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  1. Once more unto the CLICKS, dear friends, once more
  2. Asteroids are not celestial objects so there is no possibility of a flyby orbit. If you could capture the "vessel name" of the target asteroid you might be able to use the rendezvous parameter to identify a near pass and call it a flyby
  3. “A Click, a very palpable Click” - HAMLET ACT 5, SCENE 2
  4. ‘Never send to know for whom the mouse clicks; it clicks for thee.’
  5. Indeed I am friend, thanks for asking. @AlamoVampire
  6. I regret that I have but one click....
  7. Good tip. I never really used Kerbal Health so I never ran into the issue during development.
  8. "I know that I know nothing" - Plato @Akagi
  9. Oops, I clicked it again...
  10. I was glad I found it too! Without it I never would have have written the Flight Contract mods for Kerbin Side Remastered. Best of luck on your project.
  11. The parent complete in sequence typically requires each child parameter in the order they appear so orbit 1 would need to be completed first.
  12. This is the secret sauce for the script to work accurately. I always take my runway readings from the center of the runway ends just to get some extra landing room. Some argue that taking it from the target markers is better and more realistic, but its all personal preference. If you are coordinating the flight plans with the Nav Utilis mod it's important to take the runway measurements from the same location, other with the landing indicators are slightly off.
  13. Late to the party as usual. Was hanging around the unclickable thread hoping for a click opening. The things one does on vacation. @Aerodynamic Kerbal
  14. Well done getting to the bottom of it to you and @JonnyOThan
  15. I've never used the mod nor am I familiar with Kopernicus so I would just be shooting in the dark. I think option 3 and asking in the Otherworlds support forum/github would be your best bet. If I was "trying" to debug this on my own, I would likely remove the entire OW1 config from that file and see if that resolved the issue. The Caveat here is that it might break you game save so make copies of your current persistent.sfs file and any patch files that you plan to alter before proceeding.
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