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  1. Welcome to the home page of the Kallifreyan Exploration Agency, the space administration of the nation of Kallifrey.

    In today's news, President Albert Granle delivered a speech to the nation, stating that Kallifrey should "lead the free world into the inky black unknown, and be the next wave of explorers", announcing a bill passed by the Senate recently into law, creating the Kallifreyan Exploration Agency.

    The new chairman of the KEA, Col. (Ret.) Robert Egafalton of Kallifreyan Air Force heritage, released a statement outlining the Agency's goals as "to master the exploration of near space and put it to work for our nation, and send kerbals into the unknown."

    Recruitment of kerbals to join the ranks as astronauts is underway.

    Development of the first lifter vehicle for the KEA to fly robotic explorers above the limits of the atmosphere has begun.

  2. D: That site looks like an a 90\'s computer magazine!.

    My friend got his PC built there, I\'m gonna do the same. Note: There are pre-built models, but just pick one and hit the configure button, you can change everything. Case, power supply, processor, screen, RAM, graphics cards, OS SSD, mouse, OS, cooling, everything.

  3. What I\'m looking for are 3 parts. The radial decoupler, the small fueltank with the framework, and the lander legs that seem to go with the set. They seem to work in concert with the rendezvous engines.

    Hopefully someone here will be able to tell me where they\'re located in the parts folder, that they were removed with the newest update, or that I\'m thinking of the wrong mod! (Though I could have sworn that was all Kosmos) Thanks guys!

    Sure you\'re checking the right pack? Those are in the LK pack.

  4. The CRAP actually makes it to the Mun... however, it feels like it\'s missing something.... solar panels? Room for crew? It\'s only got space for an extra 5, 7 if you remove two kerbals on launch. Whatever, I guess I\'ll pull two on launch then... it\'s coated in ladders for EVAs, but runs out of RCS fuel as you are circularizing your lunar orbit... still needs tweaking, but it\'s a good thing I\'ve got time.

    Oh, and I\'ll be adding something with solar panels... if I can find good station panels...

    EDIT: Expect Kosmos station parts pack unless announced otherwise later.

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