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    "Expert" Engineer, alright pilot, Europhile
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    Somewhere in Konnecticut
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    Aerospace, planes, construction equipment, Europe/Germany especially, lorries, languages (Deutsch ist am besten, ja Suomi), cranes (not birds), heavy transport, engineering, electronics, science, anything mechanical really. I do some model railroading now and then, lots of Lego, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Workers and Resources:Soviet Republic, and FSX. Also a big fan of polandball. Damn, I have a lot of interests. KSP too, obviously. I doubt anyone will read this though.


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  1. I drew these on a whiteboard in my town's library (DC-9 I drew a few days ago, the other 2 are from last school year) I kind of messed up the DC-9's engines, but besides that I think it came out alright. Wings might be a little small though. Ignore the incorrect Bangladeshi flag on the DC-10, I was focused on drawing the plane correctly. It's more embarrassing considering I'm a pretty big flag nerd. I didn't blur out my name because everyone already knows it's Ben anyway and I don't really care about people knowing my last initial
  2. When your friend once referred to you as "airplane guy"
  3. When you think different types of screws are interesting.
  4. "The power of Christ will compel you and also cancel your flightplan" -Airforceproud95
  5. "If I don't survive, tell my wife, hello." - President of the Neutral Planet
  6. "I like this guy's lack of style" - Donbot "I'm sciencing as fast as I can!" -Professor Farnsworth\ "Ah, just like my dad use to make. Until they fired him from McDonalds" - Philip J. Fry
  7. I went to New York and visited the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, and saw Concorde G-BOAD and OV-101 (Space Shuttle Enterprise)! I didn't get to go inside the Concorde because the thing where they take you inside was sold out, and it's closed until next year starting July 1, as it's being taken offsite for maintenance according to the website. Also I think I saw a LOT flight crew coming out of a hotel when we were walking on the sidewalk and I rode on a train for the first time in a while, so that was cool as well. If anyone's interested I might post pictures of the planes later/tomorrow, I'm tired since I just got back after being in NYC all day and I took way too many pictures that I now have to sift through.
  8. "When there's no cops around, anything's legal!" - Grunkle Stan
  9. When you hear DDR and the first thing you think of is the country and not the game.
  10. "I like my coffee the way I like jokes about the way I like my coffee. I don't." - Gumball Watterson
  11. I don't want to get political but I love this song:
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