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  1. Thanks guys, let's hope my PC can meet the requirements lol
  2. I've literally dreamt of the sequel since I first heard of it's production, I've followed every update and searched for any news religiously. I'm excited to renew the same awesome experience I had when playing the first one, like the first time you successfully land on the mun, to the time you have orbital fuel depot's around jool and have fully electric drones on laythe. It has never gotten old. Plus I'm looking forward to playing on PC.
  3. I'm excited about the aspect of interstellar travel. I've been mesmerized by the possibility of humans eventually having the capability of visiting other systems for research or colonization. Ksp has been my pride and joy since I first played it and I can't wait to play the second one.
  4. I've gotten some mixed info about whether or not ksp2 is going to be released on Xbox one and ps4 after early access, or is it exclusive to PC, ps5 and Xbox series x?
  5. I asked this on many forums, will ksp 2 be on Xbox one?
  6. How to enable on xbox one after the expansion installation
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