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  1. If you hold down the brake shortcut ("B" by default I think) it cuts the rotor immediately. You can also use a kal1000 to reduce the angle of the blades : if it's well adjusted, braking is even more important than cutting the rotor with "B". I always use royalty-free music from the Youtube library. This one is called "Six seasons" by the artist "Unicorn Heads".
  2. Horizontally placed elevons are at the limit of the rules for this challenge as are all surfaces that generate substantial lift --> it gives an upward thrust in case of a jump, which is forbidden (if there is an atmosphere of course) --> But I don't think it's specifically forbidden to have these parts, never asked @18Watt about this. (maybe there are already crafts with lift-generating parts in the leaderboards) I tried several configurations with hinges to go on water, but never had a very satisfying craft --> 70+m/s is already more than enough to circumnavigate Kerbin in a short time ! I think it's allowed for science but im not sure about power sources. Everything is allowed for SCIENCE !!
  3. Hello adventurers! Despite a "Grand Master" badge and already at least 400h of play on this challenge, I still love driving rovers in KSP, and also spending hours testing stuff And I discovered Parallax... since then I don't want to launch KSP without it. I'll let you discover the goal of my next 400h mission in this challenge (in video). Mission that I already started 5 days ago, but (this time) I had to be sure of my move at least for the 1st critical step Wish me good luck.
  4. not in 2023 yep but less than a year ago. This thread was on page 5 last May --> @18Watt should be proud to have expanded the list of fans looking for one of the most complete challenge in all KSP !
  5. So the first single rover elcano grand tour is not a first ?? But you're right, minimising this world first will push me to really achieve my next goal.
  6. (you forgot the 1st Elcano Grand Tour with a single rover and the multiple records of JJK, 18watt, Damerell and me) --> I'm close to finishing a craft to push it to the next level... in the next few days it will be ready!
  7. Looking forward to a new "kraken effect", a new kraken easter-egg and being able to put a "krakencraft-village" on the moon. Kraken masters loves krakens !
  8. Hmmmm, forgot to post here the video of my second circumnavigation of Duna a month ago. After a impressive 8h15 IGT around the Mun, here is Duna in less than 9h IGT! To clarify, I am sure I'll do another Mun circumnavigation one day, but never again at this speed on Duna... In my head I had calculated that it was possible to do it in less than 9 hours, so I tried it, but it's one of the least interesting so far: at this speed, it's impossible to do routing, impossible to look at the landscape, you have to be constantly aware of your speed in relation to the jump you're going to make on the next dune. it's really boring and exhausting: I don't recommend it to anyone.
  9. Hi, In the meadows my cruising speed is above 90m/s without taking any risks. If it's really flat, It cap at 160m/s near the KSC and 135m/s at the poles. (Here we are talking about speeds reached with the propellers). For the jumps, the most important thing is the relative vertical speed, but it's hard to give precise values here, it's mostly up to experience. The wheels or the rover are destroyed when the relative vertical speed of the impact exceeds 18-20m/s in general. For my PB at 162+ on tylo, I'm at more than 50m/s of vertical velocity but the slope is very steep, so compared to the ground my relative vertical velocity is not necessarily destructive --> you can see a force of "only" 6.2G maximum on the F3 box after the attempt. These wheels can withstand impacts up to 7G in most cases.
  10. more than 3000meters downhill : it helps a lot I haven't recorded a video on tylo yet, but it's similar to the 85m/s run on eeloo : --> It is not necessarily difficult to reach high speeds: but the rover must remain in one piece...
  11. Hello and Merry Christmas to all the brave circumnavigators! A short video that summarises my last kerbin ground circumnavigation (with a new rover optimised like never before) --> my old graphics card doesn't support the maximum parallax quality and to make matters worse youtube degrades the overall quality... sad And for those who remember, I said I would come back on Tylo to break 150m/s (without propulsion other than wheels and without damage): done, 162.5+, new PB (175 displayed on the F3 info) on the 2nd attempt See you soon, happy end of year celebrations !
