
                title = Supplies
                primaryColor = Asparagus
                secondaryColor = Asparagus
                    name = Supplies
                    unitsPerVolume = 1
                name = FoodWaste
                title = Supplies & Mulch
                primaryColor = Asparagus
                secondaryColor = BabyPoop
                    name = Supplies
                    unitsPerVolume = 0.96
                    name = Mulch
                    unitsPerVolume = 0.04
                    percentFilled = 0



  8. 1 hour ago, CobaltWolf said:

    I know @Invaderchaos has one on his to-do, but I'm not sure where it falls exactly.

    On the topic of Voyager, the Kepler probe core makes a good temporary stand-in, which is helpful for Mariner MK2



    I couldn't find an efficient enough engine for MK2's purposes so I added ion engines.  All things considered I don't think I did too bad :)



    Also, possibly dumb question - are the remotetech configs up to date? Asking because I'm considering installing RT2 mid playthrough (which yeah not the greatest of ideas but something something solar flare is my in-universe reason)

  9. Voyager Mars cinematic still coming soon, but in the Meantime....

    Soon to be in my space program (and likely the final Saturn V/MLV launch after manned mars) is Voyager-Saturn (Wayfarer-Cronus). Using a Saturn ELV I plan to throw a heavily upgraded Voyager Mars 73 at Saturn,



    Also planning to recreate the Mars Observer mission. God the solar panels on this one were a pain to get correctly. Is there any mod that recreates Mars Observer? I spent like two hours figuring out the robotics on this.


    I realize it's not exactly the most faithful recreation (the antenna does pitch correctly) but it's close enough and works.

  10. 21 hours ago, septemberWaves said:

    one thing I find helpful about building them myself is that I become quite familiar with how things connect and thus how things can be put together in non-standard ways.

    THIS is by far my favorite part of BDB. Throw together weird excrements and it'll stick if you know what you're doing.

    For example, launching Voyager 73 on Saturn H-03, launching a few Saturn Vs and hodgepodging together S-IIs to get a nuclear interplanetary transport, using the Titan IIIE for the orbiter and atmospheric probe Pioneer-10x variants - this mod is at its most fun making silly but plausible creations like these

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