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    Professional Long Colony Ships builder and lover of Positrons
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    In a Senior member state of ESA (German Kerman)
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    Ksp, rocketry, astronomy, religion, cats, aquaristic, reactor physics, chemics, history, weapons (all types), paeontology, geography, star wars

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  1. heyyyyyyyyyy



    I don't have a gun

    because germany has (thankfully) strict gun laws

    so not pew pew

    cat was here

    now gone

    she came because of mountain dew package sound

    now I will play nertea save ksp

    and make a mars (duna) communications orbiter

    also I will do [CLASSIFIED]

    and maybe also [CLASSIFIED] for [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] 

    it's related with [CLASSIFIED]

    and now I will drink mountain dew because I like dew

    DEW IT

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