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  1. On 3/26/2024 at 7:27 AM, Topos said:

    What is the achievement "Executed EVA in orbit around" and "EVA in Orbit" award for? Kerbal received achievements, but did not leave the control module in orbit.

    Seems like a bug so. These achievement should trigger only for explicit EVA. Could you share your logs and save game?

    On 3/28/2024 at 9:08 AM, Topos said:

    I'm added Russian localization, please accept the pull request

    Sure, will release after Easter holidays

    21 hours ago, Devblaze said:

    Just wanted to pop in again and say that although this mod is minimal and has a small impact on gameplay. Boy has it made me care more about the Kerbals. I've found I like having a highly decorated crew. 
    This mod works so well it feels like a feature of the game and has improved my KSP2 experience greatly.

    Would love to see you make more mods! 

    Thanks for your words! Major credits to Final Frontier for KSP1, I missed it too much. I released CommNext & Science Arkive (I suppose you already know), but I’d like to dig down into some other areas (like a KIS-style EVA assembling mod). Really busy IRL however right now unfortunately 

  2. On 3/29/2024 at 2:58 AM, Smurfalot said:

    Does this mod use the combined antennas formula? I have a set of relay sats with dual RA-15s, that should be getting a combined range of about 25Gm.

    {\displaystyle {\text{Vessel Power}}={\text{Strongest Antenna Power}}\times \left({\tfrac {\text{Sum of Antenna Powers}}{\text{Strongest Antenna Power}}}\right)^{\text{Average Combinability Exponent}}}

    Yes like @Superfluous J pointed out, right now it’s not implemented. I thought about it but in the end I feel it’s very complicated to remember and to reason about ( 3/4 of the mod is UI & rendering), so I tried to avoid it. I think it would be nicer to have higher range / different range antennas when needed (with new parts, I mean)

    On 3/28/2024 at 6:38 AM, Superfluous J said:

    So I did some math and this appears to be where antennas will reach:

    • Eeloo furthest
    • ANTENNAS RA-100, 88-88 (100Gm)
    • <nothing>
    • ANTENNA HG-55 (86Gm)
    • Eeloo Closest
    • Jool (All)
    • Dres (All)
    • Duna Furthest
    • Eve Furthest
    • Moho Furthest
    • ANTENNA RA-15 (15Gm)
    • Moho Closest
    • Duna Closest
    • Eve Closest
    • ANTENNAS RA2, DTS-M1, KSC (2Gm)
    • Kerbin's SOI boundary
    • Minmus
    • Mun
    • ANTENNA HG-5 (5Mm)
    • Keostationary
    • ANTENNAS 16, 16-S (500km)
    • LKO

    Oh this is really nice as a recap! Like @Mr.DingALing suggested I’d probably add it in the topic post

    On 3/28/2024 at 4:25 AM, Kalessin1 said:

    Btw with next update can someone fix Polish translation. 


    On 3/26/2024 at 10:29 PM, Topos said:

    When I click on the comm next menu icons, nothing happens. What could be the problem?

    Would you mind uploading your log files and share them to me?

  3. @Sun_Serega I don't save anything, this is the issue: the experiment is handled by Orbital Survey, not by Science Arkive. We just check at runtime if the experiment has been completed.

    What could be happening here is one of the following:

    • There is some mismatch between the shown experiment code and the registered one. This should what the release fixed, so seems strange (but still possible); 
    • There is some mismatch between the experiment Orbital Survey is checking and the registered one; in this case I cannot fix it

    Let me load the save game and I'll check it

  4. 5 hours ago, ojek said:

    Hi, unfortunately this mod seems to be breaking base game. I have installed it yesterday along with few other mods, I had a significant performance hit so I uninstalled every mod, and now my save game is not loading anymore. Below is the error I am getting in the log:

