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  1. I think the deves of KSP2 are doing the right thing. delaying KSP2 so it won't end up like cyberpunk. I'm just hoping that the kraken is going to be in the sequel.
  2. I think to make dres worth it to visit is by, maybe allowing you to rendezvous with a drestoid and you could get science from that. Similar to asteroids but with different textures.
  3. I know that, I sometimes forget to quicksave the mission I'm doing, then I smash F9 then I go back to a save that I have before I had a lot of my crafts. Then I have to redo everything I had up to the rover. I hated doing all of it again.
  4. I have had my landing struts and/or my wheels to ever break so an engineer could fix them. I had a robotic rover on eve and i never needed to fix even going 10m/s-20m/s. But I also had was very careful too.
  5. I really don't make small landers and almost never land at gilly. I don't use the drain valves either. Thought they were cool not that useful for me.
  6. For me the most useless thing in KSP are the ant engine, Eeloo and the mite engine.
  7. Hearing about this update just made my day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  8. I usually do both. But if I'm bored I just send some random probe to a random planet for some contract.
  9. When I first saw a transit of one of jool's moons was a wonderful site to see the shadow of laythe on jool.
  10. I think that circuler solar panels could be very useful in KSP. Espeically the medium sized ones because their aren't any in the stock version of the game right now.
  11. I really like whole mission report thing with the space shuttle missions. Keep up the good work.
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