  12. My apologies for these errors... You have to tell me when I am wrong! There was a conversion error in my spreadsheet: division by 84600 instead of 86400... I am so stupid, sorry. So here is the updated version for Kerbin : *Estimated times from your screenshots --> if you can get a more accurate value I will update. A recap for the Mun? Yaya : (Sorted here by time and not by date) @18Watt : I know that these "speedruns" are against the spirit of the main challenge, so, if you want I can create a new topic instead of posting here? I don't want it to bother you, and I don't want it to repel newcomers. Just tell me.
  13. We had to find a way! We couldn't stay there forever without being able to drive at night! (Stock) So, once again, here is an "unexpected" rover: Aka "Eyestalk" I love my rovers for this challenge : they are so ugly It had to be tested in the most beautiful way, on my favourite CB : Mun ! oh Yeah ! Circumnavigation : PS : I love the Mun !
  14. For a first serious attempt it's a great success! I watched it twice from start to finish with a big smile Yep, editing videos is very time consuming... I never managed to find a proper rhythm and am never satisfied with the result. But it's definitely better than screenshots! I never tire of rereading/reviewing our adventures "together" and I hope they will continue for a long time! You've given me a new taste for life with all this. I'm serious, you are great people ! TY! @18Watt @Jack Joseph Kerman @damerell
  15. Same for me: I had a 156kg craft (Powered by ladder-drive exploit without kal) but I wouldn't have the patience to do the Grand Tour again... Moreover, I haven't tested it since KSP1.7 or 1.8, so I don't know if this exploit still works today... --> If anyone wants to try, all parts are visible (1x ladder, 1x octo2, 1x small solar, 1x small reaction wheel, 1x control seat, 1x cubic structural block and 1x 100EC battery) It takes only 40 minutes to orbit Eve Note that the control seat was broken when I got out of the water, so the grand tour was no longer possible after that.
  16. The objective is the central peak of the crater island or just to get out of the water on the "beach" ?
  17. Beautiful craft ! Awesome run ! In the footsteps of "Spirit of Australia", the speed record holder on the water (IRL, 142m/s official, with a peak speed of 555 km/h - 154m/s - 345 mph - 300 kn) ! No doubt that by following a perfect route the sub-6 hour mark was a reality! Raw average 3770km : 174.5m/s That would be really great! If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.
  18. Mission to Laythe with "The Kraken's Breath" This is the penultimate missing circumnavigation for me (Laythe by sea) KSC - Laythe : Circumnavigation Now let's see if this craft can survive Eve or if I need to make some changes.
  19. They are many ways to balance rockets, and therefore to launch asymmetric craft without any mods Like The Aziz said : You should use these guidelines to build your project: - align the COT (centre of thrust) with the COM (and do not try to do the opposite...) - have an aerodynamic vector under the COM (or at the back if it's a plane) - Plan for each phase of flight where your COM will be and therefore plan either a different thruster setting or a dedicated stage with other thrusters Note: indications are also visible in EVA construction mode. It's possible but I advise it as a last resort because it's the most hazardous choice I just finished an Elcano Grand Tour with a single rover, witch means i circumnavigated all body in the kerbol system (28 000km with a single rover at 50m/s average speed) I bet all my money that you don't respect the essential rules of construction for a rover. I bet 1 trillion kerbucks that your navball is looking skyward, that your SAS is not in "SAS only" mode and that your wheels are in the default setting. Page 6 (i think) I have left all the tips I use for rovers. Yes KSP is a difficult game, you have to learn from your mistakes and persevere to end up doing everything you want.
  20. Made the fastest? boat using propellers : 202,6m/s on Laythe ! (Stock+ no mods) I have named it: Kraken's Breath
  21. What an improvement ! (This is not the total history, only since the beginning of 2021 --> there may have been better attempts before that, I'll have to go back up the forums for an update) // @Poppa Wheelie with mods // Who will be next? (Not me, I'm currently on a shipment to Laythe and Eve)
  22. Nice, i have a consistent 184-185m/s with no risk of flying away at any moment but it feels like it's borderline.
  23. G force approaching red zone ! far more than 1.5 About 8G here being far from max power (pressing 3 keys in less than 1s), so I would say a TWR close to 9 or 10 with best settings in the first seconds.
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