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  1. There's a good starter guide here I used this week: https://github.com/caerfinon/KerbinSideRemasteredGapExtras/wiki/Getting-Started-With-Kerbal-Konstructs#modify-the-terrain-optional It doesn't require Kerbin Side Remastered, that's just where the guide is.
  2. Just been trying out KK for the first time over the past few days, installed latest from CKAN, and running 1.12.5 of KSP. I'm getting an issue where KK isn't remembering my texture settings. I've plonked a Square Plateau Sloped down on the Mun, and that works fine. On top of that I've placed a KSC Launchpad level 1, then gone in, edited the textures to make the grass look like tarmac through the Grass Editor. Everything looks great, until I leave the area and come back - say, hop to KSC and come back to the Mun. The grass has reset to what it started at each time. Pretty odd having a giant patch of green on the Mun - I've read as much as I could find and couldn't see this anywhere - anyone got any suggestions please? I've got some beautification mods like Parallax, TU, Restock (but not +) in place at the minute and this happens after each restart or location change. Thanks in advance!
  3. In version I'm still seeing this as an issue. Tried a few workarounds, ultimately got through the pitch-up-not-recognized block by throttling down and back up while pitched up.
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