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  1. Ike. The low rotational speed allowed me to hold orbital radial out instead of surface radial out, eliminating the downhill "hopping" glitch and vastly increasing both the rover's speed and reliability. I only needed to load a save once, when I ran into a BG surface science rock. Hate those. I think if I had held orbital radial out on Moho it would have been so much easier.
  2. Moho down. And on to Duna. Duna is such a cakewalk compared to Moho. And here is the progress so far. It's so infinitely easier with the smoother terrain and propellor power. I'll never do another Moho elcano again.
  3. The main reason I don't want to add it is it would likely invalidate all of the Kerbin speedrun attempts. I don't know exactly how MechJeb works, but if it has full reaction wheel control I'm 90% sure I could make a rover that can go supersonic on water.
  4. I'll start it off by logging some of my progress around Moho: So far it has definitely been the most challenging elcano, but I see no reason why this rover won't be able to make it the full way around.
  5. That's how I personally get across oceans. The one difference would be roll-locking, as SAS can't snap back to a roll configuration. Also, SAS struggles to make full use of reaction wheels, as it seems to calculate the force needed by how far the control point has drifted, rather than how much force it actually needs to balance. I think these limitations are beneficial to both the rover design and operation, as you can't slap a giant propellor to a pontoon and let MechJeb manhandle it across the ocean at 300+ m/s. Just don't forget to come back to your game before the rover reaches land at 70 m/s lol
  6. I feel like part of the challenge is designing a rover to be stable enough on water to hold a course through SAS without needing MechJeb. I'm fairly certain even an unwieldly rover such as the one I used in my Kerbin navigation can be configured through clever use of control points and SAS holdings to be stable without MechJeb. The main reason I dislike adding MechJeb is there may not be a theoretical limit to the speed of the rover. The only reason my Kerbin rover was not able to exceed sustained speeds of above 150m/s was the limitations of SAS. If MechJeb can make full use of the reaction wheels and control surfaces, especially if it can control robotic hinge angles, I fully expect rovers to be able to easily clear 300+m/s which really detracts from the scale of a circumnavigation.
  7. Yes. The first Mun circumnavigation had some visual mods, but the others were on a raw stock install. Edit: I think my Mun circumnavigation should be Stock Craft instead of Modded, might as well fix that while you're at it.
  8. Most ksp players consider the price of a kerbal life to be approximately zero, but the cost of the mk1 command pod I used would be $600 according to the wiki. I'm not really sure how my submission should be scored as I can't provide pictures and cost of a kerbal in the VAB, so I'll leave it up to you.
  9. Around Gilly, same craft. I've started Moho as it's in my inexperienced opinion the hardest planet, and I wanna rip the bandaid off fast.
  10. Gotcha. Duna it is then! 1 part, 12 minute flight over 17km. Fills rules 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as stated
  11. Does it have to fill both rules 1 and 2? For example, I have a low-part craft that capable of sustained flight on other atmospheric worlds, but can't fly on Kerbin. Does it count?
  12. I've not had a tire pop on this rover yet even after circumnavigating Kerbin and Minmus. Over 90m/s and the tires straight up disintegrate though.
  13. Around Minmus, same craft. Smooth trip, no quicksaves needed at all. Screenshots are again sparse, I estimate there are some 60km stretches between pics, sorry.
  14. I sort of fixed the issue by rotating the wheels to be flat, but it still jumps when I'm going down a steep slope. Could be microclipping, I still haven't solved it yet. Also the wheels are rated up to 90m/s. I can confirm that that is in fact a hard-set limit lol
  15. Around Kerbin. I didn't take many screenshots but I started from KSC and went basically straight west. Be careful about opening spoilers, they don't warn you how many screenies can be inside...
  16. For some reason my rover wants to make 20+ meter jumps once I accelerate past 30 m/s. Anybody know why? Here is a video: Things I've already tried: 1. Changing Spring strength 2. Changing Damper strength 3. Changing Friction strength 4. Changing speed between 30 m/s and 90 m/s Craft file: craft file here
  17. I finished a stock Tylo circumnavigation. I don't think I have the pictures of the launch anymore, but here's the full rocket: Journey: Final flag ring:
  18. So I've started a Kerbin Elcano with a brand new rover design. I had a great time with my little one-wheeler on the Mun, so I decided to modify it to be Kerbin-rated. Here is the new and improved version in the VAB. Looks a little goofy, but boy does she haul butt. I decided I'd go for a one-wheel, one-pontoon rover to keep things simple. In water configuration: I tested it up to 120 m/s on land and 75 m/s on water. Here's the progress I made in about half an hour of driving: Some more pictures: The rover never pops tires (in my experience), and the only issue I've had is if I hit a slope at the wrong angle the rover does a high-speed face-plant and completely destroys itself. I'm hopeful that I'll have more dedication to this run and actually finish a Kerbin elcano for once.
  19. Yeah, I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I ended up making a new craft. The main issue with rebuilding is there were a lot of super finnicky angles and positionings that had to be exactly perfect. I got it done though.
  20. So I have this craft called "uni2" (unicycle, version 2) that absolutely destroys the the integrity of the game when I load it. I've spent several hours designing the craft, and I'd like to figure out how to remedy the situation if possible. Any ideas? Here's a kerbalX link: Link Here is a video of some of the symptoms: Things I've tried already: - Quitting and restarting the game - Deleting the .loadmeta file - Uploading and re-downloading from KerbalX
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