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  1. Update. Problem solved I finally found this post and it turned out to be the same problem (and solution as mine). "....Just solved it, had old alarm for a crashed craft. Deleted all alarms and allows me to warp. Sorry all!...." Sorry for posting an already answered question. I'm about a year into KSP and new to the forum. I really did search this from every angle, I thought, before posting the question. But since we are all here. Once again I feel like I am the victim of the new (1.12.1) Kerbal Alarm Clock. I stopped using it because it seems to be very unreliable. I had several instances where the next alarm froze while time warping. So I went back to the mod KAL, which works great. I had old alarms still active (because I stopped using it but failed to clear them out) and that was causing the problem. Interestingly it didn't cause time warp to go to x1. I would have spotted that as a give away. It only prevented warping past 100. Any command above 100 immediately returned to 100. You would expect it to step down in its usual way to X1. Anyway, just a data point for those more experienced and capable at this than I am. Thanks!
  2. When I try to time warp past 100, it goes to 1000 and immediately reduces to 100. Commanding greater than 100 causes the same thing to happen. I can push the "." key as many times as I like but the sequence just repeats. Time warp races up to 1000 and immediately back to 100. Same thing happens with "Warp Here" and all other commands that cause warp in excess of 100. I tried different ships, different distances from bodies, deep space etc. All the same. I tried earlier saves, several weeks back, same problem. I restarted the game, same problem. I did find a save from 7/24/21 that works as normal. I know there have been hundreds for saves since then (F5 or manually overwriting Quicksave #1, or Quicksave#2 etc ) and this problem just started so I don't understand why recent saves (when I didn't have the problem) don't work but a very old save doesn't have the problem. Please don't tell me my only option to fix this problem is to go back to that very old save. Ideas??
  3. Is there a way to know how many repair kits are required to fix a given item? Example. You accept a contract to repair a solar panel on a satellite. Load up an engineer, a repair kit and head up. Getting there you find that 4 kits are required. Oh crap. Wish I had known that. Any solutions, insights?
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