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  1. Do the edges produce lift? Im trying to make an aircraft in 1.10.1 realism overhaul, where the wings are made using only the edges? Ive set the wing width, both root and tip to 0.050, and then madr the wing wider by making the leading edge root 5.000. Ive done this to make the wing biconvex and look better, and have done a similar thing on all of the wings amd control surfaces on the vessel, but it seems it doesnt fly too well. It does fly, but only at high speeds, and even empty, its stall speed is quite high, and it lacks pitch authority.
  2. Im having an issue in 1.10.1 with scatterer. The sun flare is insanely large, it looks like a massive cloud around the sun. How do i fix this?
  3. When i use the size 2 parts i have an unplayable amount of lag. My fps drops to less than 1 and i have a 5900x so there is no reason i shoupd have the performance issue's. Whats going on?
  4. Ok, i understand what the AoA% is doing now, but dont understand exactly what the numbers mean. Like, if i have the control surface deflection set to 20⁰, and pitch is at 100%, roll at 50%, it will deflect the full 20⁰ when pitching, and only 10⁰ when rolling. If i have that same 20⁰ deflection, what will the Ao% do? If i have it set to -50 will that mean it will always be 10⁰ negative angle of attack? What about numbers exceeding positive or negative 100?
  5. Also, anyone able to explain what the AoA% and BrakeRudder% tweakables do? Also, when would i want to use them, difference between possitive and negative, as well as when i might want to set a negative value for the pitch, yaw and roll? Thanks.
  6. Its not configured to work with FAR. Its super unstable, as well as the wings and control surfaces not working correctly.
  7. Is there any FAR compatible shuttle mods? I usually use the shuttle orbiter construction kit, but that doesnt work with far. I tried configuring it too, but i dont know enough to do it properly and it still didnt work.
  8. Any way to set a speed limit? As in a have free control over the speed but the autopilot will reduce/cut thrust when approaching and reaching the set ias? As opposed the speed control which locks speed to a set number?
  9. How do i use the observatory thing? I kanded at the northern icecap base, and it has an observatory that i opened, as well as the base. I click on assign and it just says no unassigned staff available?
  10. The one for previous ksp versions works with 1.10.1, without far. PW 0.93 i think, but it has the issue with the control surfaces where, if they have been shaped in a certain way, root or tip being made bigger or smaller (making it more triangular than rectangle) the lift force generated is offset. Can be seen if you enable the aerodynamic overlay, f12, the yellow force line is to left of the of the red drag line. Only happenes to control surfaces as far as i am aware. Not the wings or all moving wings. Its always causing a roll when you pitch for me. Usually not a big deal, but i like using them as flaps/spoilers, and at low speeds this can cause problems.
  11. I did it as stated but i just get the infinite loading screen where its a black screen thay says loading in the bottom right with the planets going aroumd the sun really fast.
  12. Im having an issue with the stock aerodynamics that isnt present with ferram aerospace. When i make one end of a control surface bigger or smaller than thr other end, so its more triangular than rectangular, it causes am asymetry in torque. When i enable the aerodynamic overlay thing with the lines, the red arrow for drag is central for all parts, and the yellow/blue line is in the same place, but the control surface it isnt. The yellow line for the control surface is offset to the left, causing a roll to the left when pitching up and the right when pitching down. This doesnt happen with the all moving or regular wings as far as i can tell, nor is it happening with ferram.
  13. So no way of getting this to play nice with sigma dimensions? 6.4x rescale seems to break it and i cant find anything in the readme.
  14. No it is false. Its true for the other jet i mentioned but not for the shuttles.
  15. Having an issue in 1.10.1 with ferram aerospace, where the autopilot just freaks out with my shuttles and all 3 control axis are moving wildly. At first i assumed it was because the wings are mounted at the bottom, rather than centre line, but i have another aircraft, more private jet like with low mounted wings that flies just fine. I also have a fighter style jet where the CoL is actually infront, making it impossible to fly without AA, and AA keeps it rocksteady. So it cant be a static stability issue right? It only happens with shuttle style planes for some reason, ive tried 4 different ones, a stock one using the mk3 parts, cormarant aeronology, shuttle orbiter contruction kit, and space shuttle system. All of them are impossible to fly.
  16. Sometimes its not. If i revert to sph the FAR CoL (usually) becomes visible. But this stuff still has the stock action windows, where pitch roll and yaw is just a toggle on or off, not the slider like with FAR. I dont think thats causing my issue though, as even then the craft is still impossible to fly.
  17. I just discovered an issue in 1.10.1 with one of my shuttles, using the shuttle orbiter construction kit mod. For some reason the nose seems to be generating a huge amount of lift (downwards lift) moving the CoL very far forward, well in front of the wings, making it extremely unstable and impossible to fly. Theres also the issue with the stock centre of lift indicator showing (much further back with upwards pointing arrow) instead of the ferram indicator, which is usually just a blue ball with no arrow.
  18. Any contract packs supported by ro and rp1 that add plane contracts? Like a giving aircraft a purpose kind of thing? Because beyond x planes at the start of a career theres not much point in them, and GAP is a must for my career modes as designing and flying planes is one of the most fun bit of ksp for me.
  19. Anyway to get mechjeb to show rcs delta v in the delta v window, and also to execute nodes properly using only rcs? It will execute them, but it will start at the time of the node, not do half the burn before half after.
  20. So if i change what animations its looking for it should work?
  21. Well i say i copied and pasted, i changed the @part to be correct. I even coppied and pasted the stuff from other configs, like the apolli parachutes from ROcapsules. Still nothing.
  22. I directly copied and pasted the mm patch for the stock chutes, it just puts an unmovable, uneditiable, small box in the top left corner of the screen, only accesable by the toggle info button, not action groups.
  23. Any way for me to adjust engine spool up times? I tried making my own RO config for the kk launchers dragon capsule, but it take a good couple seconds to starts producing thrust.
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