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  1. You can like 25 posts per day- that message means that you've reached the limit and therefore cannot like more posts that day. The best forum to ask this type of question is probably the Kerbal Network forum, which has to do with all KSP-related websites and such.
  2. I swear by Shotcut. It does in fact crash maybe once or twice per project for me, but since I save often I don't mind.
  3. When you write an n-body simulation... then dream about it
  4. Listened to the 9th Feynman lecture- I KNOW HOW KSP WORKS NOW!!! UNLIMITED POWER!!!!
  5. I'm listening to the Feynman lectures for the first time, and in his ninth lecture he talks about calculating the positions of bodies in a solar system accounting for all the other bodies (which sounds a lot like n-body physics). He says that a computer could calculate a revolution of Jupiter, with all the perturbations and everything, in just 2 minutes. This was in the 60's- how is it that there's any argument over whether our computers today could easily do N-body physics in real time for KSP?
  6. How many times has Oppenheimer's face been overlayed over a mushroom cloud?
  7. Just discovered how awesome Pantera is. In possibly related news, my neck has begun to hurt. I feel like 5 Minutes Alone might've inspired the Super Gore Nest soundtrack in Doom Eternal by Mick Gordon.
  8. personally i think 1 is much much worse. big boom with fire is big boom with fire, and big boom with fire is cool no matter how much company you have.
  9. That's as close as it gets! Called a swerve module within the FRC community, it is indeed a motorized cart wheel.
  10. Nope. Those machines are related to this object, though!
  11. Planetary gear thing on a pencil sharpener
  12. I'd say go for it- nobody's really gonna care if you make some mistakes here and there, and everyone starts out bad at things. You'll also probably get a lot of enjoyment out of it once you're good at it too. ---- it, we ball, ya know?
  13. I called my career rockets with way too many fins the "flying christmas trees"
  14. If you have the time you could mentor or join a nearby robotics team. Some of the biggest ones are the First Robotics Competition, the First Tech Challenge, and the Vex Robotics Competition, and there are many ways to find teams near you. I had the same problem- what do you do with programming skills?- and this is one of the most fun and rewarding things to do.
  15. This song has been living rent free in my head since a certain robotics team dropped one of the hardest robot reveals I've seen: These guys are the reason I'm running for media director of my team next year.
  16. "iOS support was discontinued in favor of Android" -First Robotics Competition World Champion team 1678, in their scouting app whitepaper Screw Apple!!
  17. I've been getting into video editing lately, and I just finished my first project that I think came out decently: What do you guys think?
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