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  1. ok so the question @Dakotaasked me was "As the one who has been championing these and produced the new video version, what would make you want to tune in?" And i gave my answer. If you disagree with my answer thats fine. But I am not the topic here. @Dakotawas asking how the AMA could be improved or changed for someone with my views would tune in. Again this isnt about me but me trying to give @Dakotasome insight. So I am trying to help by answering the question. Your comments have been noted and thank you for your reply NOW this statement right here......BRAVO @Scarecrow71well said! We are all entitled to our opinions. They are just that opinions. No wrong or right answer.
  2. you tell me. What would you like to see not see or change? And how would you change it?
  3. well @Dakota nothing against the host or anybody in particular but i would like to see a honest non PR fluff true AMA (ask me anything) ksp 2 type questions that are on the fly or asked in a chat room during the live event. I dont think a bunch of users in a discord asking questions and those questions going into a pool of sorts where they are then cherry-picked and only the "good ones" are addressed is the way to go and just seems a bit dishonest or fake. To me a true AMA event should be exactly that "Ask me anything" in regards to KSP2. And that includes the hard questions as well such as "When is the next patch due out ?" "Why was the game released in the condition it was ?" When will This bug or that bug be fixed ?" THESE are the REAL questions people want to ask. Now granted if some of those are covered by NDA then be honest and say "NDA, I cant talk about that !" people respect that more than PR double-speak and evasion of the question OR the question not being asked at all. And to solve the problem of multiple questions of the same topic being answered repeatedly perhaps when each question is asked AND answered then the question with the answer should be posted or pinned in the chat for late joining people or people that refuse to read can see it. And after that if someone does come in the chat asking a question that has been asked and is pinned then you can expect the other people in the chat to correct that person at which time the moderators of the chat will take care of the punishments of repeat offenders just trying to troll. Other people may add more to this if they like i just thinking off the top of my head. Perhaps this question or topic deserves its own thread. Ill leave that to the very capable moderators in this forum to decide. Lets see how it goes. EDIT: After thinking about it i came up with an example. Have you ever watched sitcom on tv and its not in front of a live audience? They add that what they call "canned laughter' to the program and you get the sound of laughter when the joke they telling wasnt even funny. THATS what im talking about. We need something more genuine. More down to earth. A REAL connection between the people at IG and its player base. Anyways yeah umm if more people want to add to this agree or disagree or better ideas please respond to this. They want to hear from us. Tell em nows your chance
  4. @Nate Simpsonthank you sir! Buy a round of beers for the devs! :cheers: Ill pass on the PR fluff AMA . As far as recommending the game ill pass on that as well game is not in a state yet worth recommending its close but not yet. After the second hotfix and after reentry VFX imo the game will have a solid foundation i will then recommend the game AND change my steam review
  5. I am the opposite. I prefer to opt out or at least an option to do so
  6. Well we will just have to remedy that now wont we? I WONT be apart of any data collection if that is what is happening here!
  7. Dude i agree with you on your arguments. I dont like how the state of this game was released either or the price they chose to release it at. But it was. No taking that back now. Lets try encouraging the devs and cheering them on it makes imo a better working environment and thus better quality patches when you dont have all that animosity hovering over you. I understand keeping their feet held to the fire but ive chosen to give them some breathing room.
  8. Thanks nate. Lets give the devs some breathing room guys. They working on it. Let them do their jobs.
  9. These guys are making progress lets give them some breathing room and continue to point out what works and what needs improvement. I expect nate will point out more tomorrow. Lets try to keep the pitchforks at a minimum, they still working on some things lets give em lil break guys they working on it
  10. Good job Still waiting on atmospheric heating. Hopefully soon
  11. broader in scope yes. But not need as much modding? Yeah there will ALWAYS be something to mod. Very creative people here and I expect they will come up with all kinds of stuff. Think of it in terms of there will be more stuff in the game therefore more things to tweak and mod and then some! Every aspect of this game will be changed or altered in some way sooner or later! have a little faith my friend. They working on it. Im salty to but I like what ive been reading recently. I think its going in the right direction
  12. WOW! That letter was spot on! First time ive seen it! THAT needs to be pinned or something. Bravo @Poodmund and the modding community!
  13. I still think if they were to open up modding now it could help spot some of these bugs. In essence you would have a whole modding community testing and not just a handful of engineers. And yes i know what all is involved with modding and modders not keeping up with development. This is not about a debate on that aspect . imagine modders being able to call out red flags on individual methods or functions. I know i know that just makes to much sense! And when I referred modding i mean a API
  14. @Nate Simpsonthank you for the info nate appreciate it!
  15. This is such a silly comment. I literally fell out of my chair!
  16. you didnt answer my question. its a simple yes or no
  17. good info nate and yes keep doing the blueprints looks good
  18. oh so you are ok with them selling you a game that didnt work? Hang on a sec let me start up unity i got some games to sell you. You ok with that right?
  19. im glad you were amused. let me know if you ever create a game ill make sure i think twice before buying it
  20. you do the right thing and delay it until it is in a more presentable state. Thats how you do that. You push back against them and say "no, its not ready!" If that means your job then so be it. in other words you do the right moral thing
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