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  1. XPL isn't working for me at all. The GUI is there, and the parts are there. I tried getting it to work with SimpleConstruction, it didn't, I thought SC might be the problem so I deleted it and reinstalled XPL. I'm trying to build in orbit, I have a launchpad on my ship, a planetary assembly manager or whatever it's called, it's crewed, I have plenty of power and rocket parts, but every time I open the UI to build it just says "0 part in 0 stage cost: 0" on all my rockets.
  2. Like, at all. They straight-up don't work. When I press F5, it says "Quicksaving..." and when I press F9, it says "Hold F9 to load quicksave" like it should say, but nothing happens. If I open the menu and hit "save" and create a quicksave that way, then go back and hit the "load" button on that quicksave, nothing happens. The game continues on as normal. I'm playing in a sandbox world with the difficulty settings set to allow quicksaves. My mods are as follows: Click through blocker Toolbar control Astrogator Atmospheric Autopilot B9 Procedural Wings B9 Part switch Better burn time Better time warp Camera tools Chatterer Community category kit Community resource pack Connected living space Continuous collisions Cryoengines Cryotanks Community terrain texture pack Deepfreeze Deployable engines Distant objects Dynamic battery storage Engine lighting relit EVE Far future technologies Firespitter FMRS HeatControl KAS Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Actuators Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Reusability Expansion Kerbaltek Kopernicus Mk2 Expansion Modular flight integrator Module manager Near Future construction, electrical, exploration, launch vehicles, props, and propulsion OPM + Parallax OPT + OPT reconfig Parallax, stock textures Planetshine Reentry particle effect renewed RSE Scatterer Space dust Station parts expansion redux Waterfall SystemHeat TAC Life support Trajectories
  3. I'm designing an SSTO and I filled some rocket tanks with oxidizer and clipped them into the main (mk2) fuselage. They are completely hidden from the outside world. Do they still produce drag as if they were exposed to the atmosphere? How do I prevent that if it's the case?
  4. So I load up my save, go to my station and see this: https://imgur.com/a/E61au3J Prior to this, the docking port disappeared off of my lander. I think this is an issue with docking ports. What the hell happened here?
  5. Falcon Heavy. It's truly a display of humanity's technological advancement. A high-mass payload to LEO on a reusable rocket, all for the cost of only ~$90 million. Absolutely spectacular!
  6. Finally. Through blood, sweat, and tears, I built the largest, most advanced rocket in the history of the Kerbal Space Program. It took us to Duna. It took us back to Kerbin. As I re-entered Kerbin's atmosphere, I realized I hadn't packed a parachute. https://imgur.com/a/ezOwBMW Note: Don't worry! Jebediah is still alive and well. I had him simply jump out of the command module and use his personal parachute to get down to the surface. He successfully touched down and was recovered by the KSC. This is the first time I've ever landed on Duna and it's the happiest I've ever been with myself.
  7. In real life, NASA designs several different booster designs. These boosters are flexible and can be fitted either with/without boosters and any payload can be mounted on the booster. Each booster is designed for a different max payload capacity, like a 15t booster or 30t booster. I'm trying to create a similar system in KSP, making many boosters and saving them as subassemblies. One problem: I don't know how to calculate how much payload a given booster can actually carry into LKO. Anyone have a calculator I could use? Or just give me an equation and how to put it into a spreadsheet?
  8. I'd usually say "Land on Duna!" But I have a whole year and that seems a bit dull for just one year. So you know what? My goal is to do a Martian-style Duna mission. If you've ever read the Martian, you know what I'm talking about, if not, I'll summarize it for you: First, you send an ascent rocket to Duna on its own and land it at your specified landing site. Then have it drill for fuel and, you know, make it. Meanwhile, load your Kerbals up into a large mothership that you constructed in orbit and will bring them to Duna. Once they're at Duna, they take a lander down to the site and do surface operations for 30 days. Once they're done, climb into the DAV (Duna Ascent Vehicle) and rendezvous with the mothership. Then blast on home.
  9. I would really like to play KSP with scatterer and EVE. I can run EVE with no problems, but the second I turn on scatterer, my framerate absolutely plummits near planet surfaces, especially on Kerbin and even more-so near its oceans. What specs should I have to run at a nice, smooth, 60 FPS? My system specs: Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00Ghz 16GB RAM 932GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU I also run two 4K monitors at 60 Hz.
  10. https://imgur.com/eCsryG9 I keep getting these black flashes on every planet's terrain whenever I'm close to the ground. What's the problem here?
  11. I'm building up my first space station (named LKO-1 for Low Kerbin Orbit One), and I've had a recurring problem of having to orbit a few times before I can get a good intercept. So, I'm coming here for help: what position should LKO-1 be in when I launch to intercept? It orbits at ~115 km.
  12. Recently deleted all my VFX mods (EVE, SVE, Planetshine) because they were causing problems with pink boxes attacking my aircraft and Kerbals. But now I have a different problem: I get weird visual glitches and the lights on all my aircrafts' landing gears won't turn off no matter what I do. I've reinstalled the game several times and verified cache integrity several times as well. Did I corrupt my config or something? Making a new savegame doesn't work.
  13. Alright! Also, I got an image of the pink box menace attacking one of my airliners on the runway: https://imgur.com/a/mquDsC0 So, I was just about to paste the text file into my google drive, but, uh I think I may have found the culprit... [ERR 17:39:50.864] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.864] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.864] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.864] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.886] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.886] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.887] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 [ERR 17:39:50.887] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0 This line. This one line, repeated hundreds, maybe thousands of times throughout the whole log file. I assume it's what's messing with my game?
  14. I've found my KSP log file, but how do I paste it into a message, or give you access to it in any other way? Extra note: for some reason, my landing gears' lights are always on. I can't turn them off, for some reason.
  15. - Latest version of KSP (whatever it is) - Images of my Gamedata folder: https://imgur.com/a/Oqngl2v - Log file? - The issue's quite simple: pink squares appearing primarily at the center of my planes' cockpits. They stay in one place and vanish before seemingly respawning at the cockpit (there's never more than one).
  16. Haven't tried with spacecraft, but I assume the same problem happens there too. A previous thread said deleting planetshine would fix it but I tried that and it didn't work. I am using SVE, EVE, and Module Manager. That's it.
  17. Hey, Currently building my first space station and I'm trying to launch the science wing into orbit. https://imgur.com/a/L51ob9m Why does the heading keep changing randomly? It's not flipping or spinning out of control, it's just turning to different headings.
  18. Hey everyone. I'm currently in the process of designing my first hypersonic jet. I have the design down- it has a total of 7 Whiplash Ramjet engines, but I have an unfortunate problem: the Mk1 cockpit At the front of the jet burns up in the atmosphere before I can hit Mach 5. How can I solve this problem?
  19. The spaceplane in the images I've linked below won't lift off the ground. I tried removing the engines on the wings but that doesn't work either. Any ideas? https://imgur.com/a/fp8YPNI Note: It flies, and it flies well. Once it has reached the end of the runway I have perfect control in the air, it just doesn't lift off while on the runway, and I don't know why.
  20. I currently have an encounter with Ike from Duna orbit. The circularization burn for Ike will be 300 m/s flat, and I currently have 1,888 m/s of DeltaV. If I landed on Ike, would I be able to get back to Kerbin?
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