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  1. With respect to newer BDB parts and the final official Skyhawk release, won't those parts still show up in some node even if the part is not explicitly supported? Or is it a worst case of new BDB parts being invisible with Skyhawk? I thought there was a Skyhawk feature added to allow use of unsupported mods as long as the parts work with the stock tech tree. There's some sort of mapping from stock nodes to Skyhawk nodes. So, as long as a BDB part has a stock node listed it should work in Skyhawk. Corrections appreciated.
  2. Why reducing the fuel in the Booster stages? Reduce thrust of the center stage. @BorfoandShnogs Depending on your payload mass, preferred playstyle, and difficulty settings, here are some other options to reducing center thrust: Add crossfeed. During liftoff the 2 booster tanks will power all 3 engines. Jettison the boosters as soon as their tanks empty, or if that gives you a dangerously low TWR in the middle of ascent delay the jettison and let the center tank temporarily power all 3 engines until it's safe to jettison. Stretch the center tank or shrink the booster tanks. The resulting rocket won't look exactly like the diagram, but those diagrams were only concepts and may have changed before actual flight. You'll be able to have all tanks filled, all engines at max throttle, without crossfeed.
  3. -800km, negative 800. A steep dive where you'd impact Earth even without any atmosphere. You'll heat up faster but also decelerate sooner.
  4. I'm a first-time RP-1 installer. While following the wiki directions, CKAN never asked me for a career choice; it went from #6 to 8 in the steps copied below. I continued with the install and followed other parts of the wiki to start my first career playthrough. Things appear to be working but I'd like to rule out hidden problems before I spend too much time playing with a bad install. Is this just a simple case of the wiki being a little outdated? CKAN v1.33.2 KSP v1.12.5 Windows 11 CKAN shows 93 mods installed. I picked High graphics and kept all the default recommendations.
  5. Here are some things to consider: Start your investigation with mods that are supposed to affect resources, background processing, electricity, etc. I think some KSP mod settings can trigger problems when ISRU runs out of electricity during local night. ISRU shuts down and doesn't know how to turn back on at sunrise. Share your logs so interested parties can do a deeper dive is they are so inclined. Copy your entire KSP folder to a new folder so you can experiment without breaking your current save. If you are using solar power, test what happens after adding a bunch of RTGs or other non-solar power to your refinery. That would let you know whether it's a solar panel issue or something else. That prior folder copy suggestion also lets you try brute force by uninstalling half your mods. Test. If the problem continues re-copy to bring those mods back and uninstall the opposite half of your mods. Once you find which half triggers the issue, then cut that half in half, repeat, and after many copies you'll get to a specific mod that triggers the issue (if you're familiar with computer science terms, it's like a "binary search").
  6. I'm not nagging for the release but reading "(November 3rd)" in the thread title tricked me. Consider this a minor request to include the year whenever you do a release.
  7. Probes Before Crew is already linked above. I'll add that a few other tech tree mods focus on probes first, so search around the forum a bit, or if you use CKAN search it for "tree". I've been playing other games and haven't touched KSP for a while, but working from memory Unkerballed Start and Skyhawk Science System were each fun in their own ways.
  8. Time until impact assumes no intervention. The vessel will continue to accelerate by gravity and crash in that much time if you take no action. Timer until burn start is longer because you'll be slowing down after you activate braking engines.
  9. IIRC, when the the scout contract completes you should get a waypoint placed on top of the scout vessel. Do you see that waypoint in the Tracking Station? Are you using the latest "Reborn" version of the contract pack? The mod was originally developed by SeveredSolo, then adopted, then adopted again by LinuxGuruGamer. See link below for the latest version. The thread title says 1.9.x but I've used it with 1.12.5. The main limitation with the Reborn version in my usage is that orbital stations require separate "control" and "habitation" modules (earlier versions only looked at crew count). The contracts recognize stock parts plus the SSPXr mod, but other mods with station parts can't satisfy the "habitation" requirement. I use alt-f12 to force the contract complete for stations that satisfy the spirit of the contract. That cheat hasn't triggered any downstream problems that I've noticed.
  10. Do you have any mods that affect aerodynamics like Ferram/FAR? Maybe there's an issue with that other mod. How do you know you are not getting any lift? Do the wing parts in VAB say they have 0 lift? Have you tried the aero debug window? I've used OPT installed via CKAN and didn't notice an absence of lift. Drag from parts inside cargo bays can be an issue but that's more a KSP limitation than an OPT bug.
