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  1. Decompile both and look for yourself, if you dont know how, perhaps you should rethink why you're asking the question in the first place.
  2. Pretty nasty internet outage in Seattle right now, they might be affected because of it.
  3. The fact this is the second time you've mentioned this is mind-bogglingly hilarious. Anytime you use the phrase "next week" in your life you literally mean Monday?
  4. Because that's not a WIP image at all right? Or would you rather see nothing then complain about that too?
  5. Just imagine the horror if people found put Firefox was originally rewritten Netscape Navigator! Sounds a bit familiar
  6. You're gonna lose the "target audience" with that reference
  7. And I just bought an EA game that had a patch in a matter of days after release. Proves absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip.
  8. This happens to me almost every single time. Never did it in .1 both subsequent patches and it does this or does this and blows landing legs off. I'm done for now too.
  9. I actually don't mind the "point and click" science of KSP1, but with all the discussions I agree there could be something far more. This answer gives me hope a new science system could be great!
  10. I messed around last weekend trying to make an ion powered "OneOscar" no luck yet!
  11. Excuse me sir, I didn't say "stages" if this is a stage my math still counts
  12. I believe to be Kerbal worthy, this craft needs 410 Sepratrons to operate properly according to KSC Launch Directives.
  13. Can you point me to this? My game has become almost unplayable because I can't really ever land because of time warp. Getting worse/better at the same time.
  14. Do you get weird pitching noment when sub-orbital arpund any body where the craft just spins? In .1.1 it blew landing legs off. No matter what craft I make this happens, reinstall, everything.
  15. Same old copy and paste posts from the same people, over and over, just move on and wait. The same thing doesn't have to be said a million times over.
  16. What I find amazing is he does it all from the public manuals etc. from NASA from back then. You could spend months reading through them. So much attention to detail it's incredible.
  17. Impressive! And it's like one dev right?
  18. Highly recommend Grindelwald! Highly recommend Grindelwald!
  19. My first thought was making history style missions! They're gonna have to do at least one character now! haha
  20. I see what you did there Well said though, I definitely wasn't trying to start another "circular discussion".
  21. I'm forgiving of small studios for sure. Even for KSP2. Am I disappointed at what we got? Yes. Would I abandon or get frustrated just because it was a big publisher or judge them differently? No. Just a thought experiment I suppose. The discussion could go on forever.
  22. Definitely sounded like a pat on yhe shoulder. Not quite right in the fact that the landscape has changed since then. But today, the way KSP1 was released? I dont think it would've survived.
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