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  1. I was returning from a rover repair contract and the clouds got really bad. Was quite happy to find I had missed the mountains.
  2. Since you quoted me...... :0) I have landed a MK2 on Moho but it looks a little different from yours. The reason it went there was for crew transfer and to deliver some small parts to the Mobile Science lab. As for MK3s, here is one delivering a rover to the MSL on Laythe.
  3. I have a completely different philosophy. LKO means nothing. The minimum is Minmus. Once refueled there, then most places are open. And what takes off from the KSC is what lands, well, back on Kerbin. :0) This is my latest MK2 design. It's main feature is the old style cabin as I have been using the inline cabin for years. Other than that it is typical of MK2s with the ability to carry passengers and some cargo long distances. How do they refuel? Here is a fuel truck refueling a mobile science lab on Bop. They are scattered all over the Kerbol system and are rocket driven. This is a fuel truck lifting off and headed for Moho. Oh, and thank you for that link to the Moho transfer window. I have lots of trouble getting there safely.
  4. Thanks all. I use MK3s a lot as only they have the carrying capacity and range to do anything really useful. I have recently started doing V-wing designs and the look pretty clean. This is a different one on the Mun.
  5. Came up with a pretty good MK3 rover hauler. It just got back from a rover repair contract on the Mun and worked great. Leaving farside crater after repairing the rover. Looking for a smooth place to land. The 2 Whiplash can keep it cruising at over 300m/s.
  6. Yes this game is modded. One save only. It is 1.12.5, the last version. I have no idea what the coordinates are now. That was weeks ago. I completed the contract and have not been back to Bop since. Here is a list of the mods. Currently I am cruising around on the Mun looking for anomalies and the 2 black cubes I've found look like this. The Armstrong Monument, flying saucer, and arches are ok.
  7. Yeah I wrote them down. Went looking for one and have a scanner with both an okto and the avionics hub. It flew over it and the okto did not see it but the avionics hub did. The great thing is that only one question mark showed up. I think that the clusters of question marks were part of a general software conflict with KSP that was only resolved with an all new Win10 install. KSP runs MUCH better now. More testing needed and there are supposedly some things around the South Pole. Oh, guess where it was located?
  8. Huh! I refreshed CKAN and now it is there. Dunno why it did not show up yesterday.
  9. Yeah, that is why I gave up on finding easter eggs. Most of the things on Kerbin remain undiscovered. Like I said I am just starting to look again and hope it will work better now. So far have not found anything new.
  10. I have heard a lot about this mod, but it does not seem to be available on CKAN. How hard is it to install manually for someone who does not know how to do that?
  11. That is what made me stop looking for anomalies. For instance a large cluster appeared just South of the KSC. They covered a large area and even some islands in the area. I spent quite some time looking and all I found was one large crystal. That said I just started looking on the Mun and found 2 question marks close together. Went there and after some searching I found the Armstrong Memorial and a monolith. They were in the general area but not visible without much searching. Will keep looking for more.
  12. I have used kerbnet in orbit, in planes, and on the ground and I kept getting loads of question marks in an area as large as 50X50K large. I have wasted real time weeks searching large areas and finding nothing. I want to try again but do not want to waste time like that again. I no longer have screenies of a dozen or more question marks clustered on the map.
  13. I've been looking for easter eggs off and on for some time and had to give up. Why? Because kerbnet is hopelessly inaccurate. It gives those question marks in clusters and when I go there I find nothing. The best I could find was some large antennas on Kerbin and they were quite some distance from any question marks. Mostly I find nothing after spending real time hours looking in that general area. So, is kerbnet accurate at all?
  14. I was cruising along getting to a rover to repair it when I came across this crack. Had to travel several klicks before I found a place low enough to jump over. I have restarted the game and also verified files with Steam, which found 48 bad files, with no change. Is there a way to repair this? BTW, my rig is KSP2 ready when KSP2 is ready to play.
  15. Got tired of going to Jool and Moho with no margin for error and started messing with low tech and cleaning up old designs. This MK1 with Whiplash and Wolfhound does well. This is a new design of MK2 rover carrier with tail gate that is cleaner and more efficient than older designs.
  16. I've heard of this glitch, but Restock is working correctly for me, so I'm no help.
  17. Ah, I did not know that the .cfg was readable there. Yes the drag at maxangleofattack is twice that of the standard wings, so that adds drag. There is also an entry that says all the wings I looked at use an internal drag model. Look into modders stuff? That is way above my pay grade. So I'm back to flying one plane where the only difference is the wings and trying to find any difference in performance. So far the difference is 2 high drag wings vs 10 low drag wings to get about the same lift. The s-wing might be the winner here.
  18. I've been noticing that the S-wing has more drag than other wings so went to the Wiki to find out how much more. It turns out that all wings have a drag of 0.02. This is incorrect. Is there a source that lists the proper drag values?
  19. It turns out that I do not have an old screenie of a Dart engine, but here are some recent ones. Taking off. heading up in space For reference here is what the Rapiers used to look like.
  20. I had a bunch of screenies I took of the drag when I was fighting this problem, but I deleted them after getting it fixed. Attaching anything to the cabin does not cause the drag, but it is caused by something being off center. It may not even be visible. The only screenie I still have is of a rover carrier after the drag in the cargo bay was fixed but before the slightly misaligned fuel tanks in front of the Rapiers were fixed.
  21. Most likely that drag is caused by something in the cargo bay that is a little out of alignment. When that happens it is not seen as inside the cargo bay and causes massive drag. Some of my rover carriers have that problem until everything is set up just so.
  22. Moho is tuff. My first 5 missions there went ok but they barely made it. So I added more range and had 2 failures. Added more range and had a successful landing. Barely. 48 m/s is tight.
  23. I noticed that my rapier engines had reverted to stock and went searching for a cure and ended up here. Dled and installed this mod manually because it is not in CKAN. The rapiers now look good again, but naturally the craft I tested first also has the aerospike engine and it looks pretty puny now. Did I do something wrong?
  24. The stock ground anchor works ok for me. These carports have been there for years and are there to keep the rovers from exploding.
  25. ok. This is all my mods. Here is a pic of how they looked before. This is how they looked after getting fixed in space and in atmosphere. And how they look now. I do not know what fixed them.
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