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  1. Is a solution for the background resource processing thing in the works? Turning that off is a big change to my game
  2. I installed the shielded ports and the names, titles, descriptions, and appearances don't allow me to tell the M from the F from the Plus/Basic. They all are described as "basic" with one unlit, and 3 lighted. I can go with the non-shielded as I installed more out of curiosity, but thought I should mention the result I got
  3. That has not worked in the past. Strange. I'll dink around with it some more. Thanks for responding
  4. I do most of my construction, KIS or stock, in orbit. I haven't figured out how to "drop" something in stock construction while on orbital EVA. Is there a way?
  5. Back when I coded professionally when younger I had a rubber duck on my desk gifted to me for reasons I'm not sure I could reasonably explain even if I wanted to. But I never talked to it. Maybe I'd be making 6 figures by now if I had. darn
  6. Is there a way to turn off the partless aspect of MechJeb2? By 'partless' I mean the automatic inclusion of MJ in every command module and probe core and revert back to requiring the actual MJ core part to make it work? [edit: I found the file MechJebNoCommandPod.cfg and that looks like the answer. Has anyone else found that the quickest way to find an answer is to post a question, at which point one figures it before the post is answered in about 5 minutes after posting the question?]
  7. Apologies if this has been covered, but it seems stock construction, while considering the HG-5 a stock cargo part, stock construction won't let me attach it in construction mode. Is there a way to move something from stock cargo to KIS inventory? I *know* I can attach it using KIS/KAS if I can only get my kerbal's grab hand on the dang thing
  8. Is this for real? I wondered why the science rate seemed like mine were running 24x7 with batteries that won't charge. And I hauled all those extra panels there to charge the batteries as well as power the science. Bother. I guess we can just figure the deployable panels have built in batteries or something. On 1.11.2 here also, btw. So maybe it is just that
  9. Are the B-400 batteries supposed to recharge? I have some deployed with plenty of deployable solar (3x the required need of the equipment) but the batteries don't charge even in full sun. Known issue? Is there something I can do about it? More info: batteries deployed by level 2 engineer, science deployed by level 2 scientist. Batteries worked fine until drained, but won't charge. Getting science when the sun shines but with 3x solar capacity I'd expect the batteries to charge.
  10. I bet you could replace the sound file with a snorring sample if you used the same format and filename
  11. Is anyone using the Munseeker greenhouse any more? If a flavor of the Munseeker works with the latest KSP where can I get it? If not, what is the best alternative for getting oxygen, water, and food generation? Thanks for suggestions and any related comments
  12. Kerbin or RO/Earth? Kerbin is 600km I think. I dunno. I usually recover within double digit kilometers
  13. .. I'm certainly not the one to solve that issue, but those recovery distances prior to the exception look a bit extreme for a recovery to occur. Are those distances accurate to where your craft was? Again, I'm just curious. I am in no position to solve the problem
  14. Are people using KSP 1.10.x ,1.11.x using this mod without any worries? CKAN has it pegged at 1.8.1
  15. Ok, figured it out. Under linux it is RShift-X. Keymappings differ across OSes "1" selects part selection mode; as opposed to offset ("2"), rotate part ("3"), and select root ("4"). I think these are the same across OSes. The RShift-X worked for me. RShift is the 'Alt' on linux generally Thanks for the feedback and help, ppl!
  16. I couldn't find a single combination of modifier keys and X that reset symmetry to 1 in a single press. Shift-X decreases by 1, X increases, beyond that nada. This is on linux, so, who knows
  17. Those increase/decrease by 1. I'm talking a hotkey that instantly drops symmetry to 1. Thanks though Oops, didn't see the 'alt'. I'll try that, thanks!
  18. Wow, thanks. I can't believe that didn't cause an error in the logs. I'm fairly sure I'll never make that syntax error again though. Thanks leatherneck, much appreciated. On to the next bump in the road....
