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  1. I think we're talking about different things here...

    10 hours ago, DeadJohn said:

    Time until impact assumes no intervention. The vessel will continue to accelerate by gravity and crash in that much time if you take no action.

    OK agreed.

    10 hours ago, DeadJohn said:

    Timer until burn start is longer because you'll be slowing down after you activate braking engines.

    Then you would wait to start your suicide burn until after you crash. I think what you mean is the suicide burn length can be longer than the impact time. That is certainly possible. KER has both indicators: suicide burn length and suicide burn countdown. 

  2. 8 hours ago, fancycat said:

    I am sturggling a bit to understand this.  I am trying to use the land calculator, the "timer until burn start" is longer than the time until impact.  My timer also fluctuates wildly between 7 min and -300 seconds so i am really confused

    There was some discussion about this above.  It works well in most conditions but not always.


  3. Last few days... The tourists and stray Kerbals were returned from Mun and Minmus. First attempt gathered valuable thermal data... but everyone died. 


    Then everyone lived... except I forgot to put any engines on the reentry ship, so I took it down to 81/81 km orbit at low thrust so it didn't break away and then used its RCS to get it down. 






    Today 2 satellites were launched from Y. Gagarin for contracts. First was a telescope, to > 200 km orbit.





    Second was placed in a Kolniya orbit with larger relay dish so it could be put on a solar orbit later. Both launches experienced ~10 second radio dropout right at booster sep. Some bug I guess. I have plasma blackout on but there was no plasma. It doesn't do that launching from KSC. The Kolniya launch was a bit dangerous... to avoid going above 160 km PE at the north, I coasted almost 1 minute past ascent AP still 500 m/s below orbital speed. All good.







    I also reran the Class I asteroid rendezvous but I need to upload the video later.

  4. 21 hours ago, RiceCakes85 said:

    Absolutely love this mod...is there any integration to create an alarm for a planned maneuver?  Im not finding one in the flight planner.

    Principia works with Kerbal Alarm Clock. You can set KAC to automatically set maneuver alarms. I'm not using the stock alarm, so I don't know about that.  

  5. Last few days I mostly did some typical career stuff... took tourists to Mun and Minmus, did a couple surface science contracts...








    Then something more unique... meeting a Class I asteroid in JNSQ.

    (I also just adopted Tahoma font instead of the defective default that has the same character for I and l... dumb.)

    Based on Class E experience... 150m radius and 1 million TONS... I expected a Class I to instantly crash KSP when I got to physics range. 

    My ship was landed on Mun and when I switched to it, it was bugged... Mun surfaced wasn't visible, everything dark and my lights didn't work, and it fell a few hundred m and exploded. Great start. Restarted KSP, then OK (?)

    I intercepted the asteroid at about a 90 deg. angle high above Kerbin. Principia actually makes it somewhat easier because you can find intercepts on paths that pass through SOIs.




    Visible with DOE...



    The ending was slightly better than expected... slightly.

    >>> Here's the video <<<

  6. I'm seeing a problem with AN not displaying on a highly eccentric orbit. I just installed Jensen. I'm sure at some point in the past (Principia version unknown) this was displaying as expected. Could you check this? 


    KSP 1.12.5 with JNSQ. I'm coming back from Minmus and need to dock with a ship in equatorial LKO, and inclination change at AP is way less dV. I suppose I can guess where it is based on 180 deg. from DN. The orbit analysis doesn't show time to AN/DN. KER also doesn't give the soonest AN/ DN values (and based on conics).



  7. I did some half mission so I'll update later...

    On 9/26/2023 at 1:53 PM, Duke MelTdoWn said:

    I am not sure if the weird placement of the heat shields in front is considered cheating ^^. 1937 m/s is not bad for a days work. I saw some old threads with higher altitude ceilings, you can go much faster it seems :D 


    That's pretty darn fast. I wouldn't say the heat shield is cheating but a fairing could be a bug exploit I think. Rapier thrust drops to zero at Mach 5.75. So you can go faster at lower altitude where the speed of sound is higher. At 22 km I could "only" go about 1710 m/s on KSP 1.12. If they got higher speed at higher altitude, they must be using rockets, or diving, or maybe old KSP versions.

