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  1. Yes, I am around there, and I'm also trying to keep up with all the nodes of the same tier more or less unlocked. I have the Gemini lander already, and I'm planning on making a Behemoth of science experiments for Kerbin's surface, gather it all and forget about it. I just deployed yesterday all EVA surface experiments on Minmus and I'll do it today in Kerbin as well. But which rocket can bring a Mariner probe into orbit of every planet and moon? Maybe I didn't think it was possible but it's worth a try. I'm playing on a 2.5x scaled system though, but I guess everyone playing Skyhawk also is.
  2. I started a new Science mode save and things are going really slowwwwww... I landed on every biome in Minmus and performed all the available experiments there and I still don't have the Saturn to properly land on the Mun :,) I have a station in Kerbin making 1 science point every 35 days hahaha and I sent already four Mariner probes to each Eve and Duna respectively. I'm pushing the envelope really hard for the Mun but it ain't working... Anyone know how to get science fast?
  3. Building tip that has helped me with the building of my surface bases (It removes drift completely): 1- Put a stock Ground Anchor on the ground with a Kerbal. 2- Attach a Resource Transfer Station to the already deployed Ground Anchor. 3- Attach a JS1 port socket on the bottom of any part of your base. 4- Link them together with a Kerbal. 5- Set it to docked mode. TADAAAAH
  4. Every probe will say that. Don't worry, you have to spend quite a bit of science until you get to that tech. I think it was one of the top communications and antennas nodes, the first SAS tier is the one that costs 140 science points (I think)**********
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After investigating on the internet there are a few things I have tried: - Disabling Firewall and Antivirus - Running KSP_x64.exe as administrator and in compatibility mode for Windows 8 - Deleting Physics.cfg and settings.cfg, then verifying game files in Steam. - Updated drivers & Windows - Disabled DDR XMP - Tried to disable the "Read Only" check from the KSP main folder and all subfolders but it won't come around. - Increased Virtual Memory three times my RAM is. PLEASE HELP. I really don't know what else to try.
  6. UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:9679ba80. This is the crash report error that's been ruining my games all this month of November and part of December, ever since I built this new PC. New motherboard, new CPU, new GPU, new SSD, old RAM though. This are my PC specs: CPU: AMD Ryzan 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 8/16 0,0v Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B550 AORUS ELITE V2 RAM: 16GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti (12,0 GB) Windows 11 Pro I use a lot of mods, but that wasn't a problem in my old PC. Of course, I would get a crash after hours of gameplay but that wasn't a hustle, this is, and it's very annoying and game breaking. Please, I need your help. First things first, here are all the logs: CRASH LOGS This is my mod list (Most of them are dependencies and many others have proven to be compatible & required mods through The Skyhawk Mod Support List), I will list which of them are part of that list in the following one with . I will use for dependencies and for visual and scale mods. I will also mark the ones I have just because I want to have them with : Only 75 emojis allowed, continuing in the next post below:
  7. Awwwwwwwww! Congrats! I don't have kids but they say you make the most of it. Cause these are the sweetest times and they go away fast! I'm eager to follow development! I wish I could give some help but have 0 knowledge in coding, I just copy-paste, add some parts to existing code and stuff like that. But anything, just ask and maybe we can figure it out. Cheers!
  8. Any news on this? If the parts are inherited from Probes Plus, I think I can copy paste the code and change the parts names and mod folder name on MM.
  9. The maneuver node snaps Apoapsis/Periapsis instantly once it changes the highest/lowest point in orbit. Stock behavior moves Ap/Pe consequently as they equalize altitudes in orbit. How can I re-acquire that behavior and still have the Maneuver Node Evolved features?
  10. Thank you, I could locate the issue thanks to that file. The Martian for KSP is a great parts mod that I love to use, especially the rover, that one is neat. Wallum made a patch for this mod to work with Kerbalism. I thought that maybe I could replace the module NEEDS[ProfileDefault] for NEEDS[ProfileSkyhawk] and it would work. Turns out it didn't. Alright! Time to say goodbye to a great all-time mod
  11. How can I find the conflict with this file? 2 Errors related to GameData/SkyhawkScienceSystem/Patches/TankSwitch/TankSwitch.cfg The other 12 errors I already solved them by deleting Rational Resources Kerbalism completely. But I can't uninstall TankSwitch from the Skyhawk mod, can I? How can I find the conflicting mod or line, whatever?
  12. This is great work. Why discontinuing?
  13. Are you using this in the latest version of KSP? There are people around saying this build was never good and they prefer the old one. But I keep getting warnings on the load screen saying it’s unsupported and prompts me to use version 1.3.1. Should I use this version or the older one?
  14. I play with SSS and Kerbalism. Rational Resources is one of the supported mods but on CKAN it has a lot of sub-mod categories. Should I install ONLY the ones mentioned on the Mod Support page? I get confused when I see "Rational Resources Kerbalism" on CKAN but the ones on the supported mods list only include "Rational Resources", "Rational Resources Nuclear Family" and "Rational Resources Parts". Should I install the later Rational Resources Kerbalism or not?
  15. That's what I meant about compatibility. Volumetric clouds won't work on JNSQ, nor does the latest version of Scatterer, and I certainly don't know about Parallax. I also still don't know if Sigma and Rescale will work with these either, though.
  16. Many of us would love to play it in a scaled version of the Kerbolar System; since it's balanced for a 2.5x scale just as Tundra Exploration and BDB. Good job!
  17. Wow! Great guys! Thank you @Cheesecake @Davi SDF @Neebel, that was great help. I’ll get over to the respective Rescale post to learn how to figure out the new geostationary orbits and all that stuff. Cheers!
  18. Okay, so then I could use Sigma Dimensions and Rescale to scale up the System to 2.5x without conflicting with any mods. But: wouldn’t that cause the stock and other mod parts (like cryogenic engines from Nertea and others) get automatically nerfed by the scale?
  19. Hey guys! I’m sorry for my ignorance, if there’s some. Is there a patch out there that makes BDB parts less OP? I play in Stock KSP size, scaling is not an option for me cause it’s in conflict with other mods I have. A way to make the rockets less powerful matching the Stock system?
  20. I'm excited about getting to know how resource gathering and transfering is going to work. It is the key for colonies and many of those interactions will have to be automatized in order to reach out further into the solar system and then go interstellar. SUPER EXCITED!!!
  21. I’ve got the patreon update of the volumetric clouds. In Duna, night time doesn’t feel night cause it won’t turn completely dark, the surface and the craft are not shiny but I can see everything clearly as if it had some kind of brightness. I also have Prallax and I followed the installation steps. Do I need to change some settings or something?
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