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  1. On 11/30/2023 at 3:26 PM, pleroy said:

    Believe it or not, we don't do N-body physics for landed vessels.

    Seems reasonable. But I can't reconcile that with your post above 

    On 11/18/2023 at 2:35 PM, pleroy said:

    The interactions between celestial bodies cost virtually nothing

    Then why does turning it off (landed) make the frame rate triple?

    On 11/18/2023 at 2:35 PM, pleroy said:

    The problem with large spacecrafts is that Principia needs to position every single part at every frame. 

    So does stock KSP, right? I'm deducing that the cost function is some product of N bodies and P parts. So it's doing N-body gravity on every part individually? If so... yeah that's a lot to calculate.

    Couldn't the gravity calculation be done just once using the ship CoM? Then assume the same gravity vector applies to each part. The parts are very close together relative to solar system scale. So computation time would be F(N CBs) + G(Parts), not F(N*Parts). I guess it would compromise rotation from differential gravity and tidal forces...? Seems worth it. 

  2. On 11/26/2023 at 12:14 PM, AloE said:

     @Krazy1 fyi...I'd be happy to hear what you observe with next month's Principia release...if you have not already, I suggest checking out the interesting discussion at #3230 and consequent changes at #3805 

    Thanks for the notice. I've been a good boy Santa... please bring me lots of garbage collection optimizations.

    One thing that's still baffling is the dramatic change in frame rate between landed and in flight. It's literally 10 FPS in flight and the instant it touches down it's 30 FPS . Vacuum or atmosphere, doesn't seem to matter. Landed actually has additional interactions with the CB surface versus a free body in flight. So I'm really curious how the update will affect this behavior. 


    On 11/27/2023 at 4:42 AM, ChrisPan said:

    which in fact made it impossible to use low thrust engines.

    Well, it's not "impossible". I just use 4x physics warp, set KAC to pause near the end of the burn and do something else. 1 hour burn takes 15 minutes, when you don't have to watch it isn't too bad IMO.

  3. Completed a contract today to make 4 tourists  pass out. The real challenge was that it had to be "sub-orbital" so airplanes wouldn't work. 

    They got their money's worth...  passed out twice!



    Ascent started at 3 Gees... peaked above 8. That was just a warm up. 


    Drop tanks dropped. Flipped around to do the "railgun burn" retrograde. 

    At this point the Mammoth actually laughed and said, "I squish like grape"


    Started at 10 Gees and peaked at 18. 1900 dV in 15 seconds. Goodnight. 


    The pilot Gwenfry has an 11.7 Gee rating... not enough






    The cherry on top was the main chute deploying late which caused it to hit the water at 13 m/s


    Earned Gwenfry a 14G ribbon. Jeb is jealous. 


    @Hotel26 Bop is retrograde for stability with Principia so the situation is similar to yours when going to/from Bop from another moon. I did a Jool 5 and starting from an inner moon, I pushed AP (JP?) way way way out, then flipped inclination about 180 deg. at AP, then aligned PE (JE?) with Bop. That transfer took a whole Kerbin year but saved dV.

  4. On 11/23/2023 at 5:06 AM, Poodmund said:

    Was one end of the strut connected to something previously?

    Yes. Both ends actually. I removed the strut, removed boosters, set them to the side, then reassembled. Looks like Nov 12 crash also had a part removed and reattached. I know it's not much to go on so far. I hope others report if they have similar issues.

  5. Several missions over the last week or so...

    Flew a sightseeing trip to N76A to see more arouras... did not disappoint. 


    Album:  https://imgur.com/a/gmL3bYS

    Probably my last flight for awhile... had to dump Kerbal Konstructs. Filled up my save file with junk.

    Finished the mission to recover ore from Minmus... with parachutes this time. Found a terrain bug that destroyed my ship on loading... had to land from orbit again :huh:. Reentry got the 10m shield to 3388K, 96.8%. Anybody destroy one of these before?


