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  1. Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: windows 10 | CPU: AMD ryzen 7 3800X 8-core processor | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti | RAM: 32 GB Severity: med Frequency: high Description: when you put wings on a vehicle and rotate the vehicle the wings will not produce lift, but they will if they get separated into separate crafts that are contained in a kind of cage like structure (though this is not very useful since they often glitch through it after a while anyway). look at the craft at 4:30 in the video in the post, or in the video in the attachment to get an idea of what i mean (video in the post made in the first ksp 2 version but still works the same way in 1.0.5). they only fly after separating the wings (this is not because of the wings pointing down on this specific craft before separating, it also happens on other crafts with wings in the same place before and after detaching), though logically this should not be needed and it works without needing separate crafts as wings in ksp 1 (robotics propellors also work there). I included a version of the craft as an attachment (though the same issue happened on multiple independently designed crafts). it was meant for jool but can also work on kerbin, just give it enough time to spin up. the same issue will happen on any craft trying to use rotating wings as a source of lift. Included Attachments: KerbalSpaceProgram22023-12-0322-06-38.mp4 JAVprototype.json .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  2. The last video of the series in which i show many of the bugs i encountered, including Kerbol LITERALLY EXPLODING!
  3. Last episode! It is not quite done yet, there will still be a complete video of all 5 episodes edited together and also a bug compilation (there were a lot)
  4. has the issue where trajectories in other soi's display wrong been fixed? i dont see it in the list but maybe i overlooked it since its a long list. that is basically the number one thing i am waiting for right now. also, the asymetric eyes were not intentional but a bug? i am glad about that since i really did not like that
  5. I am attempting a KSP 2 grand tour. Including a Jool landing . The ship's modules are named after characters from Avatar. I dont know if i will be able to complete it or if the kraken decides that i wont.. But im gonna try anyway!
  6. Today is asexuality day, so i made this image using screenshots from the KSP 2 planets (background is space engine). Its the colors of the asexual pride flag
  7. the gravity is actually not that bad. according to the ksp wiki its even lower than kerbin (at least in ksp 1, i doubt that has changed)
  8. I dont think i have ever had a KSP mission take this long before... first hours of descent, then hours of driving and then even more hours of ascent... i think doing a grand tour would have taken less total time than this, but I DID IT !
  9. oh now the timewarp bar gets hidden. maybe it was just a one time problem...
  10. i like how probes now appear in the kerbal screen but as a computer thing
  11. it seems like the timewarp bar is no longer hidden when you pres f2... also vall canyon floor seems to not be fixed yet unlike apparently mohole
  12. is there a way to stop steam from auto-updating until i have finished my current mission that uses a kraken drive?
  13. In the content creator preview videos i saw a cheat menu to set location and things like that. sort of like the one in ksp 1 that appears when you press alt-f12. is it in the realy access release and if so, how do i open it?
  14. On the top of the screen there are 3 seats displayed, and if there are kerbals there you can click them to go eva from that part. but on the ship that i have all those seats are in parts that have obstructed hatches. i have another part with an unobstructed hatch, but i can not figure out how to make kerbals go eva from that part. i know how to move them to the part using the kerbal manager, but i can see an option to make them go eva. also clicking on the part or on the hatch like in ksp 1 doesnt seem to work.
