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  1. Government: how much money do you want to spend? NASA: YES. Btw from which mod is this cockpit?
  2. Just a nitpick but why are you using ssvp docking system on russian side? APAS was INITIALLY designed for Buran. At least you could've used hybrid docking port like on ISS. It retains probe and drouge while using 12 hooks and having bigger diameter.
  3. TweakScale is a path to many abilities some considered. . . unnatural. Also it is reeeeally good at ruining pixel density so Nertea hates it.
  4. YAY! Security of human spaceflight prevails once again! Now to completely ground, or at least ban humans from that pesky Flying Death Machine Space Shuttle.
  5. Trust me that is not nearly enough. Your swap file is so overwhelmed. That easily causes lag especially if it is placed on HDD.
  6. Yup you're right. This is funny 'cause AARDV's text is all random letters in best Holywood movies style. Had a good laugh watching those older blockbusters.
  7. Aaaah what a beauty! Hey is that some kind of gibberish in russian? Like some random letters together?
  8. Because those ports used hybrid SSVP-APAS docking port. That is SSVP porbe and drouge with APAS colllar, which is bigger and a better choice to dock modules. If you want it just grab latest HabTech2 it has it. Nauka also uses it and to dock ships to it they supplied it with an adapter ring which was removed by undocking craft prior to Prichal arrival.
  9. I hope you do understand that you've doomed some poor souls who would fly on ares 1. It is insanely dangerous stuff.
  10. Now THIS is going out of hand really quickly. Most epic crossover of all time. Dock skylab derived module next for extra insanity
  11. I'm excited for interstellar stuff and new PBR shader. Imagine wonders that can be made with that stuff!
  12. Suggestion! Due to those all those shuttle problems, NASA decides to utilise older Saturn vehicles for next few launches to keep ISS assembly at pace, while the entire STS program undergoes massive scrutiny.
  13. Well yeah 'cause after operating STS for a while NASA would just look at processing hell that STS was and insane pricing and would just pull the plug of this project especially after some kind of catastrophe struck and it's going to. You know Murphy's law + no LES. Because why keep such a failed product when you have perfectly fine saturn around?
  14. If it lags, just lock FPS and call it console experience!
  15. @GoldForestAmazing, totally unrealistic and utterly insane work! It is like any space nerd's dream: STS and Saturns both online and operating together! In this timeline it seems like NASA found a way to get unlimited money to develop whatether they want whenever they want and I like it!
  16. There is even Prichal in there?!?!?! Holy... @benjee10you're mad genius! Amazing! Last two weeks I felt it as one continious birthday party two months early!
  17. Hello. So I've tried loading complete ISS provided with the mod and it says I'm missing something. I have all Tantares mods.
  18. If you follow ETS then China? BTW why soyuz? TKS is much better and Vulcan can easily carry the weight.
  19. It seems like echoes of Soviet dimension-travel device started to leak out and affected this thread. I guess somewhere in the multiverse there is a variation of BDB which was abandoned. Just try using CKAN. It will grab all the dependencies you need. The devs care about its metadata.
  20. Any tips how to do this? I'm not that good in MM patches and there's b9ps in there too. Scary
  21. @benjee10 I have a little request. Is there a possibility of having two nodes instead of one in bulkhead variants of modules with one where bare version was? I want to hide ETS' CADS port inside and it is not quite possible like this without using offset tool which I do not like.
  22. Here's a simple TU config made by me. It is in no way as good as with proper texture maps, but at least something. Feel free to tinker with metal and smoothness parameters to get preferred look.
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