    On 9/28/2023 at 6:51 AM, Hotel26 said:

    [3] which is why I am currently managing 932 flights.  Oy!

    Dude what?! How big is your save file? I get bad stutter when it autosaves and I never had close to that many flights. Every scene change must be slow. I never made it to Eeloo and I never had any such real-time rules.

    On 9/30/2023 at 10:42 AM, miklkit said:

    You would be wanting to install "fill it up"  with CKAN to do this.  It is the gas nozzle icon on the bottom.

    I use Fill It Up but RCS Build Aid is also very helpful... it shows you full and empty CoM with different colored balls without actually changing the fuel levels.

  8. Tourists and trainees were brought home from the Mun today. LJP410 brought them to LKO and a reentry bus took them down. 



    Only pic I got of the bus launch... way too vertical the first attempt... First stage already 200 km AP. 




    Then R&D invented a teleportation device to return a stray tourist that didn't stay with the group... he was landed on Mun again. They put the modified transport capsule on the launch pad and fired it... *shazam* he appeared in the capsule. There were some concerns about "unraveling the fabric of the universe" but so far so good.




  9. My (hopefully) Laythe SSTO lander scouted a part to recover on Mun... a Mk3 nosecone. Not small! Won't be easy with JSNQ reentry heating. Then docked in LMO for the first time in this career... in the dark of course. Completely swapped crews and tourists. Lathe SSTO went to high Mun orbit to test some Sepratrons and LJP410 proceeded to LKO where a reentry ship will take the tourists home. 








    Then I was going to launch a small probe to Mun for a contract but KSP pooped the bed... menus gone. Restarting... 






  10. 28 minutes ago, RevanX_LSR said:

    is this JNSQ?

    Yes. Intent is to be able to SSTO from Laythe to another moon. Tylo is smaller in JNSQ so Laythe seems to be the big challenge. It's a little different... 

    Laythe stock JNSQ
    surf press, atm 0.6 0.6
    atm height, km 50 75
    surf gravity, G 0.8 0.58
    escape vel, km/s 2.8 3.5

    And I'm sure traveling between Jool moons is harder because Jool is even bigger... but I didn't specifically try to design for a dV in orbit so I just hope it will get there.

    Outbound to Minmus:



    landed in Mountains to get some science I missed.D87lnsG.jpg



  11. On 9/8/2023 at 9:13 AM, Lisias said:

    I took them both. :sticktongue: Amusing, but gave me a hell of a hang over!!! :D 

    bug hunting KSP will not help the situation. try water

    On 9/8/2023 at 9:13 AM, Lisias said:

    I was toying with your contraption,

    I was boring and just pitched up vertical with reaction wheel after cheating to altitude 

    18 hours ago, Lisias said:

    Ladies and Gentleman, we have a diagnosis. #houseMdFeelinds


    18 hours ago, Lisias said:

    do you remember using the ReRoot from the Editor on your craft?

    Umm. Probably. The original ship I built bottom-up (actually radially attached this 2.5m stack from the bottom and built upward) and I built this test ship top down. So at some point I rerooted to the lab to test the difference in node trees... but then I remembered rerooting can screw things so I rerooted to the copula again... then of course thought it may be double screwed and started building a new ship bottom-up... then came back to this bad ship after many more tests and wasn't sure what I did anymore. :/ I'm using EEX which has the "reroot and drop" function. I'm sure I did reroot the original ship.

    So if the nodes are screwed as you showed... does that screw the cargo bay to lab connection too? Could that mean lab top and cargo bay bottom have drag? And/ or the cargo bay bottom external node is screwed and it believes the bay is open and even radial parts inside the bay will be unshielded?  Welp time for more tests.

