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  1. Very Kerbal looking, guessing that the capsule portion isn't reusable
  2. VIPER has been cancelled due to cost concerns, the rover will be either disassembled and it's components used in other projects or sold.
  3. I felt this needed it's own thread separate from the update and discussion thread, I'm not sure where this belongs so feel free to either move or remove/merge it. What are we going to do as a community without the forums? Speaking both about the wider community and how this site acts as a hub and to the crowd that spends most of their time here. I know there's a subreddit (Jeb help them) which we could migrate to in the event of a shutdown. Also concerned about the modding scene, I know that most of the major mods and developers that are popular in the community are based here. And when it comes down to it I don't want this community which I've come to love to be erased from the internet, I hope we can come up with a survival plan.
  4. IDK about this, to me it looks like the blast was just shopped on. Not that I think it's important even if it's real, we already know the booster was destroyed post landing.
  5. Hype train is lying at the bottom of a ditch crumpled and mangled down to half it's previous length.
  6. Maybe starship can bring a module or two down? Justify it by claiming it's to study the long term effects of space on the hardware?
  7. For those still holding one to hope no one. If you're on the discord it looks like the devs have just finished up. Lock the doors.
  8. Bit of a silly question, were Mariner 8/9 just 6/7 models with a big fuel tank added on top? They look very similar to me.
  9. Is it possible we could shield astronauts during, for example, a mars transit in Starship by keeping crew quarters away and shielded from the sun? Could we also set up a centrifuge system inside the payload area of the ship in exchange for fewer crew?
  10. Not even going to bother reinstalling this again. What a disaster.
  11. Good luck, I need to limit my lurking to a couple of minutes per day : P
  12. Take what happened to Twitter X and imagine that being applied to Kerbal, I'd rather leave it where it is now than have it torn up, mashed back together and than puppeted around by the ego of an unstable billionaire.
  13. I assume this is from the new NSF video? According to them the booster was on course and the ship was off a few kilometers on account of the damage.
  14. That was the whole point of the test? That was years ago at this point? I wouldn't say these were Raptor issues as much as they are booster issues, that's why they moved to orbital tests quickly, they knew this was going to happen no matter how perfectly Raptor functioned. Remember many of these failures were because of propellant slosh issues in the vehicle, not the engine. On that note the fact that the flight 4 failures (particularly the second one) didn't damage the other engines is a sign that the hardware is tough and should become reliable soon.
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