    [ERR 18:30:11.518] [Serialization] Error converting value "CommNext.Modules.Modulator.PartComponentModule_NextModulator, CommNext, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" to type 'System.Type'. Path 'Vessels[0].parts[2].PartModulesState[7].ComponentType', line 2696, position 158.
    [ERR 18:30:11.520] [Serialization] Error converting value "CommNext.Modules.Modulator.Module_NextModulator, CommNext, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" to type 'System.Type'. Path 'Vessels[0].parts[2].PartModulesState[7].BehaviourType', line 2697, position 145.
    [ERR 18:30:11.522] [Serialization] Error converting value "CommNext.Modules.Modulator.Module_NextModulator, CommNext, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" to type 'System.Type'. Path 'Vessels[0].parts[2].PartModulesState[7].ModuleData[0].ModuleType', line 2701, position 146.
    [ERR 18:30:11.523] [Serialization] Error converting value "CommNext.Modules.Modulator.Data_NextModulator, CommNext, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" to type 'System.Type'. Path 'Vessels[0].parts[2].PartModulesState[7].ModuleData[0].DataType', line 2702, position 142.
    [ERR 18:30:11.527] [Serialization] Error resolving type specified in JSON 'CommNext.Modules.Modulator.Data_NextModulator, CommNext'. Path 'Vessels[0].parts[2].PartModulesState[7].ModuleData[0].DataObject.$type', line 2705, position 86.



    --Edit: I confirm that this mod is the cause of breaking base game - I have reinstalled only this mod back, and I was able to load the game. I have removed all my vessels which had antennas on them, saved the game, then removed the mod, and the game is working again without the mod.

    With “it’s breaking base game” you mean that after using it, the base game cannot handle the vessels?

    This seems pretty much normal with every mod that modifies stock parts, like this mod. I’ll check if there’s something we can do in the Discord, but I’m afraid that at least for now - this is completely expected. 

    @CSA Thanks!

  5. On 3/4/2024 at 5:51 PM, RadioFreeKerbin said:

    Currently it appears that you can still have limited control of a vessel even if out of range - you can set SAS to any of the default points, use max throttle, and do part actions like science experiments, solar panel deployment and staging by right clicking the part and doing the action via the parts menu.

    Is there a way to disable this and leave an unconnected vessel completely dead in the water so I'm not tempted to "cheat" when my probe is out of range? I didn't see an option for this in the mods menu.

    I'm reconsidering this since I've been asked the same thing on GitHub too (https://github.com/Kerbalight/CommNext/issues/33) and I forgot it was a CommNet setting in KSP1. I'll add it to the backlog

  6. Release v0.7.0

    • Add background EC processing for relays. Now HG-5, RA-2, RA-15 and RA-100 consume Electric Charge even in background. It also fixes the "No Power" bug on startup
    • Update vessel name in the comms report when it's modified in Tracking Station
    • Fix antennas ranges for command pods; now they're just 5km
    • Add back HG-5 as relay

    Download on SpaceDock

    3 hours ago, CSA said:

    Any capsule or probe has a range of 200Mm, but the communotron 16 and communotron 16-S antennas only have a range of 500Km. Shouldn't it be the other way around? As they stand now, communotron antennas are useless. Or I'm wrong? 500Km = 500,000 meters and 200Mm = 200,000,000 meters.

    Yup, this has been fixed in v0.7.0, now they are back to 5km

  7. 10 hours ago, Estelcontar said:

    Not OP, but having the same issue. Here's a video of this -- it looks like my relays are initially shown as not having any power until I load into them, at which point the game recognizes they have power and enables them. Not sure if it's a KSP2 bug or a CommNext bug. Here's a onedrive link for a save file, but let me know if you prefer a different way to share it. 

    Yes, I'm already working on it (see related GH issue: https://github.com/Kerbalight/CommNext/issues/13), unfortunately it seems like the:

    1. The bug is not consistent; I cannot reproduce it with the same savegame
    2. A speculative workaround didn't work, meaning someway vessels are stuck in a "No Power" status (meaning "No Control" in KSP2 status) until they are opened 

    Thanks for the video anyway and the savegame; as you can see after loading it in my run it seems to run without issues (unfortunately.. this means I cannot debug it)

    I've got some ideas anyway! Could you try to install Orbital Survey mod, and see if after that reloading a save does work? 
    It is not related to CommNext, but I'm thinking it could be enabling some background processing which could "help" CommNext as a side effect. I'll do same test in my local environment.

    Update: oh, lol, it seems without Orbital Survey I can reproduce it!
    So the issue lies in me not enabling background processing for relays, let me see what I can do here.


