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  1. Hey, took a long break, sorry for the late reply I've oppened the ExplorationExperiments.cfg under SkyhawkKerbalism\System\ScienceRework\ScienceDefs but i cant make sense of it. Have you uploaded the patches you've made somewhere? have you been able to fix this bug?
  2. I've encountered a bug where the inline mystery goo and the mystery good pod dont have enough resources to run the goo experiment, however, the micro goo radiometer from BDB has goo to run the experiment. is there any way we can fix the inline and pod mystery good units?. Forgot to add, this is with kerbalism. it says depleted in the science menu
  3. It doesnt work, i've read in KK post that some issue is making the editor not work in the lastest version of KSP
  4. I've installed all the dependencies, the issue is that they are NOT being placed for an unknow reason, im trying to understand why and hopefully make them appear. I installed everything trough CKAN.
  5. Interesting!, I did not have that folder in my gamedata folder. CKAN did not install KK properly it seems. im gonna do a manual install of KK and see what happens. Thanks! EDIT: i did have CustomPreLaunchChecks in my gamedata folder, checked via CKAN as well and it was installed there. I don't know what im doing wrong - i really want these new facilities to spawn but they're not
  6. I thought JNSQ would add them automatically to kerbin - im not very knowledgefull on the how to add any of these places, and i really want them to have real airports for my airliners. could you give me a link to KSCExtended or give me a quick rundown on how i add them? Pretty good. I looked around for config files for parallax and JNSQ and found this: GitHub - coldrifting/JNSQ_ParallaxScatters: Adds parallax scatter support to KSP's JNSQ planet mod Before i added this, i saw flying grass up to 3 kilometers and clouds were nonexistent during flight. after i added this everything has been working as expected - including collisions with trees and other objects I also found other configs for JNSQ + Parallax but i only tried the one i linked, and since it worked i didnt bother with trying this other one:
  7. I have installed JNSQ, KK and Omega structures as instructed here, all trough CKAN However, i cant for the life of me figure how to make the structures appear, I've skimmed trough this forum but couldn't find any answer. Could i get some help? KSP Modlist: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/965685y6vroxocgefr1vc/Modlist.txt?rlkey=ro293o8riqk47xaofdfj50yav&st=153cyiv5&dl=0 Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/tl1dqen42ehjgm5bqtmf8/Player.log?rlkey=5lu6zct4lsiku3z966pmz8te6&st=buc8hhe6&dl=0
  8. Good afternoon When i copy a part, like a wing (seen in example video), all the parts that were attached to the main part dont copy properly, were the position of the parts dont save (im guessing). I have a modded install, most of them installed trough CKAN expect for SSTU and Warbird cockpits Tried to read trough the log but when i copy the part the log doesnt create a new line VIDEO MODLIST KSP NIKODGA'S MODLIST - Pastebin.com LOG https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G1md002TK4DD90zPuXJeja7kfK0aLlpU/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hello! I've been shaking my head around how to makes custom IVAs using RPM and ASET props but i just cant.... i dont know unity and i havent found any comprehensive tutorial for total newbies that covers the basics (When i say basics i mean the absolute basics like.. how to install TM pro or how to install PartTools, yeah.. the most basics for absolute noobs... like myself). The reason i want ASET RPM IVAs for USI pods is because i'm doing a full IVA playtrough but i find myself limited on the pods i can actually use USI have pretty nice pods and i would love to use them but since there's no advanced IVAs for them i find myself limited Have someone already done advanced IVAs for USI pods? if so i beg you lend those!! haha. If no I'm willing to put the time to learn how to use unity to make custom IVAs but i really need guidance since i'm just shooting in the dark here. Cheers! Nikodga
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