    Album: https://imgur.com/a/qJN4nqC

    Returned the tourists with LKO Bus MK2. Unstable, almost burned up. Got rave reviews.


    Album:  https://imgur.com/a/XJQlr5B

    Tested a Boar engine in Minmus orbit then crashed it for fun. Peak acceleration 230 m/s^2


    Album: https://imgur.com/a/SBsbrJY

  6. I had to remove KK from my JNSQ install. My .SFS had 500k lines of bloat in it and was getting very slow saving/ loading. I also had Omega's Stockalike Structures and KSRGAP. Also installed JNSQ_KK_Fixes.zip.  

    More info here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/220799-500000-lines-of-garbage-in-save-file/#comment-4341412

    Also it kept forgetting when I opened facilities... I had to reopen many of them again when I came back to them. But it wasn't consistent/ predictable. 

    I really liked flying around to all the different sites and being able to refuel. 


  7. Another crash to desktop from VAB. I picked up a free strut floating beside the ship this time. I did some undo/redo before that. Similar error message as Nov 12.

    Infinity or NaN floating point numbers appear when calculating the transform matrix for a Collider. Scene hierarchy path "strutConnector/model/ReStock/Assets/CompoundParts/restock-strut-1(Clone)/strut_main_anchor/strut_main_SPHERECOLLIDER"

    Player log   KSP log   error log   crash dmp

    I would just try removing Restock but I'm using Restock+ parts on ships in my career.  

  8. On 11/18/2023 at 3:11 PM, jimmymcgoochie said:

    Try removing Kerbal Konstructs

    Worth a shot although I'll miss having them. Removed KK, Omega's stockalike structures (also needed for the KK buildings in JNSQ), JNSQ-KSRGAP and Pilot Assistant.  Deleted all the hex-code objects for destructables. SFS is now 30 mb, was 38. "only" 900k lines now.
    It does seem a little faster going to KSC, and it's smoother without drawing each object after it shows the scene. The in-flight save stutter is better, still stutters a couple times but not as long. 

  9. 11 hours ago, JonnyOThan said:

    I'm not sure about that spam specifically, but KSP Community Fixes has several optimizations to the save file system, among others.

    Thanks. I've been using that. It didn't seem to help much with the save-stuttering issue or scene change load time but I haven't done a real direct comparison. It did help with the KSP load times and terrain-morph stuttering, like when a mountain changes shape as you get closer.

  10. 15 hours ago, capi3101 said:

    some good landing gear settings

    I usually set damping = 2, spring= 1.5. That will help keep wings level when turning. Brakes stronger at the rear... like 80% rear, 60% front. And avoid the large or extra large gear. The multi-axle (bogie) setup is not stable... it vibrates on the ground and slides with no external force. Tweakscale the medium gear for large planes.

  11. Every time it autosaves, it stutters badly 2 or 3 times. I've seen this before with large save files... apparently KSP puts file saving directly in the simulation loop without caching - very bad.  It also reloads the whole file at every scene change... like KSC to VAB, VAB to launchpad... each change takes 20+ seconds. So slow. My save file is 38 MB partly due to 500,000 lines of this junk:


            name = ScenarioDestructibles
            scene = 5, 7, 6, 8
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True


                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True
                intact = True

    I'm guessing it's Kerbal Constructs? I'm playing JNSQ and I've flown to every airport several times. It frequently does not remember when I open a resource at a KK facility. An early save only has maybe a hundred of these entries. 

  12. Thanks for fixing the  +1 nodal revolution button. Very useful, like when going from eq. LKO directly to Minmus without a plane change.

    Also for this one "...we were missing the application of the angularDrag computed by KSP." I believe I was seeing this effect recently during launches, when rockets were spinning without stopping passively with fins.