  15. Here i would like to give feedback about some things i like and dont like after the first 2 hours of gameplay, as well as my personal performance my computer specs are: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor RAM: 32 GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti i dont know a lot about the different CPU and GPU types and how good they are compared to each other but this is what i have. i turned most graphics settings to low so they are not on their default values. I tested different situations using a 100 part rocket (using a variety of parts to represent a realistic scenario of something that players might build). launching at KSC daytime: 8 fps... (higher when looking at the sky, lower when looking at the ground) launching at KSC nighttime: 15 fps (same thing applies) orbiting kerbin: 20 fps (higher when looking at space, lower when looking at kerbin) VAB: 45 fps orbiting sun: 60 fps it seems like launching is the most laggy part, which is to be expected. it is definetely a low fps, but at least it is not regularly freezing and stuttering which i honestly find more annoying. i started playing ksp 1 on my laptop which was about the same performance so for me personally i think this is playable, even if not great. also interesting how fps doubles when launching at nighttime. i am probably going to be doing a lot of night launches then... now some great things i found so far: * the sound design, it is ABSOLUTELY AMASING! * the redesigns of the various objects! i love that most places which were less interesting in ksp 1 have gotten their own unique things. rings on dres (one of my first interplanetary missions is definetely going to looking at them up close), as well as the canyon making a return, but now there are 2 of them! also the giant crater on bop, interesting looking ravine on vall, mountain on eve and many other things. i also wonder whether the mohole is still there * the new parts. there are only a few, but they seem great. the new nuclear engine, the hydrogen fuel, the nuclear reactor, the big landing gear, the medium rover wheels, rover cockpit and more! * planetary visuals. i sadly had to turn them down for performance but they still look great! * flight UI. it will certainly take some getting used to as an experienced player, but it seems to be an improvement overall! * introductory video (and tutorial animations, though i saw those on youtube rather than in game). some people seem to dislike the voice but i think its pretty cool. and to people saying it is childish, "cartoon" does not equal "for kids" * load times are much better some slightly less great things (i know its early access): * performance. for me its playable, but not great, and other people might not consider 8-20 fps to be in the playable range. i would also like to be able to turn clouds back on * visuals on the ships. this is more a mediocre thing rather than a real bad thing, but i think the visuals of the ships are a bit overdone. i think i prefer the old style look a bit more but that is mostly personal preference. personally i think somewhere in the middle is what i would want. * part manager. it is good that it is an option like that, but i do prefer the system where you click on a part and it gives you that specific part's options right next to it. even more so in the VAB. why not have both as an option? * fairings... like WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? the one in ksp 1 worked perfectly and this is such a downgrade. if i have any number one complaint other than performance it is definetely whatever this is * likely a bug, or me doing something wrong, but i cant seem to manually control the rocket using engine gimbal, wing flaps or reaction wheels. RCS works and SAS can use all of them just fine, but my wasdqe keyboard input does nothing... (ok while i was typing i reloaded and that seemed to fix it...) * game launcher. why when i click the shortcut on my computer does it start a launcher where i have to click another button to start the game. when i click KSP 2 on my computer i expect it to start KSP 2 like it did with KSP 1 * kerbal manager in VAB. it doesnt work great. when i recovered Bob from my first flight he did not appear back in the list and valentina is just not showing up entirely. * VAB background audio. the game has great sound and the VAB UI and construction too. it is very satisfying. But i would like the happy construction music from ksp 1 to be there too. it makes it feel more welcoming and like home where as this random beeping sound really does not do that. also there is an incredibly annoying whistle... so there is what i hope is pretty good constructive feedback from my first 2 hours of gameplay and i hope this is usefull in some way. as i play the game more i will surely find more good and bad things so i will probably make more of these kind of posts in future if they are helpful. now if you will excuse me? i have a mun lander to build
  16. maybe i am doing something wrong, or maybe these are an issue with the game that will be solved in updates. if it is the first can someone help me if they know a solution? 1: engine gimbal, reaction wheels and flaps on fins dont react to manual input. they respond to SAS but not manual, and so i cant steer the rocket. RCS works though. i have built the rocket in such a way that it should really work and i can control everything else and it says "full control". it is hard to do things if you cant steer... 2: in the vab, i cant seem to scroll up and down. it only zooms in and out, even if i hold control or shift. if i move the rocket instead the camera just focusses on it again... also i cant pan like in the sph in ksp 1. this may just not be there, or only in airplane construction mode (i havent tried that yet) but i would like it if that was possible also, not really an issue, but does anyone know whether the cheat menu that was in some of the preview videos is in the early access release and how to open it if it is?
  17. oh lol i wasnt expecting my silly machines to get on TOTM
  18. I now made the first binary adder! It will have to be improved a lot to be reliably used on a computer though, and it doesnt really use the above logic gates (i tried but it just wasnt going to happen)
  19. i would like to avoid it, at least until i hit a limit with the part count, maybe then i will look into it
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