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  1. In the standard astronaut complex all defined traits will show up as potential candidates. If you use the USI mods then the Astronaut Complex hire section will only give you the option to hire Pilots, Engineers, Scientists, and the specialized traits available with USI. If you don't use USI then the mode TRP-Hire performs the same function for just Pilots, Engineers, and Scientists. In both cases Civilian, ServiceKerbal, and Civil-Servant kerbals should not be "applicant" categories.
  2. You should look into your game's persistent.sfs file to find the ScenarioDestructibles section and then change any items where "intact" does not equal True to the value True. This should tell the game that Kola is no longer"broken".
  3. If civilians are showing up in the Astronaut Complex then something changed their KerbalType from "Unowned" to something else making them visible in the AC and the RosterCheck.cfg hidden contract cannot remove them because they appear to be not dead. There are a few methods to remove them; Attempt to dismiss the kerbals from service in the astronaut complex if you can Use a mod like Ship Manifest to delete the unwanted kerbals Edit the persistent.sfs file on your saved game and remove the kerbals you don't want from the roster section of the file Load them into a plane and fly very fast into the side of a mountain near the KSC. Extreme yes, but sometimes necessary.
  4. I've always used the mod CommNetConstellation in conjunction with Ground stations. It allows for easy configuration of Kerbal Konstructs statics to be recognized as ground stations in it's cnc_settings.cfg file. The following is an example snippet of a ground station config; GroundStation { ID = Aleutia_tracking_station_complex_0 Color = 1,0,0,1 OptionalName = Aleutia TechLevel = 0 OverrideLatLongAlt = True CustomLatitude = -51.7792119403168 CustomLongitude = 171.127192034374 CustomAltitude = 291 CustomCelestialBody = Kerbin Frequencies { } } If you use CommNet and are "Adventurous" you can directly edit the CNCCommNetScenario in your games's persistent.sfs file to modify GroundStation configurations as well. But fair warning, here be dragons... Kerbin Side Remastered is an older mod but is is just a collection of static objects and configurations for the mod Kerbal Konstructs. As long as you are on the the latest Kerbal Konstructs, you should be fine.
  5. The requirements of mission type 3 is intended for a large passenger aircraft design with a passenger capacity for 80 plus kerbals. In actual game play however, having 80 plus kerbals on a vessel generates incredible lag, so the actual number of passengers on each of these flights is restricted to 12-16 kerbals in addition to the crew. This allows for the piloting of larger crafts with the minimal amount of lag. I'm glad you are enjoying using it in your game.
  6. The Gap extra air strips do not show as airports using the Kerbal Konstructs icons in the tracking station by design. The are meant to be stumbled upon. Any flight missions to one of these sites will generate waypoints for the specific contract. In the patches directory of the Mod there is a file named CustomWaypoints.KSRGAPEX that can be used with the Waypoint Manager mod to display all of the airstrips. It needs to be moved to that mod's folder to be used. A similar file for the main Kerbinside Remasterd Gap mod exists in it's patches folder if you wanted to use those as well.
  7. someone called? @kspbutitscursed
  8. The various different agencies that offer flights have requirements that a certain number on Inspection flights be completed before they will start offering fight contracts Navy missions start after an inspection flight reaches the particular Naval Air Station Hinterland Tours begins after 16 inspection flights are completed Jeb Cargo flights, Kerbin Geographic missions, KSIS Operational flights and SkyMed rescues begin after all 20 inspection flights are completed. NOTE: SkyMed flight also requires you to have the mod Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras installed. The value that determines the progress is the variable $ksrgapFlightProgress which is contained in the Persistent Data Store section of your game's persistent.sfs file in the saves directory. It looks like this: SCENARIO { name = PersistentDataStore scene = 7, 8, 5 DATA { ksrgapFlightProgress = Int32:9 } } If you edit this file while your game is not running you can change the value of the Int32: between 0 and 20 to set the Flight Progress to where you want it to be without completing all the Inspection flights first.
  9. Hiya mate! Perhaps the General is around... @ColdJ ?
  10. You could go into the debug menu and use the create Kerbal feature. See-> https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Debug_Toolbar at the bottom of the article.
  11. I fear your quest for uniformity is likely not going to go well. With regards to Kerbin Side the major components are all of various ages and are not likely to be updated by their authors anytime soon. I understand the wish to have all mods up to date, but that has really never been the history of mods in KSP1. At some level you may just have to accept that mods within a certain range of the current KSP1 version is sufficient...
  12. There are a few things to look for. Some of the airline missions have a "be cleared for take off" parameter that needs to trigger. It is presented as a dialog box while the airplane is on the runway. If you jump the gun and take flight before receiving the all clear, then the flight parameters at the remaining stops cannot be completed correctly. The marker for the target runways is almost always dead center in the middle of or the runway. The terminal locations are physically marked with a fairly large TKA Sign. Sometimes during mission set up Contract Configurator can return the incorrect waypoint coordinates to the contract. It's a bug I never really could figure out. The usual advice I give when these best laid plans aft gang agley is to fly the spirit of the mission, and when you reach what is supposed to be the final destination, go into the game debug console and mark the contract as complete. You will receive the payouts, and the passengers will be removed from the game correctly. I'm glad you enjoy using the mod, I had a pretty good time making it and I'm always glad to hear people still enjoy using it. Fly Safe.
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