  8. Release v1.0.3

    • Updated valid locations support for Orbital Survey mod mapping experiments (supports Orbital Survey v0.9.4+, backwards compatible with v0.9.3 and lower)
    • Enhanced main window title bar UI
    • Enhanced celestial bodies selection UI

    Download on SpaceDock

    3 hours ago, Kayser said:

    Just a suggestion here, make an option in mod settings to turn science from this mod off. There was someone in the discord who wanted the maps but wanted to rely on the stock science alone.

    I think you wanted to post this in Orbital Survey mod topic. This is Science Arkive mod, and this mod does not provide any science by itself.

    5 hours ago, Sun_Serega said:

    Oh god, hopefully not

    I get it :)

  9. Yup I share that. What do you mean with configurable occlusion? In the Settings > Mods "CommNext" section you can already configure the occlusion factor (0 = no occlusion, 1 = 100% body radius). iirc it was kinda the same with KSP1; for example if you set it to 70% it will be more "tolerant" (think of atmospheric wave reflection)

  10. 1 hour ago, swiftsvre said:

    As far as I can tell, this part does not seem to work properly, at least for transmitters built into command pods/probe cores. They all seem to have a range of 200 Mm, which sort of invalidates the Communotron 16 and 16-S for any application that is not heavily reliant on bandwith.

    Is that something on my end acting up or something not quite working as intended?

    I probably messed up the Command Pod antenna ranges, they should be definitely lower, will fix! Thanks for report


    3 hours ago, Deraw said:

    hi leonard,

    i've been playing a few hours with the mod you create, thanks for you work

    i have some trouble to get a 1st com btw already installed relays after relaunching my save, i had to go to each, take command and switch to the other and so on

    each time i switch vessel i had to do the same, tell me if i can help giving more info


    Please, send some screen (comms report, map view before and after switching to the vessels) and the save game with infos about the vessel names which show issues; this way I’d be able to help you better

  11. @Schneider21 right now it’s just a visual thing to cleanup your network (see KSP1 CommNet Constellations), so that you can avoid spaghettis, and it should make it easier to develop interplanetary links with tiered relays without losing your mind :D.

    Furthermore I’ve released it in order to check if everything is stable, so in the future I can add other gameplay related features with a solid base. Ideas are transmission bonus (like EC consumption vs packet size), range modifiers (trading range for packet size), but I want to brainstorm more before heading in a precise direction.

    As always feedback is highly appreciated!

  12. 31 minutes ago, Schneider21 said:

    This is awesome, but like... is there a guide or something that explains how to work at this level of complexity? Or maybe how the ComNet stuff even works in the vanilla game? :huh:

    You're right, I tried to add the Vessel Communications Report window (the last button in the toolbar) which should help players see connections issues, or the "Rulers" button which shows the maximum range of each antenna.

    Anyway, even with the topic description, I should make a better guide or an in-game one to help players. In the meantime, these are the core gameplay bits:

    • Antennas are split between Relays (only the dish antennas, you can check it in the OAB with shift pressed while hovering the part) and normal Antennas
    • Only Relays can be used to transfer signal between two vessels. Normal antennas can not forward, only receive signal from other relays (or KSC)
    • Signal may be blocked by a celestial body if the planet is between the vessel and the relay
    • Each Antenna has a range (indicated in meters / kilometers / etc. in the OAB). To communicate two vessels should be each one in the range of the other (you can use the Rulers in map view to check this)
    • Relays should be powered (EC > 0) to be functional. This can be disabled in Mods > Settings.
    • Stock CommNet has higher ranges, we are using the lower antenna ranges from KSP1Even here, shift in the OAB to see the ranges
    • Connections are limited to antennas with the same Bands. This means you can create different networks. A vessel can connect to another only if both have the same Band. You can add multiple bands to a vessel using multiple antennas or using higher level antennas. (You can check this in the OAB with shift pressed in the "Signal Modulator" section)
  13. Release v0.6.0

