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  1. Dr. Kerbal's post in Is it possible to access versions Pre-1.0 (Alpha or Beta) of KSP though STEAM? was marked as the answer   
    Really. Brace for me they only go back as far as 1.2.1 now. I’ll go check though...
    Wow. I see 1.0.5 wow.
  2. Dr. Kerbal's post in Why do people put nosecones on the rappiers on SSTOs? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you.
  3. Dr. Kerbal's post in Hey. What’s up with the FPS? It’s hard to play now. was marked as the answer   
    After playing a messing with the game I realized because my PS4 needed a reset and some of the save files were corrupted. They just needed to be deleted!
  4. Dr. Kerbal's post in FPS issue. was marked as the answer   
    I have relieved with more testing that after the update the game files become corrupted when experience game crashes while playing with the game file. This means that if your are playing KSP and your game crashes, the game file could become currupted after the game crashing. This als seeems to lead to more crashing. My solution was to delete all corrupted files and start a new save file.
  5. Dr. Kerbal's post in Why is Frame-rate so bad on Console and not on PC??? was marked as the answer   
    No. I dont not. 
    Thats helful and i get it now.
    Makes sense.
    Okay. Yes that was over kill.
    And thats helful to understanding coding.
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