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  1. Well Actually (*nerd moment), a TWR of 1.0 is when the rocket's thrust is equal to its weight, determined by the planet's gravity. At a TWR of 1, the ratio is balanced and therefore the rocket theoretically never moves.
  2. Why not? you keep crashing the Kerbal X? or you crashing your computer?
  3. And Tonight, you will learn not to ping moderators without reason
  4. I don't remember any Kerbals sitting atop a Saturn V, nor the space shuttle. Isn't KSP supposed to mix real science with science fiction?
  5. Dude. Appreciate the ideas and creativity of the developers while they iron out the wrinkles of the game and add some REALLY COOL ENGINES. WOW! Those look so fire! Im gonna miss when KSP2 eventually ends development
  6. Please change my username to: ☆DerkyJerkyWreaksHavoc☆ I use that username now everywhere except here, and i'd like to update myself
  7. Yeah, because there is a game that has no bugs. Wait... which one is it? i'd like to know
  8. Even better, the patch 3 might drop by end of April given the 3 week interval between Patch 1 and 2. And who knows, maybe there's heating!
  9. The only thing is, we've only covered about 1% of the roadmap and they are already 10% out of 100 honest so... 100% of the roadmap would equal 1000% honesty since we're multiplying honesty by a factor of 10. Pretty damn good job in my opinion
  10. Still safer than Disney's Mission: Space ride.
  11. I asked for your opinion on the bug fixes not on why i borrowed the patch notes. Some other people have already made threads giving their opinion so im doing the same, just adding the patch notes for emphasis on the great job they did.
  12. most of the devices i use have 10 but the gaming pc is gonna have 11 or 11 pro
  13. In reality, Its Pacific Daylight time and only pertains to KSP2 for the devs at Seattle. Everything else is referenced as UTC or EST.
  14. That's the old build. Here's the new one: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CxxQmr
  15. oh lmao. there: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CxxQmr How do the parts look?
  16. wdym? It shows all the parts there that i need. i know i need tools to build it, obviously.
  17. We all know that EST is the 2nd most important time zone in the world. So 1PM EST
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