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  1. go to https://github.com/benjee10/HabTech2 (linked in the OP) then click the big green "Code" button and hit "Download Zip"
  2. Not to necropost, but @DylanSemrau any chance of seeing you return to this? I know you had some stuff in dev and it'd be great to see ingame, this is an awesome mod and it's sad to see it fall by the wayside
  3. Disgusting abomination, I love it I have to ask though, will we get the LK containment cell fairing/LOK adapter that goes inside the main fairing?
  4. Oh there's a second node closer to the base of the nozzle on the engine that allows the OMS to fit correctly The SSMEs are actually correct, iirc it's just that the orbiter is slightly undersized leading to the discrepancy I think Benjee has said elsewhere that he's looking into adjusting the orbiter to it's correct scale but that's something for much later
  5. Make sure you've got the latest version of SOCK installed, the nodes have been adjusted to allow the RMM SSMEs to fit and the OMS engines no longer stick out of the pods
  6. First, I spent a bit too long building an accurate service tower for my Atlas II and III builds Then, I dug up an old mod from 2015 in the name of corporate sponsorship science
  7. It looks like your config is working, it's just not removing the original particle effect before adding the waterfall one Try adding !EFFECTS {} before the waterfall effects in the config, that should remove the old plume so that just the waterfall one shows
  8. Your images have broken links thanks to discord no longer working as a file hosting site, just upload them to something like Imgur; grab the link from there and it should be fine
  9. That'd be this: Pretty sure it's currently being maintained by @dangaffa
  10. Along with the revamp to the Soyuz rocket, might we also see a revamp of the Vostok Blok-E upper stage? It's painfully outdated compared to the rest of the current part set
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