    New Features

    • Add bands connection logic with the new "Signal Modulator" module
      • Each transmitter now is coupled with a Signal Modulator module, which allows you to specify which band this antenna uses for communication. By default, each antenna is connected on the X band
      • Higher level antennas have multiple bands, giving you more flexibility
      • Bands are highlighted in map view and comms report
    • Add ability to focus vessel by clicking on the connections in the vessel report. On hover there will be a "Control" button too, to switch to the vessel
    • Add the option to disable the relay behavior for a single antenna
    • Allows to filter only active (in use) connections in the report
    • Add occlusion tolerance to avoid blocking connections on terrain under sea level.
      • Furthermore now occlusion radius multiplier is configurable in settings


    • Fix map toolbar position on new games. Map toolbar loaded incorrect position (0, 0) on new game loading if Map View has never been entered before in previous saves
    • Removed connection to the vessel itself which was incorrectly shown in the UI
    • Add UI indicator if active vessel is not powered. Plus a dedicated tooltip in the connections list for the power icon. This way it's easier to see if connection cannot be made due to to target node being out of EC, or if the problem lays in the active vessel.
    • Add rulers mode to display all antennas ranges, not only relays. This can be activated cycling through the ruler icon in the toolbar, like for connection lines

    Screenshot 2024-02-25 222117

    Download on SpaceDock

  14. 20 hours ago, Mr.DingALing said:

    Oh yes!

    Are Communotrons also included in CommNext?

    Please tell me it is compatible with Orbital Survey.  :)

    Communotrons included! They just don't act as relays :)

    It's compatible with Orbital Survey, the only thing is that right now all Orbital Survey antennas are also relays, but this will be fixed (or better, made configurable) in next release 

  15. Release v0.5.2


    • Save app toolbar position and toggled options in save game. After game reload the position will be restored. Thanks @Falki!


    • Fix toolbar connection icons showing always the same icon

    Download on SpaceDock

    8 hours ago, Schneider21 said:

    Oh wow, I saw this appear on CKAN and just installed it without thinking. Discovered the planetary occlusion but had no idea about the report functionality, which looks fantastic!

    Great job with this, and thanks for sharing it!

    Thanks for your words!

    I have in plan some updates too to have "Bands" (or "Channels") to decide how to switch traffic between relays, so just to say if you find the "Band" dropdown in the Relay PAM, it's just an unfinished feature. I'm saying this in case you're wondering what it does :)

    Hope you'll enjoy latest update!

  16. Release v0.5.1


    • Add setting to configure KSC range. Now you can go in settings > mods and choose between 2Gm, 10Gm and 50Gm
    • Show current vessel max. ranges in the Vessel Comms Report window
    • Highlight hover state for rulers & vessel report icons in the toolbar
    • Add tooltips to Vessel Comms Report window and map view toolbar
    • Allow to close the vessel comms report from the toolbar toggling the window


    • Fix vessel range not refreshing on decoupling or undocking/docking. Currently the game does not refresh CommNet ranges on these events, so it's now handled in the mod.
    • Vessel report now is synced when switching active vessel
    • Fix a bug which caused some vessels Power status to not be updated
    • Fix report icon in toolbar not being shown as toggled
    • Fix vessel comms report close icon not highlight on hover


    Download on SpaceDock

  17. CommNext

    A CommNet overhaul with body occlusion, dish relays, map view lines and report utilities 


    [ Full images gallery: https://imgur.com/a/5oPDLYl ]

    Download: SpaceDock | GitHub -  CommNext?label=Version


    Description & Details

    CommNext is a complete CommNet (KSP connection system) overhaul, inspired by KSP1 dynamics and additional utilities to make it easier to use.

    Now connections between vessels need to be in line of sight (so celestial bodies can block the connection).
    Implementation has been crafted to be optimized, so don't worry about performance, just make sure you have _moar_ sats!

    Not every vessel can bounce signal to another one: you'll need relays! In the spirit of KSP1, only dish antennas (RA-2, RA-15, RA-100) are allowed to relay signal.
    You'll need to setup a relay network in order to bring your missions farther in space.

    Use the Map View CommNext toolbar to inspect your network:

    • Click on the Dish icon to cycle through lines display mode (All active connections, Only active vessel path, Hide lines)
    • Use the Ruler icon to toggle Range spheres: each relay will show its range with a yellow sphere (when it's connected) or a red sphere (when it's disconnected from the network)
    • Use the Report icon to open the Vessel Comms Report window, which will show all the connections from and to the current vessel. It will help you to check if some possible connections are blocked by a celestial body, or if there is not enough power in a relay.


