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  1. Dear every forum user,

    The tenth anniversary of KSP is coming up, and with it loads of new content. If you haven't heard, this is the LAST major update planned for the game. After this update's release the devs will look further towards KSP 2. I would like to congratulate the modding community for its hard work. And what's more amazing is that they did it for people like me, and with no cost. I would like to thank the devs and the beloved Harvester who will likely not be reading this:(.  And lastly, I would like to thank every player, console or computer, for their cheerfulness and support off the devs. Thank you all for making this amazing game even more amazing, and let us bid farewell to KSP updates and the devs until the next milestone (Balsa and KSP2). KSP2 OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    2. JB182


      i will play this game for my whole life.

    3. Singhnaut


      I will bring this to the Mun, I mean moon.

    4. Singhnaut


      I think you mean until it outgrows technology:wink::science:

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