  12. On 9/6/2023 at 3:04 PM, Lisias said:

    Can you provide us with a minimal craft where you reproduced the problem the last time?

    Red pill or blue pill Lisias? I offer only the truth (well in my KSP at least)



    I have a ship from yesterday with a CRG-15 that does not block drag: 

    has drag

    I built and tested several more versions today and they ALL WORKED. No drag with doors closed. This one appears the same as the first... but the bay blocks drag correctly.

    drag is good

    I went back and forth testing these two several times and it is repeatable... one works, one broken. Same KSP session. 

    But wait, there's more. I made an "extended" version of the broken ship, adding another bay at the bottom and... yep... top one broken, bottom one works.... same ship! 

    extended, 1 good, 1 bad

    I can't tell you what I did different. Maybe I translated the SEQ parts and then picked them up and dropped them on the node? Maybe I re-rooted it? But I tried those things on another ship today and it worked correctly. 

    Just launch them, cheat to 20 km and watch aero data in PAWs. No need to use the chute. Krazyness.

  13. 11 hours ago, Lisias said:
    15 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the important parts the top and bottom nodes?  Can't we ignore the interior and side nodes?

    If we could ignore them, we would not have the problem at first place! :)

    Everytime you attach two parts those node's size are different, you get drag.

    I'm not sure Lisias... I'm just a student here but this Kerbal University video doesn't mention internal node size. External node matching it does mention. What about radially attached internal parts?
    I did a quick test of the CRG-15 with ideal conditions... external and internal nodes size matched, one internal part node attached... and it does work correctly. Now I need to experiment to see why my actual bay packed full of parts doesn't work.

    Update: So I did more drop testing and... it's insane. The first couple tests worked. Then it stopped working and could not be fixed. I completely rebuilt the test craft and it still had drag with the doors closed. Same ship, different result. So maybe something on this install is a problem? Some silent exception that breaks only only drag on this part? Maybe reverting to VAB and/or crashing. I don't know. I can't take it... I'm going to bed.

  14. Launched a reasonable rocket on an absurd mission to test landing gear and a jumbo nuclear engine on a solar orbit. It would have been nice to USE the 12 ton engine to get to solar orbit but that would invalidate the test. It had some (overly?) complex staging.





    radial booster sep fail #485


    radial booster sep fail #486









  15. Having trouble with cargo bays not occluding drag for parts inside.  Tested 2.5m CRG-15 and Mk1 Sliding Door. Stock bays work as expected. 

    KSP log

    player log


    left, in stock bay, right in AP+ bays


    Same problem for DaMichel's Cargo Bays.



  16. On 8/15/2023 at 4:53 AM, Adiri said:

    On rails timewarp (the fast one) doesn’t effect burnout, it lasts for like 60s with no timewarp iirc

    I had a contract to test a Flea in Minmus orbit. There was no reason to stage then so I noticed the burnout is quite long and more importantly the sound never stops. It may seem like an unusual use case but Kerbals have strange contracts and players do weird things. I entered it on github, if you have some time.

  17. I made it to the class E asteroid in JNSQ... and it's freaking huge! :awe:

    The ship has a Terrier and 449 sec of fuel: 2289 m/s dV.

    After klawing, it has 0 m/s dV and 0.00 m/s acceleration. 

    Guess the mass. Pics later.

    Pics now:




    This actually scared me... it was just a circle maybe 10 pixels arcoss with DOE until it got to physics range and it instantly blinked into existence. It's 2.2 km away! 

    1 km away:



    155m radius at this point...




    Uhhhhhh..... it's very soft I guess.



    Klawed it! 

    So what's the mass?


    1 MILLION TONS :blink:

    I'm not pushing that thing anywhere. I got some samples and got out of there before it ate my ship.



    I made a video of reentry... it was satisfying but uneventful. Returned the samples for 70 science. I thought I'd get a World's First for the asteroid rendezvous but didn't. 

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