    • Body occlusion blocking connections which are not in line of sight
    • New Relay module on dish antennas 
    • Reduced antennas range based on KSP1 values, KSC DSN is now reduced to 2G
    • Vessel Comms Report window to help you understand the connections and the eventual issues
    • Map View display utilities, like Network Lines and Sphere Rulers to know relays range
    • Optimized to be fast while still being precise enough to detect occlusions even on inter-planetary distances
    • Settings to customize the connections behaviour (see them in Settings > Mods)
    • Localization support

    See a mod preview here: https://imgur.com/a/5oPDLYl


    • A huge thanks to all the KSP2 Modding Community support, in particular to @munix and @cheese3660
    • Thanks to @Takovacs, @Falki , @Dolphin, @Safarte , MofuRabbit, Jann5s, Unknown P, DoogieZ, and all the people that helped me testing this mod and gave me extremely useful insights and suggestions. Without them it would not have been possible to make this mod!
    • Thanks for the localizations:
    • Some icons by PiiXL, under CC BY-ND 4.0


    • Network Bands support to choose which vessels could connect and make the connections cleaner

    Progress is tracked on GitHub Project: https://github.com/orgs/Kerbalight/projects/5


    The preferred way to install this mod is through CKAN.

    If  you really want to install it manually, download the release from SpaceDock / GitHub (the links are up here), and then install manually:

    • Install BepInEx + SpaceWarp + UITK for KSP2 (all these dependencies are required)
    • Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip into your KSP2 installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2)
    • Mod folder will then be positioned in <your installation path>\Kerbal Space Program 2\BepInEx\plugins\

    Source Code:
    https://github.com/Kerbalight/CommNext License-MIT-yellow.svg

  18. Ok, there were some issues with savegame loading in previous version on SpaceWarp which now should be fixed, so it shouldn't happen anymore. 
    I'll investigate anyway if I can reproduce something similiar.

    if it happens anyway, if you'd like to fix it by yourself, you can just remove the extra Kerbals from the "entries" array in the SaveGame JSON (or just send it to me plus the logs and I'll fix it for you)

  19. 14 hours ago, Llinqs said:

    Here is the screenshot of the decorations

    The savegame


    Here is the playerlog



    I redid a second campaign to have the decorations from the start

    Thanks, from the logs I can see it seems the wings have been awarded to some Kerbals which are now not present anymore in the Roster, so WW is setting them as "Dead":

    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Henry Carter (id=5dfca33e-6b9a-4a2e-9382-691a8684200d), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Henry Carter] Loaded 26 wings for a total of 18673 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Matthew Russell (id=fa50867e-ac55-4518-ba95-ef3012d6b5a8), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Matthew Russell] Loaded 15 wings for a total of 20175 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Dennis Jackson (id=fadfe243-5689-4612-94c6-d9d662966c8c), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Dennis Jackson] Loaded 7 wings for a total of 5530 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Mildred Barnes (id=4b788e36-a344-415b-9fc5-a538a1ee40ee), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Mildred Barnes] Loaded 15 wings for a total of 20915 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Bruce Peterson (id=2d59e276-86f3-4fbf-b67c-420134040e8f), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Bruce Peterson] Loaded 0 wings for a total of 0 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Louise Hall (id=d2add005-43b4-4cd0-ac28-95cbcff8f315), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Louise Hall] Loaded 22 wings for a total of 15158 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Taylor Johnson (id=e9130af9-b926-486a-8a60-fffe4a055271), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Taylor Johnson] Loaded 11 wings for a total of 5663 points
    Failed to find KerbalInfo for Andrew Garcia (id=b3c793de-22fb-4e8d-8780-5ea9b1e920c9), setting as dead
    [kerbal=Andrew Garcia] Loaded 11 wings for a total of 5663 points

    Do you recognized these names? Like, you changed them in HUMANS? Or are they from another save? Or are they.. well, dead :)?

    @Devblaze thank you! Glad you're enjoying it

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