  19. I don't see it as feeping creaturism as it is EE that allows the increase in symmetry in the first place; this would just put a governor on its performance impact. If you don't have time that is understandable, but I doubt I'm the only person who would find that it valuable nor has been bitten by the NxM selection explosion and subsequent frame rate implosion so hard to see it as a "feature". Unless having doors on a car is a feature, lol. How about a hotkey that simply drops symmetry to 1? That is all it would do. So on the next GUI Update() it all would return to normal? Actually a that hotkey would be nice if only to not have to press the cycle key repeatedly when dropping symmetry
  20. There are times that I end up painted in a corner performance-wise in the editor when trying to use high numbers in symmetry and accidentally select a high part count subsection of the craft instead of the tiny single part I was trying to click on. And if I have symmetry set to something like 16 that can mean 30 minutes of trying to regain control of the editor as 16 copies of 400+ parts each flail spasmodically around the screen every 42 seconds. Sometimes it is because I forgot I had a high symmetry N set, other times I just click the wrong pixel because of GUI lag or fumbles. Maybe a check box (hotkey?) that will drop the symmetry back to 1 on select if the GUI slows down to < N FPS and symmetry*partcount of selection is > M then drop symmetry back to 1 with N and M being user configurable?
  21. Goal: avoid TweakScale under RealismOverhaul (known to be problematic) by using MM to selectively make 3 or 4 rescaled copies of a few select parts that I tend to want different sizes. To figure it out I started with the stock vernierEngine and am trying to MM copy it to 2x scale. I hand calculated the cubic mass increase (not sure I needed to but will circle back as req'd) and hand calculated the quadratic thrust increase. I think I have the general idea right but am not getting the patch into the correct order with regards to RealismOverhaul patches, or I'm totally missing a step that would actually make them available in the editor generally. The problem is they don't show up in the editor. So I'm open to any education on any aspect of my cfg file even if it doesn't directly solve this issue as I'm trying to learn as much as I can about MM. I've read through the wiki and have done what I can with that info given my current understanding of it at this point; and I'm clearly not understanding something... I'm not getting any related errors in KSP.log, mono.log, or Player.log so unless you really want them, I'll hold off for now. Here is the patch file: // based on RO entry for vernierEngine, a bit of a stab in the dark, placed AFTER RO in hopes it plays nice with RO that way +@PART[vernierEngine]:AFTER[RealismOverhaul] { @name = vernierEngine2x @title = Vernier 2x %rescaleFactor = 2.0 %RSSROConfig = True @mass = 0.08 %useRcsConfig = RCSBlock %useRcsMass = True %RcsNozzles = 1 @crashTolerance = 10 @maxTemp = 1473.15 %skinMaxTemp = 2473.15 @title = Attitude Jet 2x, Conformal (275/445 N class) @manufacturer = Generic @description = A generic conformal RCS thruster 2x. Use this for attitude control or translation/ullage for spaceplanes. LEO-rated heat shielding. @MODULE[ModuleRCS*] { @thrusterPower = 1.1 !resourceName = DELETE !PROPELLANT,*{} PROPELLANT { ratio = 1.0 name = Hydrazine } @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 = 0 254 @key,1 = 1 82.08 } } } // the following is a bit of a stab in the dark also reflecting another RO entry i found for vernierEngine @PART[vernierEngine2x]:AFTER[RealismOverhaul] { @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { @CONFIG[MMH+NTO] { @IspSL = 0.953 } @CONFIG[UDMH+NTO] { @IspSL = 0.95 } @CONFIG[Aerozine50+NTO] { @IspSL = 0.963 } } }
  22. Is mining for ore or other resources a thing in RSS? Can it be added via an any mods? If so, which ones? Thanks for any info
  23. This may be a bit out there, but how could I configure and/or trick Stage Recovery into allowing multiple Kerbin-side recovery locations? I want to be able to recover at multiple sites with regards to the distance calculation. Ideally, the sites would simply be synonymous with the additional CommNet sites on Kerbin or something like that. But if the only viable way is to go flat-rate I suppose I could do that also. On a related note, how well does SR play with RSS and a different location for launches and recoveries, like Florida's KennedySC? I seem to recall reading that SR alway calculates recovery distance from the stock KerbalSC location on the equator, even in RSS on earth. Is that the case? Does KSCSwitcher change the way SR functions in this regard?
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