  11. Oh, that's because they're .dds (game/memory optimized image texture) files. I don't know WHY, but .dds files are stored flipped vertically. I even tried googling to try and give you a better answer than "that's just how they are" and didn't find anything helpful. But all the .dds textures for the parts are also flipped vertically, and I know that has been the case with most other games that use them. Oh. That's why it's flipped. Otherwise it would look flipped in-game. According to an AI assistant (so this could be filled with errors): The DDS file format was originally developed by Microsoft for use with the DirectX graphics API. Early versions of DirectX used a top-down coordinate system, meaning that the origin of the coordinate system was in the upper-left corner of the screen. As a result, DDS files were stored upside down so that they would be displayed correctly when used with DirectX. When a DDS file is loaded into memory, it is typically flipped upside down before being used by the graphics hardware. This is because most graphics hardware uses a bottom-up coordinate system. Flipping the DDS file upside down during loading can improve performance by reducing the number of times that the graphics hardware needs to flip the texture during rendering.
  12. Trade Authority in The Well New Atlantis is pretty easy to reach. Fast travel to The Mast, take station elevator to The Well. 11k credits, and there are seats so you can keep waiting 24 hours to reset credits. (I hate that slow waiting minigame; it's just an exchange of wasted player time. Mods will fix it.) It's unfortunate that one of the most vendor-dense locations becomes permanently unavailable if you don't side with the pirates.
  13. Many terms of service include things like "We have the right to change terms at any time, and you agree to accept the new terms or stop using the software." I don't know enough about Unity to know whether that's applicable to what's currently happening.
  14. Your original post has the D-key doing 2 things as the same time. W & *S* are throttle for my copy. It would be horrible if throttle and roll were coupled to the same key. I bought it during a rainy weekend. Storylines seem ok, but dialog options with NPCs all tend to end up in the same place so it feels like choices have no consequences. They did a good job with gravity. Zero G combat works well. Jetpacks fly differently depending on the planet. Sprinting seems to cause fatigue relative to gravity or oxygen levels although I'm less sure about that. Combat is repetitive. Most "abandoned" outposts are swarming with dozens of mercenaries. Stealth isn't much of an option. Sniping isn't good, either, because it often takes multiple bullets to the face to kill. The overall UI feels dated. The inventory UI sucks. Mods will fix it. I'll add that performance and stability have been excellent for me. Zero crashes no stuttering on a midrange PC (Intel 12400, AMD 6700XT, 2560x1440).
  15. Tall enough to not be considered short. Short enough to not feel cramped inside a car or airplane seat. Average.
  16. That's probably a typo, but if exact would certainly add to the challenge of flight I wasn't sure whether to get sucked into Starfield now, or make the Cyberpunk 2077 Liberty City expansion my next lost weekend. Rainy forecast might cancel this weekend's outdoor plans in which case it will be Starfield since Cyberpunk isn't released quite yet.
  17. Download BDB into a temp folder and install just those 2 parts. Or go to github and manually copy them.
  18. How big? One of the Near Future mods has 7.5m tanks including a nose cone. I think that's wider than ORANGES.
  19. @Lil_Bread402 Thanks for sharing this. It looks nice. I see BDB listed in dependencies. Is that a hard requirement and your parts won't work without it? Or is it just a soft requirement to use BDB parts in some of your SPS related craft?
  20. Nah, don't do any new work. Cheating with Hyperedit works fine to simulate methane production. I never heard of Companion before and I'll read about it later.
  21. I will make most of these happen. Technically all except for RealFuels (specifically: any such engine configs) as that's out of my scope as a player. @JadeOfMaar Was this ever patched for ISRU of methalox or any other fuels besides LFO? I think the answer is no. I'm not bugging you about a passing statement from 3 years ago, I just want to check that I didn't miss something due to an installation error on my part. Hyperedit provides an easy cheat workaround to simulate tank refueling. For context, I'm using Cryotanks and JNSQ. I can configure the Duna Direct tanks for LFO, Hydrolox, or Methalox (I think that's done via Cryotank's own patches). Sabatier ISRU works for LFO and slowly fills the tanks, but the other 2 fuel types show "Sabatier: Liquid fuel full" in the part window as soon as I start ISRU. That makes sense because my craft has no liquid tanks. I don't see any switches to change the ISRU type.
  22. @astro_119 This thing looks great. If you ever return to working on it, some minor comments based on my usage with some other mods: A slightly wider nose would increase kitbash potential. I think you designed the nose assuming everyone would use Benji's docking ports. The nose is slightly narrower than 1.25m so that stock, Restock, and many other 1.25 docking ports stick out wider than the MADV nose cone. Those other docking ports still work but it ends up looking a little ugly. I don't know how you feel about Cryotanks compatibility and methane. I tried building a methalox version of MADV. Cryotanks seems to patch your 2 fuel tanks to allow switching between hydrogen and methane, but the fuel cell and RCS still need hydrogen fuel. I haven't used this enough to have meaningful flight performance feedback.
  23. Pretty. I originally tried ORANGES for your shuttle tank, I stayed for NLS. Are you interested in checking career mode costs? 3.75m and smaller NLS rockets seem way too costly vs stock and other mods. Some 3.75m interstage decouplers cost 15000 each in my game. Tanks are also overpriced IMO but to a lesser extent.
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