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  1. In my career save I have mostly done missions according to the contracts the game gives me. I am thinking about doing more missions that aren't tied to contracts. But how do you deal with the missions you do? Do you just use contracts to fund your other projects? Or do you only send missions where the contracts are?
  2. I have been playing mostly career ever since it came out. (In fact ever since career mode was really only science mode.) Do you guys play mostly career or switch between the modes a lot? Why do you play what you do?
  3. With this new update of course Mechjeb needs to be updated, but I don't want to use it anymore. Nothing against the mod itself. It is great. I have used it in a lot of my missions. That is my problem now though. It is installed on a lot of the vessels in my save game and I don't want to say goodbye to them as well.
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