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  1. And you could always just have an empty habitable space and bring all of the habitat compontents you'd need to install in subsequent missions.
  2. Floor 4379: I forgot. Hey! What's TUAM's PFP? I forgot.
  3. True, true Might it be better to expend a few Starships for some crazy habitat?
  4. I dunno chief, Rogue One was pretty sucky. On the other hand, I really liked VII and VIII before IX came along. There was so much promise and potential that was wasted with having JJ Abrams do IX. As for the TV stuff, it's been amazing. The only thing I haven't liked is Andor (I really don't like Cassian Andor's character) though I'm willing to keep going through it 'cause it's got Andy Serkis and the ISB.
  5. There's always the Lowne Lazy Method of Docking. What I always do is get to a similar PE to my target but with a higher AP. Then I warp around till I get a close encounter (you can tweak this with a maneuver node) and even if I'm more than 10km out, I can burn retrograde relative to target then burn towards the target, repeating until I can do the Lowne Lazy Method.
  6. Welp, I am happy with my experience and don't seek to force it on others. If they fix wobbly rockets soon, great! If it's a while longer; that's fine. It just gives me more time to play my new Career playthrough at 10% science.
  7. Oh neat! Are you looking to revive the old asymmetrical spaceplane challenge?
  8. I never used KJR, I just made liberal use of Autostrut on ALL parts and Autostrut w/rigid attachment on the first part of the booster and the decoupler. It works pretty darn well
  9. Maybe then a miniature version of the Hermes is in order? (Read Starship with extra modules docked to it.) If the margins are so tight, then it would make sense to use the existing/planned SLS rockets as resupply craft to load up the Lunar Transfer Vehicle with supplies and propellants. It would keep Congress happy and get the rest of us to the Moon.
  10. I'm hoping to do a 2.2.0 in the near future or soontm I believe the goals to be looking into adding jet sounds updated, looking into the Scatterer Issue, looking into the Dart engine issue, and potentially consolidating RWE's folders.
  11. It's been a while I have some new LVs from my career that y'all might be interested in; lemme know if you want any of them!
  12. Also a simple search in SpaceDock will do https://spacedock.info/mod/31/Community Resource Pack#changelog Though this one might be outdated.
  13. Maybe then they ought to just use the Crew Dragon or something? (Preferably something that does exist and isn't just a concept somewhere.)
  14. You might just be better off with the manual install; that's what I do with all my mods and I couldn't be happier
  15. The DLC's: Making History and Breaking Ground?
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