    One problem I'm still having is very low framerate, only 10 FPS when flying a 124 part airplane. It's 30 FPS on the ground (taxiing) which is tolerable, but it drops dramatically at liftoff. It's almost the same in in orbit- 150 part ship getting 10-15 FPS. A 30 part ship is 40 FPS. KSC overview is 80+ FPS. Tracking station is 40. It's very sensitive to part count. It's roughly 2x faster with stock physics for the same part count. It's definitely CPU limited, not graphics. Running JNSQ with stock aero (not FAR). Ryzen 5 3600. 

  13. Request for Better SRB support. It basically works if you do not change the default grain geometry/ slots (thrust profile). Only default 8-slot works or stock size; can't change both. 

    Changing slots results in engine reverting to thrust for the original engine size after reloading the ship. It still looks like the tweaked size and has the tweaked fuel quantity and mass but has stock thrust. Burn time seems to scale proportionally for the thrust and fuel.

    For example a Thoroughbred changed to 6-slot and 3.75m (in that order) initially shows about 7000 kN and 72s burn. That's incorrect, showing values for 8-slot. After removing and reattaching it shows 6-slot values 4879kN and 90s.  After reloading the ship it's about 1600kN (same as 2.5m size) and 5 minutes burn time. Launch test confirms reduced thrust (and it certainly won't make orbit with 1/3 thrust)

  14. After the Mun ore return contract debacle in the last update, where parachutes where forgotten, I went through all the stages of grieving...

    1.  pride 
    2. greed
    3. lust
    4. envy
    5. gluttony
    6. wrath
    7. sloth

    Then proceeded to aerobrake to LKO




    Then launched a supply probe with 30 parachutes. It was night and hard to control so I only got this pic on my first launch attempt with wrong SRB decoupler staging.



    Parachutes have arrived.




    Transferred all the small parts from the probe to  the ship to recover them and discarded the probe.


    Peak LKO reentry temp was only 2400K. It was 3100K while aerobraking. The squared in E= 1/2 m*v^2 makes a big difference. 


    Tilting... not good. It didn't go sideways though.






  15. Made another video of the auroras at S72A, time-lapse of the whole night this time. 

    And did stuff in space for a change... Launched an lander that will return 2350 ore from Mun. Big rocket with wobbly 2.5m center section. Took a few tries to get to orbit. 








    Try again... 

    Saw this rare Mun, Minmus, Jool conjunction by chance. 


    To the Mun...






    Eclipse.... just enough light left to mine before sunset.


    And on the way back from Mun I realized I have.... no parachutes! Arggg. It weighs 57 tons. The inflatable heat shield is a good start but it needs parachutes. A lot of them.


    The End!

  16. Just a little realism improvement... I've flown around Kerbin a lot with KSRGAP (lots of pics on What did you do in KSP1 today thread). The auroras look cool but you shouldn't be able to fly above them. The default is 15 km but they should be higher in the atmosphere. So I changed the EVE config to raise them close to the edge of space: Kerbin 70 km, Jool 470 km, Lindor 400 km. Looks much better to me (Haven't been to Jool or Lindor yet) 

    Some pics:






    And a VIDEO

  17. Last week-ish I flew yet another JNSQ circumnavigation 7-leg trip for 8  KSRGAP contracts. 130 PAX on Pilum 200. 


    Trip pics and bloopers: 




    Mountains between S28A and S37A. 


    It's about 14.2 km high... Everest is 8.8 km.


    Landing at S72A... got a bit lost in the dark...

    Where's the runway?


    Below the hill now, still don't see it!


    There's nothing but taxiways... I have under 5% fuel left. This plane is not built for turning.


    Gotta climb again... Oh there's the airport. Where the heck was I? 





    Under 2% fuel left... almost didn't get to see this sunrise!


    Refueled, heading North. Note the HARBOR I tried to land at to the right. That's the hill I was below. 


    Came in too high at S24A


    Hold on to your ginger ale folks...


    This thing weighs over 250 tons... 




    No worries... only needed 1/2 runway. 


    Also played with EVE auroras. More coming on JNSQ thread.

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