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  1. @JonnyOThan Hey, I love the Iva upgrade. You did fantastic work and it helps bring my Apollo missions to life (thanks for all mankind for starting that spark) but I wanted to bring up two issues I've noted. I'm not sure if you are aware and if you are, sorry for broken record. I've noticed that the KSA iva for BDB's LEM is reversed 180. So front is back and back is front and freeIVA doesnt work for the lander as the hatch is blocked and you are unable to transverse between the CSM and LEM. I'm not sure how to fix it myself as IVA configs and creations are beyond me but I figured I point it out. I just wanted to say you made some awesome IVAs either way! (Im too stupid too figure out how to insert images so here is the imgur link) https://imgur.com/a/4GtrkgE
  2. Dang, I was really hoping that it was just something on my end
  3. Hey, is it only me or are other people getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to download EL?
  4. Yea, [X] Science has a habit of breaking part if they're ran through the here and now window. Learned that the hard way a few times.
  5. Glad to help, thanks for your work the mod, it's great
  6. Hey garwel, I really enjoy the mod and a long time lurker of the forum. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I noticed that the BDB patch for your mod seems a little out of date. It uses some older part names before the revamp that BDB had. It's a pretty easy fix, just have to change the part names in your patch. I just wanted to give you a heads up basically! Thanks again for your work on this mod, it's great.
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